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Steve Farrell  says:

Top bike insurer says: ‘No more than three mods, whatever they are’

One of Britain’s biggest motorcycle insurers is refusing to cover machines with more than three modifications, irrespective of what they are. Bikes with four minor alterations such as a sticker are automatically rejected by Bennetts Insurance while those with three major modifications including nitrous oxide may not be. Potential customers are asked to identify modifications to their bike by choosing from...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 November 2011 12:02)

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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:

they are not cheap so why use them

i have looked at there web site and they are not cheap i think they came to 300 MORE then ebike and other ones

you will find a better and cheaper insurances comp.

plus ebike leasts  you have free pillon use to plus i have spoken to ebike and checked it

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

buggar them

buggar them then, plenty of insurance companies to choose from, all it does is rule them out next time im looking to renew, simples

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Sep 06

Posts: 297

gixercarl says:


out of principal will never insure with bennetts or c.nash

they only want  you when you have 5 year plus no claims

i support the companies like motorcycle direct that supported me when i was building up no claims

calling all bikers boycott Bennetts and carole nash

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Nov 11

Posts: 1

drumminman says:

I seem to recall that another large insurer targeted the bike market some years ago.........and then without warning pulled out! They have never enjoyed any of my business since.

As for Bennets...they'll never get any of my money after this.....and I will point out thier illogical actions to all my biking buddies.

Being penalised for, let's say, a tank protector, some hi-viz stickers, after market luggage and a blue headlight bulb? C'mon bennets.....listen to yourselves...although I think the damage is already done!

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

Anyone tried Ebike? I'm currently with them and they allow loads of modifications and multibike policies. Get a quote.

The only downside I've found is trying to talk to someone. Being an internet based company, the only form of communication seems to be by email. Bear this in mind if you ever need to make a claim

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Nov 11

Posts: 1

MADRAD says:



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Dec 10

Posts: 239

blue200tdi says:

It is very interesting that, with a car, the exhaust rots away, so most people will go to quick fit and the like to replace it, these cars are then driving about with a non standard exhaust. Whilst when a bike exhaust rots through, and is replaced with a micron/akropovic ETC exhaust that is still road legal, it is considered a modification. And tyres, how many cars have original equipment tyres on them? I sure as hell don't buy the same make of tyre that the car was built with.

As someone else said, what about aftermarket parts, IE brake pads, oil, bulbs and on cars, track rod ends, steering racks/boxes ETC, the list is almost endless.

Why is tank and side panel protectors a modification? Why is a scot oiler classed as a modification, I'm being scammed because I don't want to spend a fortune on chains and sprockets. And the most nonsense thing I've ever heard, crash bugs, which technically SAVE the insurance companies money.

Just vote with your feet and do not use them, they'll get the message eventually. I use MCE, very good, spoke to a very friendly, nice lady on the phone from the show room when I part exed my bike, swapped the insurance over immediately.

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Mar 10

Posts: 100

jahagon says:

I say...

Tell Bennetts to get knotted. There are plenty of insurance providers out there that provide policies for real riders. I think Bennetts will find they'll be losing more than just a few customers over this.

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Nov 11

Posts: 2

grahamber says:


This is scandalous. At best Bennetts are totally out of touch with their customers. They claim that ‘the number of riders to DECLARE more than 1 modification was very low’. So was there a need to impose a limit – maybe more to this than meets the eye. All they have to do is look at the bike ads in MCN (or their own website) and they will see ‘modifications’ are endemic to the biking culture. But even then, not all ‘mods’ are mentioned in the ads (or declared on insurance policies) especially minor upgrades to service items and innocuous ‘mods’ like stickers! Perhaps there is a more sinister motive? Their website is coy on the subject of modifications; most people will come across the 3 ‘mods’ limit for the first time when going through the process of a quotation. The reference in F.A.Q’s says ‘you need to ensure your mods are listed on the insurance premium (sic) or you could lose out’. What this mealy-mouthed comment really means is that if you try to make a claim and their assessor decides your tank pad is a 4th ‘mod’ – you will not get paid out either for your losses or a 3rd parties which could be huge. One of the main issues here is that you may not genuinely know of certain ‘mods’ if your bike is second hand and that even if it’s been yours since new it’s easy to not be aware of or overlook something (are EBC pads a mod? Is a temporary tailpack a topbox?). And when you are in the middle of getting a quotation you are going to be pretty tempted to ‘forget’ the heated grips (after all, they are a safety feature) so you can keep the mods to 3 and get on with the quote. Bennetts may not realise what a fine line they are treading here. It seems to me they are being disingenuous at best. This ‘modification’ issue is a very grey area and Bennetts are not being as up front and honest as they should be amongst all the marketing hype in their ads and on their website. It is far too easy for a policy to be taken out in good faith and then for a customer to find themselves uninsured – a serious issue and a fact they will only discover when they need to make a claim. Bennetts would do well to think about previous insurance scandals, eg mis-selling of Endowment and Purchase Protection policies, which the insurers ostensibly believed at the time were within the law, fair, reasonable and represented good practice – but which later turned out to be anything but. Meanwhile, we bikers should take the advice of the Insurance Ombudsman and vote with our feet.

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Jul 11

Posts: 14

kitspartan says:

Bennetts and mods

Two words to Bennetts..and the second one is OFF! My m8's MZ125RT was reversed into by a van while he was waiting behind it and "written off". When the assessor came he had never seen on before. I saw him "look at it", no kind of real checks and quite rightly they agreed it was in fact a cat B. If it had got mods he wouldn't have known really since he had no knowledge of what was standard or not. Would the duck tape on the seat be a mod? Aviva is the insurer and they have provided a courtesy bike which is good, but generally they are difficult to deal with and seem to live on another planet. Remember Insurance is just another form of legalised gambling which we are compelled to do by Law to use the roads. Bennetts might insure 200,000 motorcyclists but do they or will they in future insure any "real bikers"? P.S. a tax disc holder is not supplied with a bike so I guess that's a mod and the number plate too. Most MOT stations ask for a reflector to be added as well so there are really no mods allowed with Bennetts. I have a Motor trader's policy to cover any Bike or Car so "I'm not bovered" LOL.

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