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Steve Farrell  says:

Top bike insurer says: ‘No more than three mods, whatever they are’

One of Britain’s biggest motorcycle insurers is refusing to cover machines with more than three modifications, irrespective of what they are. Bikes with four minor alterations such as a sticker are automatically rejected by Bennetts Insurance while those with three major modifications including nitrous oxide may not be. Potential customers are asked to identify modifications to their bike by choosing from...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 November 2011 12:02)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:

Instead of all this 3 mods max rubbish, why don't Bennetts just say if your bike is damaged and you make a claim, they will only repair it to standard condition. That way, if you modify your bike and those mods get damaged, its up to you to replace them. I would be fine with that. Why anyone would have their insurance terminated because you have a tank pad, fender extender, heated grips etc is beyond me. These are sensible mods designed to make riding safer and easier and protect your pride and joy. Performance enhancing changes are a different thing but something like modified brakes should be seen as an advantage, so you should have your insurance lowered, not raised. Bennetts have shot themselves in the foot with this ruling.

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Nov 11

Posts: 12

Max900 says:

Feck Em

i can understand Mods that change the horsepower of a vehicle but not things like stickers or heated grips this is Bennets killing themselves slowly as more and more customers come renewal time deciding to go elsewhere Feck Em  and take your business elsewhere ive never found them much cheaper(if at all) than Carol Nash anyway

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Aug 04

Posts: 39

stolkien says:

im with bennets this year, i changed my bars on the harley and most places would not insure it

bennets was the only one i found who did

it's just stupid

whats the point of all these custom parts if you can't use them

is there a company that insures ,no matter what mod you have done

i think mcn should review this in there paper sometime


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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


So what about cars? I know people who have more than 3 mods to their cars without any problems. We're not talking boy racers here, were talking 60 year olds who add on those little things that let you open the window a bit when it's raining...

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May 04

Posts: 1

yamazingr1 says:

Standard Bike

The question you get asked "Any modification to your machine ?" When applying for insurence

Here's one for you - you buy a bike second hand, do you know the exact factory spec ? Did you check all the parts are OEM, do you actually know of there are any mods ?

So as a buyer in future i will ask the seller to produce the factory spec sheet, so i can check it with a fine tooth combe so i can insure it - errr i think not.

Will this lead to a mandatory form supplied by the insurance companies like a HIPS pack when buying a house.

Does a wire for an optimate constitute a modification, as clearly a tank pad or sticker does so we could all fall foul of not being able to claim when all we wanted to do was make sure the bike started when we came to go out for a ride.

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

MCN, What`s your view on this.

Come on guys speak up

Let us know what you think

Or are you scared Bennetts will pull the plug on the advertising in the paper!

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Feb 11

Posts: 64


Something has to be done about this there is no logic behind it. I agree with everyone else, why should things like braided lines, tank pads and heated grips increase premiums, turbo busa's yes, but bikes with sensible add ons WTF

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Jan 11

Posts: 124

petedj says:


Insurance companies are just looking to weasel out of paying up. A bog standard 1000cc bike cannot be driven flat out on the road. Fitting a full system, uprated suspension, nicer controls etc does not make the bike faster and more dangerous just more pleasant to ride. What happened to the rider policy based only on rider details? In the USA you can modify in any way you choose. In this country these con men are just looking for a way out. I have seen an insurance company refuse to pay because of undeclared carbon fibre wheels. F*** that. If I fit a supercharger and double the horsepower I would expect to have problems with insurance. The 10 -15% extra from go faster goodies should not be a problem. F*** these conmen. 

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Aug 09

Posts: 301

screw them

Obviously don't want to insure bikes any more. I've seen few bikes with less than 3 modifications to them. If they're not going to provide the service potential customers want then they won't have new customers or even repeat customers. Sell your stocks now guys. Personally i'm with hastings, just tell them you've not got power mods (or declare the ones you do have) and then estimate the value of other mods (brakelines, stickers, topbox etc) and you're good to go. I believe there are a few companies that do it this way. Simple, quick and the 2nd cheapest i could find (plus free kit cover). Buy Bennets.

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Really doesn't work for old bikes...

I can't see anyone being able to insure motorcycles that are more than a few years old with that rule. By the time you get huggers, heated grips, fender extenders, bigger screeens, changed seats, led indicators, HID conversions, crash bars (or mushrooms)...

I don't think I have ever see a bandit with less than 3 mods!

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