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Steve Farrell  says:

Top bike insurer says: ‘No more than three mods, whatever they are’

One of Britain’s biggest motorcycle insurers is refusing to cover machines with more than three modifications, irrespective of what they are. Bikes with four minor alterations such as a sticker are automatically rejected by Bennetts Insurance while those with three major modifications including nitrous oxide may not be. Potential customers are asked to identify modifications to their bike by choosing from...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 November 2011 12:02)

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Nov 11

Posts: 3

OldSABiker says:

Insurance rip-off

I have come to realise that if one wants to make money... start an Insurance company!

Can you imagine Lloyds making such stupid rules and regulations when they insure a cargo ship travelling to say the USA......... sorry we'll only cover you if you travel at a certain speed, certain times of the day or season, no more than 4 crew, no painting the ship different colours, no stickers on crew's cabin walls... definitely no pin-ups as they could distract them.... no passing near ice-floes................ aaaarghhhh!!

Fo rgoodness sake - the next thing Bennetts will do is to limit the size and weight of the bike's rider.... oooh and don't mention the pillion who was wearing a pink-tinged jacket!!

Every single "extra" or modification/accessory on my bike is there for a speficic reason!! I'm 6ft4 so my screen extended allows me to ride without getting buffet'd by wind. My headlight protector stops stones from chipping the very expensive headlight. The front mudguard extender keeps salt, grit and grime off the front of my engine to protect it, my bashplate protects the engine and exhaust from damage from rocks....

Insurance companies in this country have become fatcats preying on other's misery and fear........ my mum has 11 different insurance policies... she's 88 and has cover for burst pipes, fridge failure, sewerage blockage, cracking windows, leaking tap.... damn...... what's all this about then????

Do insurers really believe we'd spend thousands on our bikes just to make them weaker and depreciate their value.,.,... I agree if you increase the value then one should do the honest thing and declare the accessories & upgrades and pay for the value - if indeed you want it covered... but to LIMIT one to 3 add-ons.... LUDICROUS and I'd like to clip the idiot that thought up this hairbrain scheme around the ear!

IMO  there should eb a mass exodus from these types of companies and they'd soon see the light....


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Aug 07

Posts: 143

What these money grabbers need to do is get people out to check up on scam claims to reduce the cost for the rest of us, they are always looking for new ways to get out of paying and putting up costs.  As for mods its a joke, most aftermarket parts cost less than OEM parts and most of us are happy to replace any non agreed mods, those that are not ripping off the underwriters have no problem with that..  Even if they did pass such a crazy rule how would they police it so many companies have different rules even the police data base struggles with whats what and whos whos..  My co just said if the mods are covered in the market value of the bike then thats good enough, I mean even when you do the right thing and phone them up its still hard to understand if your covered or not.  Anyway if people look into costs of spares etc etc and what it cost long term to claim you would not bother making a claim any way so why pay them full cover money when they get it back double in the end in the event of a claim..  At the end of the day they are money grabbing gits!

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Jul 11

Posts: 244

MakemRider says:


It is common practice to auto-renew. Insurers claim it is to reduce the risk of you not being covered at renewal time when the truth is many (most?) people are to lazy to shop around.Not only would they have to get quotes from others insurers, they'd have to cancel the auto-renew & that is way too much work for them.

If you do change insurers, the best thing to do is as follows

1: Arange you new insurance in good time (when you get the reminder, it has the current policies end date on it)

2: Phone your current insurer & tell them you don't wish to renew.

3: Use your bank's internet banking service to CANCEL the DIRECT DEBIT, otherwise they could take the money as these stay in force until cancelled by either party.

As for Bennetts, If you are with them now them (and are unhappy with the 3 mod rule) phone them & say you have no intention of renewing because of they stupid rules.

If you are not with them then phone them & get a quote, when they reach the point when they ask about mods. just say 'yes I have, I've got 3 safety mods. & one sticker, whoops that's more than your stupid rules allow, forget it & goodbye' then hang up.

If we all did that on the same day, oh how we'd jam up the quotes lines & wreck their stats.

So how about a 'day of action'? Done on a Saturday or Sunday when most people get 'free' phone calls & it will only cost us a bit time & them loads of lost business.

Some car insurers actually charge extra if you fit 'winter' tyres even though it makes driving safer during the winter months & costs upwards of £250 for a full set.

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Nov 11

Posts: 1

lucky46 says:


A search for the word 'modification' doesn't bring up anything in the downloaded Bennetts-policy pdf file ... How clear is that towards consumers?

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Oct 06

Posts: 3

rabchog says:


Sounds to me like Bennetts are severely curtailing their involvement in the bike insurance market since most owners will have more than three mods. I have Road Smarts, Scottoiler, Oxford heated grips, Philips headlight bulbs, Tourtech hand guards, K&N filter, Iridium plugs and Givi luggage, none of which is standard.

I suspect the policy that gets cancelled will turn out to be Bennetts, either the 3 mods rule or their insurance business!

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Oct 11

Posts: 4

heath9144 says:

Insurance Scam

This is clearly just another avenue that insurance companies try to explore to say, god forbid actually ever have to pay-out! I have five mods which makes me un-insurable by there standards; an aftermarket screen, Scottoiler, an official top-box, official crash bobbins & a tank-pad. The latter two actually protect my bike from damage and the cost of replacing expensive fairings, how ironic then that Bennetts want to deter me from having them! What I want to know is who's policing the boy racers who modify there cars to beyond recognition of the standard and at the same time making it dangerous and obscuring any possible vision they should have of their local biker in their mirrors. It seems even the insurance companies are now showing prejudiced against bikers, the vast majority of whom are responsible. All bikers should boy-cot Bennets, they'd soon realize the errors of there ways, but by then it would be too late, but it would set an example to the other companies out there.

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Nov 05

Posts: 58

andyinvienna says:

Boy-cot Bennetts

I agree with Heath9144, use your own power, and just go to another insurer, if they do not need bikers then bikers do not need them, with all this crap comming our way, its time to rebel, we should hurt them in thier pockets, its like we are the worst people on the road. So stuff them I say

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Sep 07

Posts: 2801

James600zx says:


What nonsense. Do you really think they'd shoot themselves in the foot like this?

Three performance modifications, yes. The list of options on the website will include these, plus questions about stickers and tank pads for separate marketing purposes. Tick four and maybe you'll have to phone them, which is what they want.

All publicity is good publicity, apparently.

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May 03

Posts: 17

gavinwilkins says:

What was the thinking behind some of these?

I can understand why there are some mods that are 'more risky' from an insurance perspective... clearly mods to the engine are made to increase performance and therefore the risk increases, fine. I get that. But i would love to sit down with the people who came up with this list to understand how some of them increase risk from their perspective... I mean crash bungs? Says to me the owner cares about minimising damage in case of a crash ... should get a benefit on the premium for this, not a penalty. And new screen? In my case fitted for comfort reasons only so why is this seen as a risk, can't get my head round that. Huggers protect the underside of the bike, especially the rear suspension - why is this bad. And stickers? yea gods. As for exhausts, how long do these people think OEM exhausts last... when i replace the exhaust on my car, do i check it's OEM? I do not. I would accept a full Akrapovic is designed to increase performance (-ish), but a set of replacement headers and a slip on - surely not. Clearly the people who came up with this list have no idea about bikes, or running bikes. So the stupid thing is I can do 3 massive mods to the engine and be fine, or fit a hugger, crash bungs, stickers and a new screen and be declined. Very, very silly.

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Oct 10

Posts: 185

zoobaz says:

Another Bennetts dirty trick...

Something else they do is they take your card details instead of your Acct No + Sort Code. This is so that they can take your payments as card transactions, not direct debits. the advantage to Bennetts then is that you can't cancel them like you can a direct debit. very crafty.

Also, they tend to add to your excesses. when I was with them, the policy I had was written by Groupama. Bennetts qouted me a £350 compulsary excess plus a £250 optional excess (seriously ... £600 in excesses!!). when I chnaged to my new insurer the policy was still with Groupama, but the only excess was a one - off £200 excess. that's some difference.

Also, when I was properly insured with Bennetts I paid monthly, via card transactions as I mentioned above, however when they re-inured me without my consent they took the whole premium in one card transaction in one go!

Every time I've called them they seem to have great difficulty in locating my notes for the last time I called... my advice to anybody would be to follow up every phone conversation with an email. take the person's name, email them and say "just to confirm our conversation on date/time...."

it's barely legal robbery.


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