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Nov 11

Posts: 3

MAR5H7 says:

Module 2 Fail

Failed mod 2 for the 3rd time now :/ first time I know I wasnt ready and pulled out on a round about rushing myself into oncoming traffic, I accepted that
The second time I got 2 minors and a Major which wernt that bad as I crept too close to a lorry as I was coming to over take him, I thought I was far enough away tbh :S
but the major was on a round about where I couldnt see the road markings at all, and its a fairly busy round about,  I just wanted to go str8 ahead from a 2 lane to a 2 lane so I thought if i go to the inside ill be alright, turns out it was a 4 lane round about which isnt clearly marked at all and the examiner agreed but had to fail me on it :/
Failed this morning and got 12 minors O.O couldnt help but cry when I got in a bit
all about my rear observation apparently and forward planning, thing is I was behind a car doing 40 in a 50 dual carriage way so I thought ill over take (baring in mind it was on a hill) so iv done that, checked my mirrors signalled, life saver etc, then when im in lane, iv looked ahead and theres a lorry about 300m away so I had to go back into the other lane and he said to turn right at the end just after i pulled back into the left lane from going around the lorry, so I had changed lanes like 4 times :/, then there was undue hesitation, a bus coming from the second exit (2 exits excluding mine) waiting to go and a car coming from the first exit had no signal and was going slow enough to go str8 on or turn left, I thought id wait till I saw what he was doing instead of jumping out. Apparently I should have gone then, and then there was turning right, I know learners are meant to stay in the left hand lane in dual carriage ways, no problem, I was there, then he said turn right at the next roundabout so I had to get in the right hand lane, mirror checked, car coming so I waited till he over took, then as he is level with me, my hand is on the indicator and then a car behind my examiner pulls out, im running out of road to the round about so I pop on the indicator, mirror check again, life saver, manouver, and apparently I was a hazard in doing that, Im sure he wouldnt have liked it if I had gone str8 on or right turned the round about in the left hand lane.
This test is soooo unrealistic, if everyone in the world retook it, at least 3/4 would fail and be pulled off the road me thinks, either way, confidence at zero and tbh rather fed up of £300 of mod 2, especially when theres a lovely 600 relentless SRAD Gixxer waiting for me :/
Any advice on what to do would be much appreciated, especially highly critical, and sorry for the essay lol

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 November 2011 12:21)

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Oct 06

Posts: 1465

BaldE35 says:



The only thing I can suggest is:

Just get lots & lots of miles in and I don't mean test practice just ride daily if you can bit by bit you'll will build up experiance and begin to relax. Then when you are ready ride the route of the test forwards, backward and if necessary sideways -this will build up knowledge and develop confidence.


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Aug 02

Posts: 2717

spondonste says:


A few people suggested he appeal however nobody (instructors included) has ever heard over a fail being overturned on appeal. I did hear a rumour that there was a close eye kept on that examiner and I think he was eventually moved to a different test centre. 


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Nov 11

Posts: 45


I'm a bit worried about this happening to me also, as I'm planning on doing my test after Christmas (when I'm able to have money for myself!:wink:).

I have been using two fingers to brake and have been 'blipping' the throttle for as long as I remember, but I'm wondering if this is regarded as the correct way of braking on the road. It makes me feel safest and that I have the most control - which is obviously the important thing - but would an examiner frown upon it?


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Nov 11

Posts: 3

MAR5H7 says:


wasnt expecting soooooo many replies xD

Im guna w8 till the new year, see where that brings me financially, the consider some lessons, tired of throwing £75 a time away

To be honest, you will become a ball of nerves and there is no doubt your going to be overly cautious about the way you are riding when the examiners watching, just do your best to relax, what ever it is, enjoy the ride and do your best :) its all you can

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Jul 08

Posts: 4328

ninjachica says:

Point to consider

Lessons aren't only to help you to learn to ride, they are also to help you pass your test.

Instructors are trained in the niceties needed to pass, as well as having good knowledge of the test routes. 

You might only need 1 lesson, to point out what you are doing wrong.  Ring them up, and ask for advice.


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Aug 02

Posts: 1480

superbol says:


Sorry sir but you are not getting any tution THATS the REAL reason why you`re not passing yer test .A good instructor will give you guidence and tips how to improve your riding .Theres no excuse when you say you pulled out infront of traffic .All the excuses your giving tell the real story that your just not ready for your test and not good enough to be out on the road yet .You say you dont want to pay out , well consider about a few hundred quid might get you enough training to give you the skill to save you from ending up crippled or dead . Could be money well spent  sir ! OR you want to keep chancing it till you pass .

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Jan 11

Posts: 265

cairnsie13 says:

As others

have been saying once you pass your mod 1 it means u have at least a basic level of control over the bike. Mod 2 however is not really assessing that but how you cope with traffic. You could be valentino rossi etc but if you dont do your lifesavers you fail. I over exagerated my life savers to make sure they could see i was doing them. My instructor also took me on test routes and highlighted things such as 20mph zones, roundabouts that were poorly marked etc which really helped. To be honest he was critical of aspects of my riding in which i though i was doing correct. I think even a couple of lessons might put you on the right track. At the end of the day i would rather be pulled by an instructor for doing something wrong than by finding out the hard way and being mown down. Also it will improve you confidence when your instructor states your doing everything spot on. at the end of the day it may be more economical to take a couple of lessons than taking a few more tests. Also i think when you turn up on ur own bike as opposed to an instructors straight away they start being more critical etc.

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Aug 05

Posts: 7560

babyblade41 says:

I think the answer

lies in the response you have had. I am from the time that needed no great skills to pass a test but then the traffic was far less. Anyone can ride a bike but very few can pass a test. Get the people who are qualified to help you through this but consider getting some experience miles first.

Sorry but don't take a lot of notice of friends, if you were that competant you would pass. The test is for your benefit and to keep you alive as much as you hate it. keep going and the feeling when you do pass will be wonderful, then you will be able to pass on your knowledge to someone else x

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Jun 10

Posts: 20

simon7643 says:

Practice Test


Sorry to hear your news but I have to say reading your post it all comes down to no lessons with instructor, your mates will say you a safe driver anybody can be safe to a point, but to get through a test you have to be perfect, for example I failed a practice run when my instructor asked me to stop on the side of the road just in front of a parked car, parked a good few feet away to get my bike round which I done, did my life safer indicated thought it went well but he failed me for not looking through the parked car windows to see what ahead before I moved.


Now this in test might have been a minor but I made sure it was not because I was taught it so come test I looked, might not have picked up on it but why take chance and these are the things an instructor will teach you and if like mine do a practice test and trust me these just as nervous as the real thing so when it time to do the real thing you will be more aware of your errors that you might do and rectify them before it happens.

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Oct 08

Posts: 11

ccnc30 says:


I failed my test 4 times before I got to grips with it!!! I had lessons but actually learnt much more from going out there and riding riding and riding!!!  I took my lessons with a guaranteed pass with Surepass which I paid £750 for, only got the 500 the day of my test, they convinced my I couldn't do it so I ended up back on the 125-failed miserably with 1 major and numerous minors.  They refused to honour the guarantee and lost out on the money I paid out to them and the pass.  Went it alone after that and took my test on my TZR125 with coaching from my hubby, failed 3 times putting my foot down on the u-turn.  After riding my TZR to Donnington Park and back for the MotoGP from Cornwall (and lots of people calling me mad) and riding everyday in all weather-I passed 2 weeks later. That was 5 years ago and now I've got my beautiful GSXR1000 K5!!!!! I'm no Valentino but still ride everyday and love it-well worth the wait.

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