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Oct 11

Posts: 7

leongecko says:

Supermarket Parking

Hey there, ive tried searching the forums but not getting anywhere, quick question, if you park your bike in a supermarket and there is no designated area for bikes (goddamn Waitrose) are you okay to park in a car park space? is it legal? and as long as it is visible and perhaps near the entrance to the shop, is it safe? has anyone had any problems with supermarkets being wankers about this sort of thing? What about barriers, does a bike weigh enough to raise the barrier and issue a ticket? I am a noob (riding just over a month) and would appreciate your thoughts on the matter!

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  • Posted 3 years ago (18 November 2011 19:39)

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Aug 11

Posts: 508


Yep, don't worry.

You may find that you will have to buy a parking ticket, if so keep it with you, and if some one checks, speak to the management as for obvious reasons you can't leave it on the bike (Theft)

Park it in full view of the CCTV cameras in they are there, if not, park as close to the building as possible, preferably with your chain/lock whatever you use - you can tie it straight onto cycle stands and the like.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1870

mostlyslowly says:

Of course you can park in a car space

I do it anytime someone charges me for bike parking.  They charge me car rate, I take car space, simples! You can usually ride around the end of the barrier if weight doesn't trigger the sensor.

Security is a bike bugbear wherever you go.

Shopping in Waitrose? Then there are sometimes bays up near the disabled ones. They tend not to charge bikes even when charging cars. Speak to someone in store, give them the I shop here a lot flannel, things may happen


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Oct 11

Posts: 7

leongecko says:


great stuff, thanks! i wasnt sure how draconian these supermarkets are, there are a lot of jobsworths about and I would rather not learn the hard way. thanks again!

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Jan 10

Posts: 3512

Beelady says:

Supermarket parking

I have had trouble in my local Tesco car park. They provide a nice, big bike parking space close to the entrance and handy for the cash machines.

So it's usually full of cars.

Last time it happened I tapped on the window of a lady who had just parked there. I was polite and asked if she realised she was parked on the motorcyle parking bay. She said she hadn't so I pointed out that the area had a big white M/C painted on it.

"Yes" she said "Mother and Child."

I gave up then and parked in a car space:blink:

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Mar 10

Posts: 1041

bmwgs says:


at my local tescos i just part at the end of the line  of spaces on the white hack part. all the super market near me none of them have barriers or any thing like that.
park in any of the free spaces car or bike and you be fine.

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:

a few years ago

near to where i used to work was a  very large Tesco store, i parked in an empty trolley bay because the M/C bay was taken up with recycle bins,,, long story short,, the manager and i had a heated debate, of which he lost,

did he move bins..... NO ! ...

did i ever park in a trolley bay again  ? ...... YES ! ....

how many times did this happen  ? Twice :laugh::laugh:

did he move the bins ? ..... Yes :winkie:

do i park my bike in a M/C bay ?... No ....:laugh::laugh:

where did i park ?

Next to the main entrance of the store on the vast pedestrianised pavement in full and plain view of security,,,,, and do you know what ? , I've never been challenged about it, in fact the manager was seriously thinking about getting bollards put up so a few bikes could park there, without fear of getting damaged by passing shoppers... good man i say,,, don't know if he ever did though as i was made redundant not long afterwards lol


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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

My local Morrisons

has a dedicated motorcycle space, Sainsbury's however don't, but they do have a rail for bicycles. I've always tied my bike to that rail and never had a problem.

My local Tesco has no provision for motorbike parking (unless you park in the car park which is miles from the bloody shop anyway) but nowhere to chain it so I seldom bother going there.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1541

superbol says:

I would NEVER park in a car space!

Especially at a supermarket .When I teach my pupils parking I always stress that they park as far away from the entrance as they can .Why ? because all the idiots like half blind OAPs who dont look around ,Mums with loads of kids  whos mind is preocupied with sceaming children then dont concentraite and bang their door ( at the least ) into car parked correctly next to them.So basically if your bike is near any of those numptys god help it !


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