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Nov 11

Posts: 9

brownhare says:

leaner tumbles

Hi I've been riding about 3 weeks and have just had my first tumble:upset:, over the handle bars doing a lurch in the busiest car park I could embarrass myself in and would like some encouragement from anyone!! 

I'm fine apart from I think my shoulders going to hurt tomorrow and I've scratched my brand new bike.
Any words of encouragement to heal my pride and stop me just selling the now battered bike would be really appreciated:smile

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 November 2011 12:14)

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Oct 11

Posts: 3047

roseyeric says:


....don't give up. started riding 3 months ago and in the first couple of weeks had a low speed spill on gravel - like you, scratching a brand new bike. Picked myself up and headed home. Got straight back on the next day and have clocked up a couple of thousand miles since without a further spill. My confidence and skill level have increased tremendously since then. I know that it's likely I'll spill again, particularly when (yes when not if) I move on to bigger bikes. One of the best things I've done in life has been to get on two wheels - my only regret is waiting 20 years before giving it a go. Chin up, back in the saddle and ride safe. Good luck.

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Nov 11

Posts: 9

brownhare says:

learner tumbles

Thanks a lot roseyeric!! I appreciate that, I think I mainly dented my pride.
Also riding home with my mirrors spinning around wasn't fun.
Also I just discovered that the spanner that came in the bikes tool-kit doesn't fit the nuts to re-adjust the mirrors! whats the point of them!!

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:


words of encouragement


Dont do it again :laugh::laugh:

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Jan 09

Posts: 482

hairybob says:

whats a lurch?

Been riding over 40yrs on & off road, yesterday got it wrong and now have a big gouge down a silencer from dragging it along a low wall, it can happen to anyone! 

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

Over the bars

sounds like you've maybe gone overboard with the front brake?

Wait for the shoulder pain to subside and go back out there (you might have to pick your days with the cold weather).

If it was being a bit hard on the brake that caused the tumble (I can't tell from here), then be gentle and progressive on them ("feeding" it in, if that makes sense).

At least you're mostly OK - as hb states, it happens to the best of us at times.

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Apr 10

Posts: 740

CB13 says:

Fecking up is...

all part of the learning experience.When I was 17 went to leave a pub carpark on my BSA Starfire 250 with a load of mates on bikes one night(been riding about 2 weeks) when I let the clutch out too fast,shot across the road,up a grass bank and fell off,a mate did the same leaving his drive another day and ended up in the hedge opposite,last year his lad came arseholing into a gravel carpark in the Malvern hills on his 125,grabbed a big handful of front brake and went down in a big heap.We have all done something daft when learning.:smile    

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May 11

Posts: 49

bikergran says:

Fell off when almost at a standstill!

When I had my "dare I say it in here"??     Scooter!!

I was toddling off to a friends along an unmade road (been on it time after time) but this certain morning it had been raining heavily..and came across the big puddle...I was almost stopped and just skirted round it!! the rain had pushed the gravle ip and I slid and landed on  my right hand side  scooter bits n peices on floor..picked myself up and looked round to see if ayone had seen me..then went on my merry way...I felt an idiot as I was hardly moving! must say..I did!! hurt my arm and it took well over 10 months before it was right..:unsure:

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Nov 11

Posts: 10

Clu88er says:

This'll make you feel better!

I only passed 2 days ago but on the day of my mod 2 whilst practising the swerve in the morning I hit a cone and  anchored on the front brake, went over the bars slid 20yards on my ass!!!

after that went out for a ride came back for a quick prctise and went on to ace it!

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Oct 11

Posts: 157

Lil125Guy says:

We all do it

Crashed (ish) my brand new 125 a couple of weeks ago. Concrete to wet grass lost all grip, brake locked, off I went. Luckily only at about 5 MPH so I merely broke an indicator housing :P

Keep riding though, feckin awesome!!

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Nov 05

Posts: 1464

evlcatnw says:

Duck and covering

Suffice it to say 3 years of not riding have taken their toll on my baby...

Been dropped twice...bent end bar screw and brake lever & fixed it no other damage...

A day later decided i couldnt wait for my mate to park her up, tried to shift her and over she went into house wall and now needs new mirror and screen...

Note to self pile on 20 stone, go gym grow muscles get a flippin lighter bike...

Finding out that 88 cbr 400 screens are rare as hens teeth but LOL at least i'm a dab hand with a screwdriver, now have gorgeous looking levers and bar ends and a prospective £150 bill for mirrors and a screen LOL

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