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Marc Abbott  says:

New Bridgestone Hypersport S20 sports tyre

Bridgestone has launched a new sports tyre – the Hypersport S20 – designed for high-powered bikes, and which will sit alongside the BT-016 Pro and BT-016 in the firm's sports tyre range. The new tyre is claimed to "meet the demands of European sport riders for the highest handling performance in wet and dry on all types of roads and riding...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 November 2011 11:15)

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:

2012 blade launch

before you buy... google the portimau 2012 blade launch and read the journos opinions on lack of grip on a bike which claims better grip because of forks and this tyre designed to improve grip on that model.... testing improved after r10 tyres were put on. TBH I like bridgestones but with the exception of the 010's and the 014's I've not felt really confident in bad weather but I've never tried other makes so nothing to compare them with....

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Jan 11

Posts: 1

Hypersport S20

Just got the new S20's on my ZX6r 2010 and I have to say so much better then the BT-016, cost £30 more than the BT016. I would say get them for your ZX6R, the bike feels so much better. 9 out of 10 for the S20's

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Jul 06

Posts: 54

mand0wn says:

2012 blade launch

I read that as well. Given that im looking to replace my tyres in the next month or so, it worried me as the S20's, or the BT016 pro's were my two main options (I kinda prefer to stick with Bridgestone) for 'upgrading' my current BT023 on my 03 R6.

One question. Are the OE S20 tyres on the blade, the exact same spec as you would get from a garage?

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Dec 04

Posts: 9

BiKenG says:


I too am somewhat perplexed by the recent new FireBlade test reports. I've never seen a review so universally critical of a particular tyre (without actually saying so). When considering the purchase of a new 'Blade, this is all rather worrying. However, all new 'Blades delivered so far have all been fitted with Dunlops. Is this significant? Is there actually a problem with the S20? Bridgestone have so far failed to respond to my direct question. Meanwhile, the Dunlop alternative on the 'Blade is not the expected SportSmart, but instead, the Qualifier 2 which is kinda halfway between super sports and sport touring tyres. IOW, not a direct match to the proclaimed (by Bridgestone) qualities of the S20 - not even close in fact. Unless the S20 is not actually in that category at all. To further support my conspiracy theory, the Bridgestone Bikers Club web site lists road tests by Kevin Ash, yet mysteriously the new 'Blade is NOT listed. Hmmm, you'd think they'd be trumpeting this fact. I've been a long term Bridgestone user, only recently seduced away by the longer life of Dunlop's SportSmart. But the S20 heralded Bridgestone's return to the top spot, but the actuality is that this does not now seem to be the case and unless I start hearing evidence to the contrary, I'm afraid I will be buying SportSmarts again.

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Jul 11

Posts: 4

Mike2909 says:

Having read a couple of the reviews on the Blade launch both testers blame the track not the tyre.

 I will be replacing the OE on my Gixxer L1 within the next few weeks and have the S20 as one of the options on my list. As 90% of my riding is on the road,track tests are not all that helpfull.

I have always been a Michelin fan sso maybe I will just stick with them.

The saying forest and trees springs to mind.


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May 09

Posts: 4

declan88 says:

BT014s Y BT016s N

Have to agree with Gravy 1. On my 02 R1 tried 014s, 016s and 021s. Apart from the 014s, the grip on the others was appaling. The 020s just sound like 014s to me. Is there any major diff? I also wrote to Bridgestone to complain about how awful the 016s were on an R1 in UK use. No reply. I think I used a BT 0101 set years ago on my GPX750, they were OK (long, sports tourer) for that sort of bike. Wonder how the 010s are related to 0101s?

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Jul 12

Posts: 1

Solapsm says:

Hypersport S20

I have always used the BT016 and when the S20 came available, and the Gixxer M needed new hoops, the S20 was the logical choice.
I must say that after approx 3000km over 7 days of, 2 up riding, at speeds which varied between sedate and extreme, I am very, very happy.
We did approx 2000km in Namibia at speeds which far exceeded the legal limits, through nice twisty bits, ridiculous straights (6-7km dead straight) and great weather.
The S20 never gave me any reason to doubt the grip. To give an idea of what we put them through. The best session was 150km in 40 minutes which consisted of every thing. Tight corners and continuous sweeping bends though glorious undulating country side.
The wear was reasonable and they are still more than good enough for next weeks track day.
I will then give an update on my on-track experience.

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Apr 13

Posts: 1

bazilla says:

Battalax S20

I've got the S20s on my 2012 Fireblade ( Honda default ) and I also fitted them to my VFR1200. I must say, the Fireblade has eaten them in about 1000 miles. Therefore, the wear rate is high. Seems to carry over onto the VFR. They seem to perform adequately, but I shall be moving to Dunlop's Sportsmax as I am sure this tyre is better. The default S20s on the blade were my first experience of Bridgestone tyres. Must say, I am not impressed. On track the front tyre grip was not confidence inspiring - sometimes I felt I was going to wash the front out as it skidded alarmingly into the apex. Perhaps the tyres were over inflated for track use. However, the main problem I find is the longevity of the tyre is very brief! Guys using Dunlop's equivalent are posting over 200% life time benefits.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

fitted on my 2012 Blade

So far so good, brilliant grip and worn off my strips on the rear AND front.

As i'm only at 1200miles on them i cannot comment on mileage at present but as i already mentioned, so far so good.


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Jul 13

Posts: 1

Battlax S20


I'm a tight git and due to hard times resent paying £250 for a pair of tyres, so for about 7-8 years now I’ve lived off ex-trackday tyres. You can get them cheap and try all sorts and if you don't like them you haven't lost much.
My everyday bike is a modified Suzuki SV1000S which is SERIOUSLY underrated (my '85 GSXR712 is having work done). I also have a DRZ400E and until recently was in Thetford forrest most weekends.
I've been running BT001-2 & 3's on the road quite happily for a few years until last year when I got a couple of pairs of S20's for not a lot. At that point I ended up in hospital seriously ill for a couple of months and so lost that summer and couldn't compare. I started straight on them this year when the weather was fit but had to learn to ride again to some extent.
The S20's are ok but DO NOT inspire confidence at the front end - and the other HOT (30C) day, on the first left hander out of Oundle towards Corby, the front slid out about a foot at about 50-60 mph! (dirt bike riding is a wonderful survival course). And yes the tyres should have been suitably warmed up. I went home and put my other front wheel in with a good BT002. Next cool morning @ 7.00am on the way to work on the same road it felt sooo much better and secure.
And wear? The front S20 was nearly new when I got it and 1500 miles later it's got zero at 45 degrees. The BT002+3's I've usually pushed to nearly 4000 ridden pretty hard.
Anyone want to swap a good pair of S20's for 003's?

The first pic is the front S20, the 2nd is the Rr S20 (1600mls) the 3rd is my last BT002 Rr @ approx. 2500mls.




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