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Trevor Franklin  says:

New Honda Fireblade still on top after 20 years

Honda’s legendary Fireblade is 20-years-old and while the weight, shape and engine capacity in fact everything about it has changed since Tadao Baba’s rule-changing 1992 original, the fact that Honda has retained the Fireblade moniker for its ultimate superbike proves just how important this model is to the Big H. Oh, and so does the impressive sales figure of 445,208...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 December 2011 17:32)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4

hstephen5 says:


Looks good, lets hope they have sorted the poor gearbox.  My RR8 has had two now!

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Feb 08

Posts: 194

dev_d7 says:


I like Honda and their CBR's are undoubtedly great bikes... but I can never help feeling that they lack excitement. Yes they are reliable, and normally there abouts with power, and tend to handle pretty well - but they just lack that little something extra. Pull up on a Ducati or Aprilia and some people will be checking you out. Pull up on a blade, and no-one notices.

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Oct 11

Posts: 6

yoshisham says:

@dev_d7 I usually buy a bike, not for others to check out or to be more successful with the ladies, but for the joy of riding and excitement that it gives only to me. Fireblade has lots of it. And there is more, it doesn't only gives you the thrills but it saves you from cute a lot of distractions that may come with living with a superbike in everyday life, not counting some of the '08 models where there were issues with oil leaking and clutch problems. Haven't seen them on '09 machines though. The most important thing is this: it's great that we have such a variety of exceptional machines and everyone got a choice that he can make by himself.

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:

A nice bike - not really my cup of tea but I agree with yoshisham, its the joy of riding more than anything. No one really cares what you ride, I cant say I'd notice a Ducati any more than a Honda, both good in their own ways. Enjoy them while you can before Mr Eurorules feels you need to be protected from all bikes!

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Sep 11

Posts: 11

MartinZ says:

Will no buy Honda again

Got 2010 Fireablade, burns oil like mad and had engine top end rebuilt (£2000) while still under warranty. I had to pay for it because according Honda UK that is normal wear and tear. So new owners, get ready: you will fork out £2000 every year and half to keep your bike working.

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:

The best

Best 1000cc sports bike for the road nothing can touch it and the cheepest to! And dosent need to mask the problem of having to much unuseable power with traction control

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Apr 03

Posts: 12

syncro says:

New Honda Fireblade

Reading the posts here and other sites makes me wonder if the manufacturers are doing what the car industry did some time ago and build in shorter life span, to force customers to replace bikes more often. Makes sense from a fiscal point of view they have a finite market and need to shift ever more units to stay afloat. In this day and age they have the know-how and ability to make bikes last for decades not less than 5 years as most do now. My millennium Blade is still going strong 46k miles and in 11 years + biggest expense has been alternator/rectifier. I'm not looking to change it anytime soon it does all I need and is as exciting as I want it to be with a few mods to give it a bit more edge. Horses for courses I guess but all you bods who have to have the latest must know they have to keep spending on new models and good for them they are keeping the factories going pumping out new stuff. Where will it all end I wonder?

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Feb 09

Posts: 241

tris123 says:


I don’t think any of next year’s superbikes (excluding the Paniagle) offer anything much over the current models. That certainly doesn’t make them bad, it just doesn’t spark enough interest in me to upgrade to the newer model. I think Honda could and should have done more for the big 20.  Maybe they should focus more on their roads bikes and less on motogp.

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Dec 10

Posts: 12

FADM says:

Old blades never die.

RR4. Good as the day it came out of the crate. Unmarked (apart from a recent roll to the ground in the gales, Tip, make sure your cover is secured and not a sail!). All the power you could want on the road and unmatched manners. Reliable, good looking (the bike not the rider) low insurance and with its new set of corsa's holds the road like the preverbal muck to a blanket.

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