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Steve Farrell  says:

MEPs push ahead with plans to make tuning impossible

MEPs have voted to make bikes impossible to tune despite a Brussels protest by motorcyclists against the measures. European Parliament’s lead committee on the proposals wants manufacturers to develop bikes which can’t be modified for more power. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) wants riders who do manage to tune their bike to submit it for an inspection. The plans...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 December 2011 10:04)

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

Cheers Steve Just wanted some clarification.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Most of it is speculation as the delegated acts which will actually set out what is and isn't acceptable haven't been written yet. And the general mood is to leave it up to member states / countries to decide what sort of modifications they'll accept. That is where the fun will really begin. And this hasn't actually gone before the EU Parliament yet. 

Not to mention what will happen to machines which aren't restricted to a licence power category under the 3rd Driving licence directive. If it's a category A bike and you have a category A licence then the power and speed are irrelevant to your licence. The original point of this is to stop riders on a restricted licence having a bike more powerful than they are allowed. The simple solution would have been to rework the original directive to make it work. But then that would involve the EU admitting they've made a mistake...

Cosmetic and non speed related modifications will still be allowed and you will be able to modfiy the power train on your bike provided you use approved parts and have those modifications approved - like during an MOT. So not impossible then. It'll just make some more cash for the manufacturers who have supported this all along as it helps block cheap bikes imported from China and Asia.

And, while we're speculating, if in the future bikes have to remain bog standard to keep emissions and fuel economy figures correct but that means that they actually get brought into mainstream travel planning and policy and get taken seriously, is that a bad thing? Would we rather be marginalised and restricted off the road instead?

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Aug 02

Posts: 2721

spondonste says:


What happens if you have a modified bike already then which has been registered like that for years. My spondon certainly doesn't have OE spec exhausts/ air filters etc so what the situation regarding them??

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

These things usually dont get applied retrospectively, so would have thought you'd be alright

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Dec 11

Posts: 1

Hardcorp says:

Time to toughen up

Lets face it fellas - this is one more example of complete lack of respect for bikers: * Push bikes have it easy with dedicated lanes everywhere that now push us into oncoming traffic if we want to overtake other slow-moving vehicles. * Councils, Thames Water and ALL the others cannot be bothered to fix potholes and thereby endanger our lives. * Councils take no notice of motorcyclists when conducting surveys about transport and parking needs * Police turn a blind eye to motorists using cellphones, televisions, playing with the CD, eating, drinking... (the list goes on...) * Car manufacturers get away with making cars bigger and bigger, improving the secondary safety for their occupants but doing sweet fuck all to protect other road users like us and now they want to stop us from improving our machines so that we can get out of the way of all these potential murderers on four wheels. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I WILL be respected!! - come on MCN, pull your finger out and start a broadside against ALL of this!

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Dec 11

Posts: 5

gourmaillon says:

regulations, inspections and fines, oh my!

Hello, signed up here at last.

Personally, i wouldnt be so put out by the whole issue if it was applied to cars too as they seem to be totally exempt from regulation to the extent that bike and lorries have been in the past few years.

I doubt very much that it will make a lot of differance to 90% of motorcyclists now anyway as i for one know my local MoT guys let quite a lot go unmentioned by way of exhausts, no pillion pegs and other parts that are not going to endanger anyone.

The other thing that i think about the mods restrictions is that its proberly going to go the same way as the quad bike restrictions that came in a few years ago. How often do you see quad and trike riders without lids? and with off road tyres? never seen one pulled over for it, thats for sure.

Im much more concerned about the roadside checks, that seem to have fallen under the radar recently, i saw a few officers checking bikes in a carpark a couple of weeks ago whilst their owners were in a cafe. i went over and asked what they were doing and was told that it was a road saftey inspection and when i asked if the owners had been informed they simply chuckled and said they will find out soon enough. When they came out of the cafe 3 of the group (of about 15) were told their bikes were not fit for road use and had to arange for the bikes to be collected.


I for one know i will see those blue lights for no good reason within the next 18 months, question is; should i stop?  =p



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Aug 02

Posts: 103

tl1000kid says:

Referendum on the EU please

Being part of the EU has brought us nothing but trouble.


Honk if you agree!!

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Dec 11

Posts: 11

vachequipis says:

So that's Harley sales in Europe screwed then. The H-D business model is selling underpowered bikes then making a killing selling all the kit to modify the drive train and more. After paying my harley tax, my 883 Sportster has a shade under 40 bhp more, than when it rolled out the factory. So soon my bike will be illegal for having less top speed than most standard 600's at half the price. WTF!

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Nov 11

Posts: 3

Riders have the Power here if they chose to exercise it

Only way out of it I can see if it ever comes in, is to hit the manufacturers where it hurts, in the wallet. If riders refuse for even a year to replace their bike with a new one and not buying a new bike would really hurt the manufacturers and then of course the bureaucrats would be in for some stick from the manufacturers themselves.
This would mean we would have to stand together and boycott buying a new bike until the manufacturers lobby the MEP's to retract their decision. but if the bike manufacturers are racking up zero sales they would soon be asking the loopy rules to be abolished as their lively hood instead of becoming secure, would be disappearing before their eyes.
Yes it would mean we all hang on to our machines for a bit longer which in general we as consumers can do. We just have to do what we always do, look after our machines. I think we could last without buying a new bike for a lot longer than the manufacturers of new machines could.
It is obviously all based around money, so the only way around it is to make the proposals non profit making for anyone. It seems to me to be aimed at keeping the manufacturers on the gravy train for years to come. but if they are not getting any income from the new bikes they are manufacturing, they will soon tire of that.
Just an idea. I personally won't be buying new for a few years to come anyway.

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Dec 11

Posts: 1

BikerB1tch says:


We need to sign this:

As others have stated, this has a detrimental affect to tuning companies and bike garages.  It also seems to enable an anti-competitiveness for aftermarket products - pushing out the independents.  The lack of proactive lobbying by manufacturers also concerns me.  New bikes will protentially cost more as a result of all the anti-modification changes needed - its us who will pay.

My only accident to date was a 30mph one due to a diesel spillage - not the power of my bike!  I echo everyones sentiments about exhausts making you heard more; changing sprockets to give longer gearing in lower gears - none of which are unsafe.

I dont see the powers that be focussing on the little chavs doing up their little cars with ridiculous, anti-social exhausts; illegal number plates and all that malarky.  The bikes always get it.  Too small a number plate la la la.

Its ironic we're such an easy target when the use of bikes eases traffic issues.....

Finally, very poor that Malcolm Harbour is ill-informed; closed-minded and out of touch.  I dont hold out much hope :upset:

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