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Matthew Birt  says:

Dorna gauging factory opinion on future MotoGP rules

Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta is in the process of staging individual meetings with senior management from Honda, Yamaha and Ducati over plans to introduce radical changes to technical rules in MotoGP. With the on-going global economic crisis continuing to have a major impact in the MotoGP paddock, Ezpeleta has threatened sweeping rule changes to slash costs in world championship racing. Ezpeleta has...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (16 December 2011 21:31)

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Sep 11

Posts: 2289

YamahaGYTR says:

Really it was Honda's idea to switch to the 800s and Dorna agreed to it they thought yes we get our wish and Pedrosa will be champ and what was the answer Ducati romp away and then Yamaha fights back winning three on the trot. Honda only improved last year and when they got a rider in Stoner it was easy to predict who would win after such a hard time in the 800 era. Future MotoGP rule for me would be to limit the electronics that way we could see some very good racing.

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Feb 06

Posts: 77

gaziskwakers says:

The Death of...

the true prototype. that is what Dorna is heading towards. that means a total lack of true development through racing. So if you follow that to its logical conclusion you will be able to compete in moto gp with a ten year old bike soon because the development will have stopped. And this will have a negative effect on superbike too, after all they run on gp tested tech too.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

sack the twat!

death of moto gp and the prototype,im just glad ive watched 500's and real moto gp. still never will beat the old world superbike days tho. saying that all the racing back then was better. case closed. rossi chums piss off. casey did a fair and square job this season.

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

badger says:

Roll on Superbikes 


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Jan 11

Posts: 300

yzrm1 says:


how many things has this guy F*cked up.! after the great 990cc the boring 800cc now back to 1000cc with max 81mm 16000rpm more weight controled ecu want to reduce costs? what about 15.000.000 for rossi?!!! let him ride for 1.000.000.- as for jorge as for casey as for dani etc etc etc. thats cost reducing. dont make a prototype that aint no real prototype anymore. bumb man

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Jan 09

Posts: 12

seamas says:


Totally agree with a lot of people on here.  It's about time he stepped aside before he really does kill our sport.

How are 'individual' meetings constructive ?? Wander what his salary is ???? 

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Oct 10

Posts: 112

whemy says:

class over

what is the point in having motogp if they give them a controlled ecu might aswell call it wsb2.who from wsb will want to join when they will basically  be riding the same machines! the word elite class will mean nothing the idea of riding prototypes is the draw for the riders....

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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:

Evolution not revolution

Any manufacturer in any racing series would naturally oppose any rule change that appears to be negative in the immediate term. No-one likes to take a backwards step or two and especially not if they're doing ok out of the current rules. Even if they know they'll be better off in the long run (if they can see that far). Lap times will aways be bettered in the end and racing cars/bikes will always get faster, more powerful £4£ and more sophisticated. And this will always cost a lot of money because it always has.

If someone traced a financial line backwards in MotoGP they would see a spike and then a drop around about the time that tobacco sponsorship reduced (unless you're Ducati who have their own interpretation on everything).

As much as I wonder about him, Carmelo Ezpeleta, is at least trying to get some discussion going on, rev limits and kit ECU's are just ideas at the moment. Everyone agrees the costs are daft but it's hard to see where Dorna and the factories will meet and agree. I think the first key thing to decide is whose championship is it, the governing bodies or the manufacturers'?

Do the governing bodies have the right to govern and implement rules as they see fit because it's their championship or should the factories/MSMA/IRTA drive the rules because, after all, the championship wouldn't work without the them?  It's a tricky situation. Dorna own the commercial rights to MotoGP and presumably all the important contracts so technically it belongs to them (if you can truly "own" such a thing) but equally the manufacturers will feel a sense of ownership and likewise the fans.

The sport will evolve regardless of more or less rules and it will always have a cost that will always be dictated by what your opponents are doing and what is possible within the current set of technical rules and engineering expertise. A rule change will just start the cycle off again.



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Aug 09

Posts: 8

grandadal says:

racing v skill

take all rider aids off , it dosent matter how much you tinker with things there is only so much power you can lay down,lets have the days back with power slides backing the things in and rider skill and close racing,the cream will still rise to the top but new riders coming to moto gp should still be able to smell the podium. you dont need the worlds best to develop safety features for roadbikes

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

if anyone thinks that everything is rosy in the WSBK camp, think again.  they're also having the same problems with costs and a diminishing grid.  and let's face it, the bikes that Checa and Biaggi ride bear little resemblance to what you and I ride on the road - which is what I thought the series was supposed to be based on.  WSBK will also go through the agonies of "dumbing down" as some term it, eventually running rules akin to what control BSB in 2012.

it's easy to criticise the CRT route that MotoGP is going down, however, those that sound so outraged offer little in terms of alternative solutions.  it's the factories that are killing GP racing within the existing rules framework, so something has to change.  those that stick their head in the sand and demand that GP racing must continue in it's current form are deluded and can't accept that the MotoGP grid would eventually be lucky to have about 12 bikes on it with even less corporate interest than there is now.  that is the road to GP racing ruin.

those that acknowledge that the rules have to change are living in the real world - the world where everyone must cut their cloth accordingly.  i'm amazed at those on here that are infuriated by the idea of a control ECU and rev-limited engines.  i've used this metaphor many times on here before, but do you think that ardent Ferrari F1 fans continually moan that their beloved Italian V8 is rev-limited and controlled by a McLaren ECU, the same standard ECU fitted to all 24 cars?!  as others have pointed out, it's embarrasing that F1 seems to have managed their sport so much better technically than MotoGP - and F1 is now far more technically restricted than ever - just look at what they've now banned over the last 20 years.

the route being embarked upon in "Moto1"is to suit the world of 2012 - who's to say that the rules can't be tweaked when the world eventually pays it's way out of the mess of the last 3 years.  i'm convinced that, one day, Moto 2 will become a 500cc twin cyclinder formula so that the 250-500-1000 common cylinder approach will be completed.  i'll pass judgement on CRT when i've seen it in action, but i'm not going to right it off before the season has even started.

and finally, Ezpeleta is ultimately working for the commercial rights-holder, not the rule makers.  he is a businessman with responsibilities to company shareholders.  a series that now has three factory bikes, not six as back in the heady days of 2004, and a world championship winning team with no title sponsor in 2011 (though I do think that Yamaha have a bone idle marketing department) is a series that needs radical change.  everything is cyclical and if the racing product can be improved, then the commercial interest will return and build the series up again from what is an acknowledged low point.

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