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Steve Farrell  says:

Cycle group: Don’t let motorcycles in more bus lanes

A cycle group says local authorities should not copy London’s scheme of allowing motorcycles in bus lanes. The London Cycling Campaign says the trial should “act as a warning to other authorities” even though it has been deemed successful enough for the measure to be introduced permanently in the capital. The group claims the scheme has delivered no safety benefits. The...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 December 2011 17:07)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

The group’s Chief Executive Ashok Sinha added: "Cyclists and motorcyclists are both especially vulnerable to bad road policies. Transport for London's action does nothing to reduce danger for either group."

But their actions do nothing to increase danger... & make life easier for motorcyclists & means they're not stuck in traffic producing unnecessary pollutants... so it's a good thing yeah?

"The results of this trial should act as a warning to other authorities not to risk allowing motorcycles in bus lanes."

Why?... are we only getting one part of their argument or is it really this baseless?

We are aware of how vulnerable cyclists are, as they appear to be about us... the difference is their spokespeople couldn't give a shit.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Bus Lanes are for busses

If motorcyclists don't belong in bus lanes, then neither do cyclists.

This test was never about safety in the first place.  It was about reducing congestion.  It worked.  The fact that collisions went down is simply a nunplanned benefit, but a good one nonetheless.

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Apr 05

Posts: 77

firkit says:


These clowns ned to look at what is says on the v5 it says cycle so the LCC are helping us lot out

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Dec 10

Posts: 242

blue200tdi says:

Oi! Charlie Lloyd, isn't it about time you warned YOUR own group about the dangers of jumping red traffic lights, or cycling on the footpath to avoid red lights, or undertaking lorries and coaches when they're clearly signalling to turn left?

Or maybe you should ask those cyclists that use bus lanes to get the hell out of the way and stop holding up five buses at a time, making nigh on 250 people late to work or home!

What about making insurance compulsary for cyclists? They cause a huge amount of damage when scraping their handlebars and pedals down the side of coaches, buses, vans and cars?

Cyclists are a major pain in the arris and if I had my way they'd be banned from the road altogether, let alone bus lanes!

And while we're here, ban the stupid clothes that some cyclists wear, I mean, do you really think you look good in skin tight multicoloured lycra??

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


in Bus Lanes, bicycles on pavements. You lot, "cyclists" make me laugh! Where next? If you want to use the roads they pay road tax, like everyone else and make up your mind where you want to be, on the roads or on the pavement, irritating and causing danger to pedestrians. Who gave cyclists the right to decide or comment on who should or shouldn't be in "bus lanes"  anyway? Personally, I think bicycles are a danger to themselves on the roads. Ciao

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Dec 11

Posts: 5

mattster67 says:


What a surprise to see the usual I hate cyclists response. Why? Oh because of the way they behave. Same reason then that a lot of people hate motorcyclists, because they see some behaving like idiots and blame all!! Come on guys, how about being constructive. And remember most of our heroes Bayliss etc are very keen cyclists.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

The Difference is...

Any idiot can jump on a pushbike and ride like a twat, there is no training or licence for pedal bikes.

Where as, Motorcycle training is very comprehensive and makes the rider very aware of road safety.


Today I had to go to the bank and out of six cyclists I observed only two were riding safely.

One was riding the wrong way up a one-way street with a pair of staffordshire bull-terriers on long leads.

Three others were riding on the wrong side of the road and the fourth one jumped two sets of red lights.

I'm afraid cyclists are getting worse and the lack of police presence on our streets is adding to the problem.


My take on the LCC is that they have a vendetta against motorcyclists and should be vilified for doing so.


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Feb 10

Posts: 197

wesley01 says:


Until pushbikes posses a license, insurance, road tax and MOT they can all **** off!! Simple as!

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Jan 09

Posts: 28

markinnormy says:

You need to differentiate between "cyclists" and the "LCC leaders"

Cyclists in general, are not the enemy of bikers and vice versa. A lot of us bikers are also cyclists as and we share some of the same values, such as getting through the traffic efficiently with the greatest amount of ease, whilst enjoying a sense of freedom. The mouthpieces of the LCC are on a ridiculous mission to discredit everything with a combustion engine and particulary ones that share what they see as their space. Their views do not represent their members or cyclists in general. Yes I am aware that cyclists sometimes ride badly, but as already pointed out, so do some bikers. As for all the daft rants about road tax, can I just point out that road tax was abolished in 1937 by Churchill. We have vehicle excise duty, which at present is based on the amount of pollution put out by vehicles, ie. no pollution - no duty. Revenue for roads and highways comes from general taxation. If the cyclists you refer to are cyling to work, they are already paying. Please do your homework. ps. I expect to get a few sweary rants in response to this post. All I would say to those people is, have you ever read the Daily Mail? I think you would like it.


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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

I agree that..

The LCC leaders are anti powered vehicles to the point of lunacy, but you really should spend some time down here in London to see the extent of the problem with cyclists.

The reason I watch cyclists is that I have been knocked down by one jumping a  red light on a pedestrian crossing. The offending twat then shot off before I could get to my feet and grab him.

None of the kids schools near me practice cycle training anymore, what a joke!

The council closed down the purpose built cycle course in my local park to save money.

As for the Daily Mail, in my humble opinion any redtop / compact newspaper is not fit to line the bottom of a budgies cage.

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