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Steve Farrell  says:

Cycle group: Don’t let motorcycles in more bus lanes

A cycle group says local authorities should not copy London’s scheme of allowing motorcycles in bus lanes. The London Cycling Campaign says the trial should “act as a warning to other authorities” even though it has been deemed successful enough for the measure to be introduced permanently in the capital. The group claims the scheme has delivered no safety benefits. The...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 December 2011 17:07)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1267

SatNavSteve says:

explain please!

I don't live in London, I live up north but follow this arguement with interest. What I have noticed is its always the cyclists who start the rant at motorcyclists for joining them in bus lanes, not the other way around. As I understand it, there is no evidence that motorcyclists are a danger to cyclists in bus lanes, but the cyclists seem concerned about their safety on the roads. Does that mean they will all have permenent lights on like motorcyclists and all agree to compulsory training or does the LCC think they have a God given right to do what they want on the roads, have who they think is worthy of being on the roads with them and do all this without having to pay a penny for the honour? They sound like the most arrogant, selfish, self-centred bunch I've ever heard of. I still don't understand what their arguement is for denying motorcyclists the use of bus lanes. Can anyone help me out here with cold hard facts as to what their problem is?

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Nov 09

Posts: 88

ginganz13 says:


Road tax was abolished in the 30's - the roads, especially urban are paid for from general taxation and local rates. A cyclist who is cycling to work is allready paying for your roads  - out of proportion with their impact too!
You're arguing about the right to squander a finite resource that we depend on for everything from fertilizer to first aid and the cyclists are selfish? Really?
the cold hard fact is - basically you're an idiot.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1486

superbol says:


Excellent point sir ,merry xmas !

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Nov 10

Posts: 23

Pedal cyclists are the most ignorant, selfish d*** heads on our roads. They should have to pass a test have insurance, an MOT for the pedal cycle and pay road tax.

I pay my council tax to, some of you matey boys and I object to subsidising the likes of you.

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Apr 06

Posts: 55

pottersbar says:

Motor Cycles in Bus Lanes

Reduction in cycle collisions, yet the group claims "the scheme has delivered no safety benefits".

Now that just does not make sense

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Aug 02

Posts: 45

sjtscott says:

totally expect this LCC comment

LCC are at least predictable as ever. They've had a problem with us motorcyclists using the TFL owned bus lanes for the last 3 years of the 'trial' Sorry tough as of 23rd Jan its being made perm and I'm very happy about this. There are bad motorcyclists and bad cyclists fact and not one person is perfect. But you generally don't see the level of hypocrisy from motorcyclists as you do from the London cycling community in particular. The bigger safety issue with cyclists in London is the high % of failures to abide by rules which say they have to stop at red lights, can't cycle on pavement or across zebra crossings, need to have lights at night etc etc. All the stereotypical cyclist can say is its everyone else's fault but their own. Amazing I've been motorcycling in London for over 10 years and have never hit a single cyclist once despite some very poor standards of cycling which has required me to do emergency maneuvers at times over this period. All the cyclist can ever seem to say is all motorcycles speed in London, cut into cycle lanes and they keep using the Advanced stop line boxes. The ASL boxes make me laugh the most since the cyclists tend not to stop at red lights they don't actually use them. In any case despite what TFL/police might say no one is really actively policing the roads of London fact which is what you'd need to spend a huge amount of money on doing to really improve the standards of ALL road users. Sure they have crack downs once in a while but hey they pick on everyone - but I do esp like the Cyclist red light offence crackdowns.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1267

SatNavSteve says:


Are you saying that a motorcyclist who rides to work is not already paying for the roads? He is, and more besides. My point about safety is not addressed in your reply. Basically, anyone who can straddle a bike and ride into London traffic at any age on any bike ( no MOTs for bikes is there) can do so without any training, not so a motorcyclist who has all the age-related laws and compulsory training that goes with it.

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Jul 11

Posts: 257

Ocdcbr says:

I cycle and ride a mc

In London. The bus lanes are great when I'm on either. It's definitely a massive benifit on a mc to be able to use the bus lane. A little safer and much quicker, apart from those dam busses!!? Riding in londOn is hard work, a bit of respect shown between all road users is what is required. Cyclists and motorcyclists are forever cutting one another up no matter having to worry about everyone else!!

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Sep 09

Posts: 397


Those guy's seem to be on some fanatical quasi-religious crusade against motorcyclists regardless of the clear facts?


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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:


So cycle collisions are down 11.9%.  There's a factoid with no context and thus no meaning.  Cycle collisons with what, of what type, or is that an overall figure?  Is it attributed to the bus lane scheme or other measures?  Collisions of whatever description might be down, but what about injuries?  Deaths?

If the picture is almost 12% better for cyclists, why do they claim the trial was a failure?  What figures are they quoting to back-up their claim?  Without knowledge of their argument it is impossible to assess its validity and provide any kind of meanigful rebuttal.

Do I want motorcycles in bus lanes all ove the UK?  Sure, would make my life a darned sight easier.  Do I want this at the cost to the safety of others?  No, I'm not a bleeding hypocrite or selfish bastard.  We share the road with other users (wheeled, hoofed or footed) and any measures must add to the overall safety.

Not even a link to any offical report or raw data (since MCN do not see fit to prodice such data, here's a link to the findings).  Bikers and cyclists are both vulnerable users and there should me more to unite us than divide us.  Certainly when faced with unobservant cage-driving morons.  And yes, there are "Lycra Louts" who think the sun shies out their arse, ignore red lights etc etc.  But there are "Leather Louts" as well who treat the rules of the road with equal abandon.

Perhaps the LCC has some valid points (I'm not sure, I have not read their arguments in full yet).  If so, these should be taken on-board by the more level-headed of the motorcycling community as it would also add to our safety.  Hitting anyhting hurts!

Why MCN seems fit to fan the flames of division with incomplete reporting like this is quite beyond me.

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