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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner happy to silence Rossi and Burgess criticism

Casey Stoner has said his domination of the 2011 MotoGP world championship was made sweeter after the criticism he faced from Valentino Rossi and Jerry Burgess when he was riding for Ducati. Stoner won 10 races last season to clinch his second MotoGP world title as he delivered Honda’s first premier class world title since 2006. While the 26-year-old was enjoying unrivalled...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (23 December 2011 10:13)

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Nov 09

Posts: 154

kwackanacki says:

Matthew Birt

Its Merry Christmas from Matthew - it was the night before christmas and the boards were quiet - so lets publish a story with Rossi and Stoner - let the bashing commence.

Seriously though - providing the GPs are a close result who cares - ask yourself this - if Rossi or Stoner left we would have none of this. i hope Rossi wins every race next year and claims this year was due to tooth ache, Stoner on the other hand says " I do not need to win and will concentrate on crowd entertainment by laying black lines"

Merry Christmas

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Jun 11

Posts: 554

ratchetman says:



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Mar 08

Posts: 312

vmax4steve says:


thought they had a championship winning bike when in fact they had a championship winning rider capable of riding past their bikes limits on occasion. Stoner would tell them the front end was fickle and then go out and set pole, win the race and set a lap record so they didn't believe him. Rossi has shown that the front end is indeed fickle, for a front end rider that is. The 90 degree L four engine cannot be moved far enough forward for that front end feel that Rossi and others of his ilk so desperately need, not in a beam frame and certainly not when use as a stressed member. That's the middle and both ends of it and Stoner knew it yet Rossi and Burgess somehow didn't when they both had the same information as everyone else about the Ducati having that engine configuration. Rossi knows he is a front end rider, so does Burgess, so if they are so great at development they should have known that the Ducati just wasn't going to work for them, yet they didn't and went there full of their own hubris and fell flat on their faces.

The fact that Stoner had his championship winning year on the Ducati when there wasn't a control tyre shows that the bike was indeed easier to ride when tyres were specially made for it, but Stoner could also win on it with the control tyre, just not so consistantly, and possibly, for a while, doubted his own ability when continually losing the front. That doubt vanished the moment he got on the Honda and Rossi got on the Ducati at the first test at Valencia in 2010.

So for Rossi to win on the Ducati there has to be a sea change to a narrow angle V4, which isn't going to happen, or get rid of the control tyre and get specials made that give Rossi that little bit of extra feel, which isn't going to happen either. Rossi on a CRT in 2013 would probably stand a better chance.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1381

Richard1967 says:

Those black Hoops

Change season to season and race to race so thats a poor comparison Wosideq. If that argument is to stand then all riders in the year must have been faster than stoner per race , which they werent

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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

i thought Bridgestone would have been a very good choice but it looks to me they are being like those old Michelins.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

come on now ..

Posted this a while back and judging by the comments it's pretty relevant:

Mugello: Was completely repaved so really has no relevance. Shit, even Hector Barbera, Colin Edwards and Aoyama beat last years race winning time. Somehow Stoner still beat Rossi's qualifying time by 0.5s.

SilverStoner: No brainer, it was a swimming pool. Again, no comparison.

Catalunya: Yeah im surprised. Rossi beat Stoner's race time by about 0.7s so there's a golden sticker for you. Catalunya is one of Rossi's favoured circuits but fairplay. Stoner's qual time was 0.8s faster than Rossi's.

Brno: Another sticker for you! was this track repaved, i forget. Stoner 0.5s quicker in qualifying.

Misano: Number 3. Stoner 0.2s quicker in qual. One of Stoner's least fav circuits.

and that is all, so only on 3 tracks was he faster. To be honest everything comes into play when comparing times. Weather, temperature, wind speed .... not to mention the bike itself. The GP11.1 was a supposedly updated version of the GP11 so if Rossi couldn't even beat it's predecessors times, that's down to him.

So comparisons are a little pointless.

Stoner had the same bike all the way through the '10 season so if anything Rossi should have been quicker at every single track, with the support and funding he had. Rossi actually had warnings that the carbon wasn't the problem. At the start of the season Preziosi said it wasn't to blame and even Stoner went public saying that was not the biggest problem on the bike, but he still proceeded.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


and Wosi, you missed this bit out.

Rossi was gifted the award 4 times since Stoner crashed out

and whats this about ? we both know it's a lie.

Rossi wasn't that slow and was quicker than Casey. 

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

Casey is the Best Rider on the Best Bike.

Not my words, actually a quote from the GOAT after Casey clinched the title!

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Mar 09

Posts: 5118

Nostrodamus says:

MCN's minister of

disinformation Wosideg at play yet again..... "Let's shroud my riders inadequacies in the 'degenerative' performance of the Bridgestone's by using selective Stoner language".

 Pure political bullshit. 

Stoner's pronouncements regarding the Bridgestones are entirely in keeping with lap time 'development' or otherwise. Any true bipartisan follower of MotoGP can plainly see that in comparative conditions Stoner has barely gone faster on the "vastly superior" (to quote the oompa loompas) RCV, than the 'complete waste of space' D16.

 How can this be? Two fold. Let's accept the obvious premise that the 2010 D16 was a winning motorcycle. The history books say so. And the record book facts also state that Stoner was, if anything, only very marginally quicker (and we're only talking a handful of seconds) on the RCV than the D16.

 If 2011 Rossi was racing the 2010 D16 guess where he'd be? Yep 6th / 7th - if uninjured, and all other things being equal. So it's safe to say the 'Stones are fundamentally unchanged 2010 -2011. Except... on the few occasions (actually two) occasions that 2011 Rossi went faster than 2010 Stoner. Why? Bridgestone's brought their asymmetrical tyres in this year. 

So Wosi likes to say Rossi was 5 seconds faster than Stoner Misano 2010. Well 'control' M1 Lorenzo was 11 seconds faster 2011 than 2010. On a couple of occasions Rossi 2011 was 25+ seconds SLOWER than 2010 Stoner in truly comparable conditions. I.e no asymmterical tyre, no track or ambient temp. diff. Just plain reality. And all on the lower developed 'Pamac' Duke than the Rossi developed 2011 version(s). 

So to summise, Stoner ran the same pace 2011 as he did 2010. The only difference being that the RCV enabled him to run the winning pace on less of a knife edge than the 2010 D16. And accordingly finish on the podium in every race of 2011 except the one that 'ambition exceeding ability' Rossi allowed. All of which means Wosi has the longest Rossi sphincter licking tongue on the net.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

The truth is you can’t conclude much from this data

Exactly, so what are you trying to prove ?

Catalunya, Misano, and Brno. These were the only times(in the whole season) near being comparable that Rossi went faster than Stoner. Go ahead, count Mugello as a 4th if your desperate but like i said, Barbera, Edwards and Aoyama went faster than last year's race winning time(after the track was repaved) so it hardly counts. Also, saying Rossi was faster because Stoner crashed is not even close to being a 'win' over Stoner. Does anyone really think he would have gone quicker at Qatar etc .. ?

I guess it's the same as saying Casey was quicker in these 4 round where Rossi didn't complete the race. Philip Island, Motegi, Sepang, Valencia.

I know it's winter, and we're all itching for April to come around, but really there is no point in bringing up little things like the odd track where Rossi had a faster time than Stoner. Some muppet(Ratchet) even said yesterday 'well at least Rossi has boosted Ducati sales and Honda's are down'. First, im yet to see proof of that but second, who gives a shit ? whether it's Stoner 'needs to win back to back titles' to prove his talent, or him developing a shit bike for Rossi, there's always something eh ..

Also Wosi, Denial of what ?
Stoner came 1st this year, never finished outside 4th on the Ducati and with a minimum of 225points in a season with 3 race wins and 9 podiums.
Rossi came 7th, finished with a dull 139 points, 0 race wins and 1 gifted podium.

If denial comes from any side of the camp, it's going to be the one with a '46' flag.

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