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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner happy to silence Rossi and Burgess criticism

Casey Stoner has said his domination of the 2011 MotoGP world championship was made sweeter after the criticism he faced from Valentino Rossi and Jerry Burgess when he was riding for Ducati. Stoner won 10 races last season to clinch his second MotoGP world title as he delivered Honda’s first premier class world title since 2006. While the 26-year-old was enjoying unrivalled...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (23 December 2011 10:13)

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Dec 11

Posts: 10

bushy1 says:

had enough

I have read and had a few comments myself on this site but i have had enough and will never read or participate on this site ever agian thanks to 1 eyed juveniles like milkybars and wosi.
You guys are completly   f---ed in  the head and just cant appreciate quality riding or someone setting out to achieve ther childhood dream and not letting anyone or anything derail there dreams something that you two have and probably will never understand because you have probably never had a dream worth chasing .    

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Last time I checked

Dani looked at Casey and began shaking his head side to side as he blew pass him on the 1000cc. I'm sure Milky boy went to HRC management immediately and told them that Dani ambition outweigh his talent.

Puig was seen giving Livio a sharp left uppercut at the end of the 1000cc testing. Last thing he shouted at Livio was something about whipping your slow ass Milky boy in 250cc and will continue doing it in the 1000cc. Casey seems rattled and told the journalist interviewing him that he was going to quit if he did not get better toys than Dani and that he would also quit if they dumb down his bike to CRT level.

This is all true of course, I have a special fat australian that sends me info of these sorts. The same one that sent Valentino Rossi some nasty tweets. Well they traced and found him to be some fat Australian named Bobby. Ciao Milky white panty brigade. Hope you don't have too much brown stain like Milky does when he eats ice cream.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


Benny : "Rather than follow everyone else, why don't Ducati try a timber beam frame?"

that's funny. are you a comedian. you should post more buddy. i mean it. LOL.


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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:


Just cause you don't think the sun shines out of Rossi's arse the Rossi lover's brand you a hater. They think they are so bright they can't realise it's his fan's that most peoople don't like not him.The backpeddling they have done last year and the crappy statistics they pull out you would think the remaining few left on here would do what the rest have done and change there avatar and become Lorenzo fans. But canada if you kept your head out of Rossi's arse long enough the rest of us might see the glimmering light you follow all the time

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


I wonder why casey not as famous as Lorenzo or maybe the 9 times ass champion. 
And I reach the conclusion
1. stoner is married. No girl like married man. It’s obvious why lots of celebrities hide their marriage.
2. stoner is not a big mouth. Just talk what in his mind. And sometimes that’s bad for media / advertising. He should start talk big. Start lying just like other so call 9 times ass champion
3. in off season, he just disappear like mouse. Nobody know what he did, rarely he joined events (only recently) that’s why people never get update about him. I’m sure suppo would change this. Prove by many adverts and events he join.
In the other opposite, what so call 9 times ass champion :
1. has a very big mouth.
2. lying to all people like duck’s ass mouth.
3. so good with media. Actually he own the media.
4. and the most important thing is, nobody know he is real man or mansy. Man sissy. I’m sure in the near future we’ll get update just like ricky martin did in L.A. LOL.

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Jul 11

Posts: 968

motoking says:


i'm trying to type something here buddy!! i cann't do it while i'm laughing like shit now. LOL. just copy paste it then.

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Aug 09

Posts: 87

spdmon says:

Hmmm, Uccio looks too fat in Ducati's red outfit! Perhaps this is the main reason why Valentino had such a bad year?

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Oct 11

Posts: 617

revnev7 says:


       Honesty......Truth.....Reality.....Fact`s.....NOT,Lie`s.....Stories.....Dream`s.....Myth`s.Hype seem`s the main drug used by a fair few on here.You really do clutch at straw`s,cherry pick fACT`S to suit your twisted idea of what is REAL. Popularity,a modern version of Bullshit, aka Rooney,Big-brother,X factor and you know who.If in 2013,we find all rider`s on CRT bike`s,{ which seem`s more and more likely },then no-one will be able to blame the fu**ing bike,for their rider`s inadequacies.Bit like F1 going to formua ford,level playing field,but effin boring,just the same.Anyway,not long now till playtime.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Spent the last month roaming around NZ - sailing on the Hauraki Gulf & faffing about in the alpine bush until foul, torrentially wet Kiwi summer weather suggested we may well be washed right out into the valleys & flats. Missed all the fun here on MCN but decided to contribute by quoting from NZ bike magazine Motorcycle Trader and Terry Stevenson’s interview with the 2007 & 2012 MotoGP Champion:

Q: “What do you think is the reason everybody else struggles on the Ducati?”

Casey Stoner’s answer: “In some ways I think one big reason is because people saw what I was doing with it and expected it to be better. People seem to have trouble understanding why I am fast and they find no reason for it other than the bike. So they get on the bike immediately expecting it to be good. But when they get there, they are shocked, it mentally destroys them for a while and they can’t recover themselves and get back onto it.
I think another reason is that they are just slightly scared of it: when a thing isn’t reacting the way they want it to, they don’t like it and, maybe they want the bike to change and they don’t change themselves enough. Sometimes you have to change yourself, not the bike.”

Q: “Do you think that is Casey Stoner’s secret? You could read the bike at that circuit?”

A: “One of my biggest strengths is that I do adapt to the bike and the conditions more than other people do. Others try to adapt the bike to the conditions, and I think this is where they make mistakes ...”

So, any prizes for guessing just WHO he is primarily talking about? 6 x chassis iterations for no result = failure on failure and even more failure with the record speaking volumes for itself ... I don’t and never have “hated” Rossi - but he sure has burned so many friendships and very definitely dug a super- deep hole for himself with his mouth to try and extricate back out from when it came to Stoner and the Ducati. In this regard he was aided & abetted by Jerry Burgess too.

Hubris has a habit of biting sufferers of the malaise on the arse sooner or later. Anyone with intelligence, maturity & experience can understand why Stoner is a tad triumphal & sarcastic after years of abuse, put-downs and a demonstrable failure by some alleged “fans” and even some in the bike media in recognising his towering talent. Ignore the demented dribbling of the reality deniers and put your money on him again for 2012. When it is all over – just as at the close of 2011 – I will be the first to say, “I told you so!” Cheers

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

5000 posts later and still nothing new or interesting...

Weather is nicer today than it was yesterday eh...

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