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Peter Henshaw  says:

Track diesel comes of age

The latest version of the diesel-powered Track T800CDi is on test in MCN next week and if 80mpg and 16,000-mile service intervals sounds your sort of bike, it’s worth a look. Until now, diesel bikes have been single-cylinder plodders, military specials or home-brewed one-offs, but the Track is powered by an 800cc turbocharged triple, with CVT (continuously variable transmission) and shaft...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (23 December 2011 12:05)

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Mar 06

Posts: 3

bjacobs571 says:

diesel bike

I have done a quick comparison of the diesel bike vs a typical japanese commuter bike a kawasaki Er 6n. the ER 6n costs about £5000 pumps out 68Hp and does 50mpg. you would have to do 250,000 miles before the chaper running costs (fuel) offsets the £11,000 differance in costs. What planet are the manufacuurers living on. Are they having to buy a smart car and throw everything away apart from the engine?. The smart car is a mass produced car they should be getting the economy of scale so the engine should not cost much more than the kawasaki unit. If the bike was about £7000 I think it would sell well, at over twice that its a joke .

PS. I looked on ebay for smart car engines and there seem to be a lot of blown up smart car engines there.

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Aug 02

Posts: 4

chobbler says:

MCN tested this about two and a half years ago and nothing's changed. Where's the story other than it's gone up another grand?

There are other diesel bikes out there maybe more competetive. MCN why not get off your butts and show us the others!!!

Looking forward to the "chip fat flyers" article, LOL.

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Dec 11

Posts: 2

millbrookman says:



this really isn't the same bike that was tested by MCN over two years ago - and as such I think this is a story.  It's also a story because this really is the first viable production bike - two years ago it wasnt in production - it is now and it seems it may even be built in the UK next year. I recon that's a story too! 

It's interesting reading all the comments on here - being the only one - as far as I can see it - who has actually ridden this bike! Like I said - you gotta ride it! I get it that lots of people don't like the idea - that's fine!  They wont be buying one - no doubt.  But I think it's a bit sad that bikers can't see that this is a leap forward in terms of what we have on offer from the industry.  I would never buy a  Beamer - for all sorts of reasons - but I'd also not slag BMW off without having actually ridden one. In fact - though I don't like them - or the company - I'm glad they're out there - adding diversity to our world!  I'm happy that some folks luv em! 

As for diesels - of course some people feel they threaten bikes and the future of bikes (one chap even says he 'hopes the project fails'!!! - how unbelievably negative and destructive is that??!)! THEY DON'T threaten anything! They just add diversity.  No doubt the TRACK - which is already pretty damn good I reckon - will evolve further - get even better.  I think the bike and the company are really on to something big - and I applaud them for having the b*lls to do it.

Fifteen years ago - people laughed at and slagged off diesel cars.... Then diesel cars started doing stuff like... winning at Le Mans! Oh how attitudes have changed!  I remember Clarkson saying he'd NEVER own a diesel.  Guess what - he does now! I think others will follow in TRACK's... tracks. I think in the future there will be a raft of really viable bikes that run on diesel. That cannot - in any way - be a bad thing. If you wanna stick to petrol - fill ya boots. But if you want something different - then at least we now have the option! 


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Sep 09

Posts: 898

Rogerborg says:

They're not serious

A BMW G650GS claims 88mpg on unleaded, while making the same power.  The main difference is that you can buy THREE of the BMWs for the price of one of these.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Fantastic idea

I like the idea of the diesel motorcycle I would love to buy one, however the only thing that puts me off is the price, I like the look of it, I like the idea of it, and I like the idea of increasing the range on the bike per galon.


One thing i'm disapointed with is the estimated miles per galon only 80 surely it should be 180 mpg which would make more sense.


I don't mind the low bhp hell my doovy only has 65 bhp and i'm happy with that, but if it is only going to have such a low bhp it must have a much higher mpg.


Over all this is very encouraging and I hope they sourt out the issues especially the price and mpg do this and I suspect they will be on to a winner and a huge success.


I'll keep a look out for this one if they can get there before the electric bikes do.


Good luck to them.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

BertT800CDI says:

Daily use Track T800 CDI

After various bikes ( latest a Guzzi SPIII for 15 years ) my Track T800 CDI was delivered in august 2011.

After 5 months I have 7700 km. ( 4774 miles ) on the clock which is an average of what I drove on the Guzz in 5 years!

Driving this bike is so much fun that I'm thinking to modify my helmet to make rome to accomodate my smile.

Yes, top speed is not exactly that of a 160+ miles/hr bike, yes at low speed it sounds like a modern tractor, but when commuting it's a very easy to ride bike with an average of 65 to 75 miles/gallon actual consumption.

With the Guzz ( good bike though ) split between car/bike milage was 23/1, with the Track it's 50/50 just for the simple reason of the shear fun of this bike!!



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