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Steve Farrell  says:

Five cleared over ride-out deaths

Five motorcyclists controversially charged with causing the death by careless driving of a couple who collided with a car have been cleared. Paul Wheater, 29, Ian Townson, 31, Michael Paul Hannon, 26, David Hastings, 27, and Dax Lerman, 28, were cleared by a judge after the prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence. They had been charged with causing the deaths by...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 January 2012 15:18)

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

Heavy Handed

If the investigation of the alleged offences was thorough and comprehensive, but still failed to provide sufficient evidence for a prosecution, then how could it possibly be either fair or necessary?

And dawn raids on the "defendants". WTF? How can that possibly be justified? And who's paying for this big waste of time and resources?


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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Yes exactly,

Another example of the 'Big Brother Police State' that the UK has become

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Oct 08

Posts: 47

No safety in numbers.

The police methods may have been questionable, but sadly there are so many biker deaths on Yorkshire's roads, that you can't blame them for clutching at straws in cases like this. The apparent reason for the prosecution was that the bikers were thought to have been racing, which would make them jointly responsible, but this has since been dismissed.

However, even if they weren't racing, I suspect 'group riding' may have been to blame. I frequently see the tail-ender of a group of riders pull a stupidly late overtake, or filter where it's not safe, just so as not to get left behind. Call me miserable, but I hate group ride-outs or getting tangled up with other bikers when I'm out. Makes it hard to act on my own instincts.

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Dec 10

Posts: 243

blue200tdi says:

A couple of years ago, an old man was beaten nearly to death by three yobs in broad daylight near my home, the attack was even caught on CCTV, clearly identifying the yobs responsible who were well known to the police. The Crown Prosecution Service refused to send the case to trial due to lack of evidence!

So here is another case of heavy handed, over the top policing of innocent motorists. The effect of this arrest on these people can be catostrophic in terms of employment and other areas of their lives. If that were me, the police would be sued from here to the south pole and back!!

I don't know the actual facts of this case, but dawn raids? Obviously the police tactical team were a bit bored of tackling drug dealers and armed robbers that day!

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May 05

Posts: 36

bikerred says:

Dawn Raids

Be nice if they put as much effort into catching real villans.

Large groupes not always good, all depends on your experience I suppose. Being tail end charlie not the place for a novice, but was that the case here?

I consider myself an average rider with reasonably quick reactions, but there are an awful lot out there of folk out there that make me cringe when Isee their riding style.

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:

Dawn raids!!!

Looks like they were lucky the "police" didn't shoot them, mistaking them for terrorists!! What sort of "police state" are we living in now? It's ok to rob, steal and do whatever you want but, apparently, ride a bike or do anything that gives you or may give you  enjoyment! Ciao

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


forgot to say R.I.P. Dean and Helen. Sounds like it was a most  unfortunate accident that happened to claim their lives. Very sad. I guess that they are together now in the after live as they were in this one.

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Feb 10

Posts: 199

wesley01 says:


I do not know all the circumstances of this case but my word!! give me a break, how many lunatic car drivers causing major devastation and harm have escaped the so called dangerous driving??

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Aug 02

Posts: 1

hondarob says:


Rip to Dean and helen.I heard about the accident on the day it happend its only about 5 miles from squires coffee bar at sherburn nr leeds.2 years before this again 5 miles from squires a mate of mine got killed on his bike all 7 of us who was with him got our bikes taken off us for 1 week for forensic tests to see if mick had hit any of us (He haddent).So 1 week later we all go for our bikes 3 was damaged getting recovered from the crash site and no forensic tests had been done The damage was paid for after a while.Anyway back to today in march last year i got pulled for speeding on the a64 near to the crash site.The cop who got me told me they were all arrested at dawn and a big clamp down on bikes in this area he also told me they were looking at bike web sites for rideouts so they could target the bikers btw i was doing 97 on a 70 road it cost me £310 and 5 points

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Jan 05

Posts: 162

nigel100 says:

po lice loonies

once again the fuzz are doing their level best to keep themselves detested by the public , once again they are doing their level best to stop the public from enjoying themselves, when will this lunacy be stopped?

on a more serious note it is sad to see someone killed like this but they just may have easily be run over by a drunk car driver while walking on the p[avement and would the fuzz have given a shit? not likely they would have spanked his knees and sent him on his way. but if you are a biker well that is different you are immediatly seen as anti social , a hells angle that murders old ladies in their beds, i am surprised that those charged with homeland protection havent rounded us all up and transported us all to the antipodies.

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