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Steve Farrell  says:

Hi-vis gear compulsory in France from next year

Motorcyclists in France face compulsory high visibility clothing from next year. The French government is pushing ahead with plans for compulsory hi-vis riding gear despite protests. From January 1 2013, riders of bikes over 125cc will have to wear a reflective item of clothing under the French version of the Highway Code. The reflective area must be on the upper body...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (09 January 2012 09:10)

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Mar 09

Posts: 78

wobblybiker says:

reflective item of clothing

"From January 1 2013, riders of bikes over 125cc will have to wear a reflective item of clothing under the French version of the Highway Code. "


Is there any mention of what percentage of the clothing has to be reflective?  Most riding gear has some reflective strips on them and if this is adequate to cover for the new regulation then it changes very little.

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Mar 10

Posts: 35


agreed - my leather jacket has high vis strips on it that mean I can't have a photo taken of it in with flash... surely that is high vis?

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Mar 09

Posts: 8894

jaffa90 says:

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Aug 02

Posts: 545

Hi Viz

If the majority of Motorcyclists ignore the ruling what can the French govt do, they couldn't proscecute everyone who ignored the ruling.

I'll not be wearing one over here if the law comes in ... i'll find some Human Rights law i could quote i'm sure if i looked hard enough.

The trouble with Hi Viz being law is once everyone is wearing it then after a time it's the norm so car drivers etc will still not see us.  

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


Myopic, careless & don't give a shit drivers kill & injure us - but the "official" verdict (from officials) is that it is OUR entire fault - again, or - still. Trumpet Triple has got a good point too ...

And here we go again - this pre-supposes that drivers are more loathe to kill & or injure anyone riding a machine with a capacity under 125cc? WTF? We all know it is just as easy (even easier, in point of fact) to get creamed riding a small capacity bike, bereft of the acceleration to squeak away from danger. And I have personally witnessed bigger numbers of lunatics on scooters than I have ever seen on proper motorcycles, so - what sort of bullshit and anti-motorcycle rationale is that?

I have thought for very many years that Legislators should ride a motorcycle on public highways for at least 24 months before they are given the right to "assume" what is best for us motorcyclists and to actually experience for themselves what happens in the "real World" before lunging-in and making stupid knee-jerk decisions such as this.

One of the reasons I got to be so old & ugly is that I believe very strongly in Primary Safety and "being seen". Part of that defensive stance is wearing bright or contrasting & easily visible colours to go with and augment headlights that are hard-wired ON here in Australia. Still plenty of close shaves and moments - despite all these “visual aids” all know the story here, eh? Sorry, mate - I didn't see you. Yeah -right - because you didn't even effing LOOK !

Having said all that - there shouldn't be Legislation punishing us and involving higher costs to bikers when we are so vulnerable and NOT the problem here. IMHO - anyone who doesn't wear gloves, joint, feet & leg protection and a full-face helmet is a fool and Legislation forcing this latter one was acceptable for those intent on exercising their right to die or ruin their and their family's life via a head injury. But this is something else and a very large, almost Fascist step too far.

It is unacceptable and draconian and should be resisted with all our might and will. Cheers

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Jul 08

Posts: 30

Although I agree that this is yet another useless law that doesn't hit the problem of myopic car drivers. Have to say that 150cm squared amounts to a small portion of a belt. Or, how about a Hi-Viz Buff where most of it is tucked down your jacket? How we get around it depends, of course, on how the law is actually written but get around it we will.

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

all i say is just cut france out of your hol plans there plenty of nice roads to the left and right of france

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Apr 07

Posts: 156

AFKAN says:

For the love of God!!!!

Got to agree with TrumpetTriple...

"The trouble with Hi Viz being law is once everyone is wearing it then after a time it's the norm so car drivers etc will still not see us."  It's a classic case of familiarity breeds contempt.

What use is high vis if you're wearing a ruck sack???

Yet another ill informed and poorly thought out piece of discriminatory shite :-|

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Oct 09

Posts: 222

ruxxy says:

Le Bollox

I wear hi vis because I choose to, not because anyone says I have to. I may not agree with your opinion, but will defend to the hilt your right to it. I'm surprised that with the French attitude to government pushing them around, the local authority buildings haven't been blockaded and Old Madam Guilatine wheeled out of retirement. And please, can we just get car drivers to fucking look. It's not hard, they all have two eyes with most of them facing forward. Just bloody use them.

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Aug 03

Posts: 55

DaveyM says:

This is so easy for me, I hate France, if we've ever had problems touring abroad itz been in France. If I can get out of Calais without being knobbled I'll just turn left into Belgium. As usual those in power decide policy against those who know what it will mean, I feel sorry for those that will go out of business because of a lack of motorcycle tourists. I've a feeling their riders will not take it lying down and go against it anyway I'll go to the rest of europe instead

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