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Matthew Birt  says:

New 1000s not a throwback to 2006, warns Nicky Hayden

Nicky Hayden has warned fans not to expect a throwback to the spectacular racing and tyre smoking slides of the 990cc MotoGP era when the new 1000cc world championship gets underway in Qatar on April 8. The last time MotoGP raced close to a 1000cc capacity was in 2006 when Hayden triumphed in a dramatic last round title shootout with current...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 January 2012 13:43)

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

And Milky One ?

Wat the hell are you talking about,Milky ? GPS and CPU and FU.

Have a great 2012 .

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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:


If it's timed on a closed circuit under the GP banner it's a race end of. If you view from the half full angle you see the bikes are capable of those speeds and times despite only having 21 litres to play with. As a purist I don't ever recall a halcyon time with 6 riders having a fair enough shout pre-season hypothetically, apart from now. The arms race continues regardless of the constraints of the chequebooks or new rules and part of the race is having a chequebook to use in the first place.

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Loosen the rules then

If the rules were loosened to allow the tech that we can actually buy off the showroom floor, the bikes would be more efficient and could posssibly make it to the end of the race under full power, rather than being an eco race.  Variable valve timing, variable intakes and exhaust, EGR valves.  Someday, even variable compression and direct injection could be employed.  You could improve power, fuel economy and emissions.

What's bothered me in this era is the inclusion of some and exclusion of other technologies (that we can buy)  that defies logic.  Allow TC but ban electronic suspension.  Allow carbon-carbon brakes but ban CF wheels and ABS.  Ban anything other than telescoping forks and single setting hydraulic dampers.

It's disappointing when we can buy things off the showroom floor that are mechanically suprior to what's allowed in GP (barring unobtanium materials.)

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:


No you didn't.  His mom was with me.  You must've gotten the dad.  Might want to turn on the lights next time.  :D

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

How about the gas

I think one of the main reasons it wont be like it was in the 990s era is the fact there will just not be the fuel to use. 1000cc may give you the chance of increasing power easily but the 800s were running knife edge fuel economy/range these 1000s may just be easier to ride. Wheel spinning is easy to produce with a lot of torque but it wont be good for economy. I really am glad to see the back of the highly strung 800s and thought the whole idea of safety to go to use in the first place was highly suspect on Honda's behalf and did nothing for the great show that were the 990s. 

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Jul 11

Posts: 258

Ocdcbr says:

Hope he's wrong!

We are all looking forward to a season of exciting racing!! The 990's were awesome to watch. The 800's have been too at times, but if it all just comes down to the electronics package what chance have we got?!

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Ta, again Benny H ...

Thanks for the Moto3 info – those times are impressive – especially so when one considers that I posted some months back Rossi’s old 125cc Class winning Aprilia was capable of 157 mph. Some seemed tres surprised – maybe the kiddies here on MCN never viewed anything outside the Senior GP Class as either FAST or even “proper” racing machines ...

Don’t want to depress you - but the cost thing is pretty-much “same as it ever was”. EG: the much-vaunted new for 2012 & allegedly “cheaper” CRT/MotoGP Class: – just a single WSBK spec Aprilia engine will set you back 500,000 Euros, how much BMW might charge is unknown as yet. Add whatever chassis you are going to bung the thing in, (NB: get eye-watering quotes from FTR, Suter, Moriwaki or Kalex etc) - then add 100,000 Euro for TC & fuel management systems software & another 100,000 Euro for the hardware. Of course, then you’ll need 2 x electronic ‘Techs -estimated @ 80,000 each! Getting the picture...?

Then budget on flying about the World AND hotel & associated catering & (+ in Europe –transporter/staff) incidental costs. Scary, eh? A Million Pounds Sterling might cover it all. At least Moto 2 and Moto 3 are more affordable & realistic, albeit - still bloody pricey!
In the old 250cc Class, it got to the stage, because of a lack of factory competition & numbers & choice, about 1 Million Euro’s to lease a factory-spec works machine. Motorcycle racing at peak Championship level – if one is serious about it – is horrendously expensive & only the deeply committed need apply.

So, this Spanish dolt, Carmello Ezpeleta is doing his damnedest to “dumb-down” the Premier Class into some sort of latter day TTF1 – a flashier & shinier version of WSBK (which is fine as is, thanks), present it as the uber- peak in engineering expertise, wrest control from the factories & the MMSA & make it a gladiatorial contest for the lowest common denominator & tech- moron fan. Pity we are returning to the bad, old days of half the field being lapped fairly post-haste after the start! Backmarkers - Casey Stoner head guards, mouth guards & boxing gloves – BIG discounts sale on now!

This is ALL about money – Dorna money – note the number of GP’s in Spain or immediately adjacent? We are rapidly morphing Moto GP into the Spanish and, oh a few other places, World Championship. Had my whinge – happy now. Cheers

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Sep 11

Posts: 2289

YamahaGYTR says:


The 800's have been too at times

Only races what have been exciting in that era Laguna Seca 2008 Rossi v Stoner battle and Caralunya 2009 also add Aragon 2010 Spies v Dovi battle and finally that tussle between Rossi and Lorenzo at Motegi in 2010 for 3rd place other then that the races have been boring IMO.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

148mph. That's what Sergio Gadea did on the Mugello straight this year in warmup .. with the help of a slipstream. So of course, for a 125 over 10 years old to have done 157mph is pretty damn impressive.

Your probably right though aquarius, with whatever point you were trying to prove.

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Nov 10

Posts: 21

FalcoSL says:

Those of us that hoped that the capacity change would breathe some life into this class are probably going to be disappionted.

I'm not a dyed in the wool Rossi fan, but unless he and the Ducati come out swinging in 2012, there's every chance this class is on its last legs. Moto2 and Moto3 will be the reason to tune in, but that's not enough.

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