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Steve Farrell  says:

France bans sat navs with speed camera warnings

Sat navs and smart phones which warn of speed camera locations have been banned in France. Offenders face a fine of €1500 (£1237). Sat nav manufacturers are advising customers to switch off the speed camera warning function while in France. The ban, introduced on January 4, has been branded unenforceable by critics who say police will not be able to...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 January 2012 10:30)

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Mar 10

Posts: 159


at least this isn't bike specific....

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Aug 02

Posts: 67

BusaBeater says:

Having been a regular visitor to France on the bike over the last several years, I always thought the French attitude to speeding was OK - speed camera's were huge great things in a reflective covering, with warning signs a couple of hundred metres before you reached one.


Now, the camera's themselves are tiny obscure things - about a metre tall, 10cm square and grey. All the warning signs are to be taken down (as I understand). Seems the French government has realised how much revenue they're missing out on.


BTW. Up to now, in the EU, it's only been illegal in Switzerland to use a device which is enabled to warn of speed camera locations

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Aug 10

Posts: 20

andywhit says:

France bans sat navs with speed camera warnings

I have previously posted a rant on high-vis requirements in France, and I would like to repeat what I said then: "Don't have your biking holiday in France. We were planning on going to France this year, 2012. Not now, we are now planning to go to the Netherlands and Germany. Tourism is a big business in France. Can any country / government, however stupid, afford to loose jobs in the present economic climate?" I would like to point out I am not anti-French. If I was would i have holidayed there? I am pro-biker, all nationalities, all bike types, and we need to fight for our rights!

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Jan 09

Posts: 61

tinktonk says:

Strange logic...

...unless they're lying about the purpose of speed cameras (they couldn't be?). Speed cameras are supposedly positioned to ensure that areas with high accident rates are made safer by restricting speed. So the main purpose is to increase safety. Fine. This works when there are signs & bright yellow cameras so we know it's a dangerous area. So we're careful. The government response to people being careful? Hide the camera so no-one knows to be careful anymore. So, what do we do? Buy gadgets that tell us we're coming to a dangerous area because the road signs have been removed. The government response to us trying to be safe? Ban the single thing that can advise us that it's a dangerous area. Oh yes, that makes perfect sense. Another fantastic piece of government logic.

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Dec 05

Posts: 24

bob9t9 says:

Picture the scene

I can see how this will go: Policeman - "Your zatnav iz telling you where the cameras arr." Me - "No it isn't." Policeman - "Prove it." Me - "I can't without riding along and showing you." Policeman - "OK so you get ze fine." Well done France! It seams that the inept policing from the UK has made it over the channel. Remember when it comes to speeding - Guilty until proven innocent - then stuck on anyway!.

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Jan 12

Posts: 3

wellsjj says:

Massive fine if caught!

I now hate driving in France, it used to be nice. Anyway about 4 years back going to the south of France, almost half way and just switched drivers .... they nipped it up to just over a ton (ignoring my warning) and a scooby police car nabbed us on a toll road - plus the laser detector didn't even go off.! Anyway he pulled us over and without any ballsh!t said you were speeding you will be fined 90 euros (at the time). He also reached in a said these are illegal (I wasn't aware of this) and this will be confiscated you will also be fined, making me remove the wiring to the laser detector. Luckily my GPS camera detector wasn't switched on, not that it covers France otherwise same again. We had to follow him to the local police station whereby a figure was picked out of the sky (as nothing was in black and white) 500 euros fine for the illegal device, and possible court attendance (which luckily they didn't issue us with). Had to pay it in cash, so they drove us to the nearest cash point (I made sure I got a receipt!) - it probably went straight into their back pockets!! So £500 pounds of spending money gone in the first day, oh what a lovely start to the holiday.

You've been warned - I guess the same fine could be dreamed up for your Satnav's!

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Sep 05

Posts: 3

France bans sat navs with speed warnings

I have not been to France since 1994.  I am in no hurry to return.  I do not drink their wine, eat their cheese or drive their cars.

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Jul 07

Posts: 41

PingCrosby says:

I vill zey zis only vonce..

Only ever been to France once, about 35 years ago and that was enough, couldn't wait to leave. And Belgium was worse, dirty horrible place full of horrible, nasty ignorant people. Never ever wanted to join the Common Market, and now look at us, ruled over by these ignoramasous with their stupid logic and pathetic rules.

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Aug 10

Posts: 57

sar02 says:


I travel through France on a regular basis on my way to Germany. The French have large signs warning of cameras and if you keep your eyes open they are easy to see in the central reservation, unlike the UK there is normaly only one camera between signs, if you watch the locals they all slow,as in UK, when approaching a camera then speed up afterwards.  With the current anti British feeling among the French authorities because of the Euro they may be watching UK registered vehicles more carefully so watch out !!.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

Stroggy says:


lets hope this affects the French economy because of people avoiding going anywhere near the place with such Draconian views being taken by the powermongers There are alternative ways to get to the rest of Europe with bothering them!!

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