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Doug Hyem  says:

147mph driver escapes jail... No surprises there then

A police sergeant who caught a pensioner driving a luxury car at 147mph on a bypass has described the incident as "the worst case of excessive speed I have ever seen in 26 years of policing". Company director Owen Swift, 68, was clocked travelling at more than twice the speed limit in his Jaguar XKR on the Malton bypass, in North...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 January 2012 11:02)

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Oct 09

Posts: 195

TinkerNZ says:

I just knew it......

Even before i read the article i knew the guy would be a 'company director'.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

adsteventon says:

And to think, this guy got 6 months in prison

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Nov 11

Posts: 109


Lets be realistic for a moment a man in of nearly 70 speeding is not going to go to prison, if a young man mugs an old woman, steals a car, no licence insurance, gets chased by the police, speeds through rush hour traffic, crashes car resists arrest while intoxicated he will still not go to jail. I don't know what possesed him to do nearly 150mph but his punishment should be limited to his ability to drive and financial for example a 5 year ban a retest and a £2000 fine maybe. For any one who has ever been to prison will tell you it's not a place for a pensioner. We are bombarded with the notion that speeding owning a car bike is akin to being the anti Christ but the main problem any rider will tell you about car drivers is lack of attention to what they are actually doing. Speeds not all bad if it was why would we ride motorcycles.     

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

As someone who gets to scrape the mess up after twats like this get it wrong, fukkim - he should be banned for life and put inside for a couple of months. Age has nothing to do with it - he made a conscious decision to speed, then lied in an effort to get off. If he killed a member of YOUR family, would you be quite so forgiving? I wonder......

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

OK so now he's a murderer

Well he did'nt kill anyone did he! if he had killed someone that would be a different matter but he did'nt. I don't condone his actions but look at the world around you at burglars, muggers, violent offenders, gun crime, drugs, career criminals, sick perverts and rapists and you think the main problem is an old man who did something stupid. My point is that real crime is happening that destroys lives on purpose for financial gain or for kicks and the Police do nothing about it and even if they could they get next to no time or any real punishment. A local pensioner and his wife I know was battered and knifed for £18 they caught the man at the scene and through lack of evidence let him go he then went and stabbed a priest at a Sikh temple he got 6 months suspended sentence and community service. Problem is if a biker got caught doing 150mph and he got prison time there would be uproar.    

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Jul 08

Posts: 46

stormrider66 says:

Remember the two bikers not long back who both served 6 month jail terms after being cought doing 120mph. Maybe they should have gone faster, maybe they would have been let off with these jail terms.

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Oct 11

Posts: 87

Biker Jailed

This poor biker (Dave Saxby) from Hull was jailed for 12 months for doing 139mph along country roads.

The policeman followed him on an unmarked Hayabusa while operating cameras and talking on the radio.

If anything the policeman should have been locked up.

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Dec 10

Posts: 243

blue200tdi says:

I was caught a few years ago doing 50MPH in a 30 limit in a van, no houses, just a crossroads in the middle of no where, I got six points, a £500 fine and £300 costs. I'm sick to death of the yobs who get away with stealing cars, beating people up and still getting a slap on the wrist for committing their 120th offence!!

No he isn't a murderer, but he could have been at those speeds, the point is, why isn't the court system fair and give out the same punishment as the next man, woman and child for similar offences? As has been mentioned, if he had been on a bike, he'd have been jailed and banned for years.

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:


Its outstanding,, age is and should not be part of the decision making tool, Do the crime serve the time, Lie we all know if this was on a bike Jeeeeez , we would be sent down,
Crime like muggings, burglary, theft, etc. seem to have less judicial consequences, Motor crime on the other hand is easy to prove, cameras /none marked cop cars and now bikes, EASY MONEY! But I guess it will never change…

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


Laws for them in the know...

There's a saying in a certain famous well known book `Clothes do not maketh the man'. Well,they shouldn't but in cases of corruption in this crass society,it would appear they do. If this had been an unemployed person or indeed anyone from what them in higher echelons class as SCUM:shock:,they would have been jailed,(although,there again,there has been court cases of so called yobs been let off with community orders:mad:)t but, because this man was a COMPANY DIRECTOR,drives a JAG was probably suited and booted by Saville row,no doubt,and could afford the best brief,the judge took one look and thought RESPECTABLE elder gentleman,letting off steam. Laws for them-laws for us it seems. It won't change until the MASS PUBLIC wake up and do something about it.:wacko:

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