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Steve Farrell  says:

Details of new licence regime confirmed

Details of a new motorcycle licence regime to be implemented next year have been confirmed by the Driving Standards Agency.  The new rules will limit all riders under 19 to 125cc machines and under-21s to 47bhp. Those aged 17-19 will only be able to gain a licence for a machine up to 125cc and 15bhp by taking a test on a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 January 2012 17:30)

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Nov 08

Posts: 109

smilo996 says:

What is the objective of changing the current system? Mae it more difficult to gain a license or reduce the number of people killed between the ages of 17 and 24?

On a bike you will likely only injure or kill yourself. In a car you can injure or kill yourself and others.

Yet as the previous person said how about restricting the size and power of a learners car. In principle you can learn to drive in anything. Once you have passed your test go an purchase a Ferrari and

Additionally there is still no part of the test for night driving (more accidents at dusk than anyother time), driving at night, on motorways, etc. No skid pan training as in other countries with wet roads. I would have though educating and training drivers was much more important than restricting and making it more difficult to obtain a license.

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Aug 11

Posts: 508


125's may do the speed limit...

But they aren't happy doing it.

 eg.  CBR 125 down a motorway is the worst experience I've ever had on a bike - that includes crashing the poor thing on diesel, and highsiding a scooter. Lane 1, if there is anything in lane 2, don't overtake the truck, if you do, time it so that you can slipstream a passing car, so that it doesn't become a case of die of old age after getting halfway past.

The old 250cc law was better.


Piglet - exactly, making that law would backfire sooo quick they wouldn't belive. Even proposing it would lose votes.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

tossers it's interfering like this, freedom stripping laws, that me and fiance are emigrating, it is disgusting they can just swan in any laws like this that strip away your freedom and cash

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Jun 10

Posts: 10

koko46 says:

Current Riders?

Ok. i am 22 and i already have a Direct Access License. I have been riding my 600 supersports for over an year. Does this mean that now i won't be able to ride it or is the law only valid for those obtaining the license after the law is introduced?

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Aug 11

Posts: 508



You keep your licence - you have a full one already.

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Jan 09

Posts: 35

trogan4 says:

My daughter (17) for one & my son (15) wont be able to afford the price increase and will just keep renewing her CBT! She needs her bike for work part time and can bearly make ends meet without me now! In this climate i can see lotsof poeple walking everywhere soon better for us I supose then again dads taxi will get a hammering!

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Mar 11

Posts: 18

gravelrashjr says:

Riddle Me This...

So if a 19yr old got his restricted bike test tomorrow, would he have to take another test or just wait out the restriction like we currently do? And why so many tests? Why can't it simply be pass your CBT in a day, then next day do a something similar to the CBT but on a 50bhp machine? This whole new regime is just not making sense and it IS difficult to explain to customers (I work in a dealership). If this new regime is cut down on either price (by a significant amount - its at least £400 to pass depending on how you go about it) or by cutting the number of tests/hours involved. But oh well, what do we know in the eyes of the government, eh?

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Nov 10

Posts: 23

there is nothing wrong in trying to reduce death and injury, but surely this is simple discrimination against a minority.

Why not the same rules for car drivers, ie max 1000cc car, then a further test and a 1300cc car, then a further test for any size engine. At 24 you could go straight to the any size engine test.

Er yer but that will cost votes.

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Oct 11

Posts: 157

Lil125Guy says:

For me

I have a CBT at the moment, if I do the A2 test this year then will I be treated under the old regs so after 2 years I can still ride any or will I have to do more stupid tests?

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

Jake91 says:

Hardly a step up from 125cc

What the heck is the point of a 17 yr old doing their test? just to take off their L plates?! The 17-19 license should be for up to 33bhp and 250cc!! They've just killed the market for 250s

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