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Steve Farrell  says:

Details of new licence regime confirmed

Details of a new motorcycle licence regime to be implemented next year have been confirmed by the Driving Standards Agency.  The new rules will limit all riders under 19 to 125cc machines and under-21s to 47bhp. Those aged 17-19 will only be able to gain a licence for a machine up to 125cc and 15bhp by taking a test on a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 January 2012 17:30)

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Mar 09

Posts: 11

ThePhantom says:

they are making it so only die hard bike fans will bother with the whole process,the biggest problem with bikes is theft.

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May 04

Posts: 23

madproffesor says:

MCN needs to start a campaign or a rumor for staged testing for car drivers. Base it on a way of improving road safety, get it some air time and see how quickly the press pick it up and the reaction to it. Then use the negative press it generates to fight for sensible testing for Bikes. I have been a bike instructor since 1988 and seen the numbers continually drop since 1990 and the start of CBT. get the Hammond on board to drop something on air during Top Gear after all Clarkson can say anything he wants.

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Jul 08

Posts: 46

stormrider66 says:

So nothing to stop a 17 year old passing his driving test and if they had the money to do so, buy any car of any size and power.

Again, one rule for one and one for another.


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Mar 10

Posts: 2

I wonder if they'd ever think of doing such a nasty under handed,pointless,expensive regime to a car license.

Pass your simplier car test and as long as you can pay insurance you can buy and drive any can/van.

When this rated licence goes ahead for bikes, will such a thing happen with cars? I doublt it.

So a young driver upto say 20 will be restricted to 60hp or a set power to weight then retest after this to say 80 or so till about 24years old  then 120hp max etc

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Oct 11

Posts: 2635

Piglet2010 says:

Better Solution

The law should be to protect the innocent, not people from themselves. Let almost anyone get on a motorcycle, but require the training and testing before having a pillion is allowed.

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Feb 06

Posts: 36

yaxireaper says:


They just can't fuckin leave it alone can they,I agree with styles9scratcher if they did this to car drivers , the press and public would be beating down the door to no 10.I wonder if there is a case for age discrimination too ?.RIP the bike industry

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Jan 12

Posts: 2

walkey1990 says:

Age Confusion

What about us riders that are Over 21 but under 24? Best try and get my test passed before this new ruling comes into play to save confusion!

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


Let's see. It's ok to pass one test at 17 and buy a Ferrari or Porsche with 400bhp where the likliehood is that if you have a big accident not only are you going to kill yourself and any passengers but also some others in another vehicle, but, if you want to buy a bike, where the likliehood is, that if you have an accident the only person you are liable to damage is yourself, with more more than 19bhp up to 47bhp you have to wait 2 years after passing your 1st test at 17 and then wait another 2 years and  sit a further test to buy something with more than 47bhp! Surely this can't be right?? How can they get away with this?This is blatant discrimination!! Looks like a case for the European Commision of Human Rights!!! There has got to be the same rules for everyone. I'm all in favour of training and progression but this is blatantly unfair and unjust and has, as has been pointed out, tragic for biking and bike sales in Britain. Are these proposed changes going to apply in Europe also or only in Britain? I think the DSA are trying it on just to see what they can get away with. Something has to be done to stop this now before it starts and if not it's the 1st steps to something worse!! You can bet on it!!


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Feb 09

Posts: 515

This is one almighty complicated piece of beauracracy, no doubt inspired by Brussels. As is quite rightly pointed out, car drivers are not subjected to the same level of control by law, more by the depth of their wallet. How about a graduated licence system for car drivers, with a test at each incremental step to test not only ability, but also attitude and identification of risk factors? Most riders are aware of the risks they face on a daily basis, but car drivers, with their numerous aids and enhancements to the car's handling/braking etc. have no idea how to actually DRIVE. They become isolated from the world by a cocoon of safety aids, in car entertainment, climate control - the list is endless.

Perhaps we, as a nation, need to distance ourselves from the EU and their nannying ways - after all, we helped liberate most of them from various invaders over the years. Now, they are invading us under the cloak of shared legislation. Personally, I think they should fuck off and leave us alone.

We don't need Europe.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

Fury at EU discriminaton

This is the biggest load of bureaucratic bullshit I have ever heard. why change the law from an already flawed one to an even more flawed and costly system for riders and the bike industry??? This will KILL the already dying biking world. A better solution would be to limit the power restrictions to experience and do away with direct access as many people can legally ride any bike but are unfit to do so, they would be far better off making the testing far more through, night time and motorway riding for example. Also if we are to be subject to such stringent licencing laws then the same should be so for cars, as it stands if I had the money I could go out pass my test and drive a 5.5L Mercedes, or any other sports/hyper car. We need out of the EU we are becoming their bitch, how did we go from having an empire that covers 3/4 of the globe to this?? Many people want out off the EU if the government wants votes and more power to them then that would be the best option. Rant over.

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