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Steve Farrell  says:

Details of new licence regime confirmed

Details of a new motorcycle licence regime to be implemented next year have been confirmed by the Driving Standards Agency.  The new rules will limit all riders under 19 to 125cc machines and under-21s to 47bhp. Those aged 17-19 will only be able to gain a licence for a machine up to 125cc and 15bhp by taking a test on a...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 January 2012 17:30)

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Nov 10

Posts: 4

whealie says:

So that's the family trip cancelled then

My daughter and I have been planning a trip to South Africa - on Africa Twins, naturally - once she reached 18. Now she won't be able to ride the bike until she's 21, despite the fact that she first rode a motorbike aged 11.

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Sep 09

Posts: 893

Rogerborg says:

Is she 17 already?  Then sit the current standard test and get an A <= 25kW license.  Or wait until she's 19 (not 21), get the new A2 license, and ride it with the power restricted to 35kW, which shouldn't hurt an Africa Twin much.

And get off the UK government's back, this is being handed down by Brussels.  Moan to your MEP about it.  You'll need a time machine to go back to 2004 when it might have made a difference.

Mike Penning is a sensible bike-friendly bloke and the DfT has already made some positive changes to our testing regime.  Our proposed interpretation of 2006/126/EC is also on the generous - one might say lax - side.  It's bad, but it could have been a lot worse if some gold plating ringpiece had been in charge of implementing it.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

jwally says:

i do get the point of making sure that people re capable of riding the amount of power they own, but why is it not the same for car drivers? its like people pass their driving test and go nd jump in a car with a 1.4l engine, jump on the motor way and want to race or see what speed they cn get up to...instead of mking their driving test so u can just drive on the road, why not to an engine size etc?


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Jan 12

Posts: 1

Ninjafanluke says:

This is going to put so many young prospective motorcyclists off, its effectively 3 seperate bike tests unless you wait until your 24. Im 19 and got my full license last year - luckily.

I know a few of mates that are intrested but the amount of time, effort and money involved getting your full bike license this days is taking the mick.

It always seems that bikes are always being penalised and cars never are.

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Apr 07

Posts: 157

AFKAN says:

Yet again legislation aimed at the idiot minority rather than the majority...

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Nov 09

Posts: 19

jimmuck says:


Pass your car test and get a V8 trike of over 500Kg so that it is classed as a car.

Just pointing out the stupidity of the bike tests.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

bikelover says:

this is s*** as im 16 soon and have been a keen bike lover (hence name) for aslong as i can remember this is just the f*****g EU trying to ruin us again

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Oct 05

Posts: 22

arbg92 says:

Unfortunatley this is the EU once more (Like the MPTCs) etc..! The idea in my opinion is a good one but as usual badly executed..! The DSA as usual go in Gung Ho...! then realise after that it needs tweaking and watering down! and amending!.....However,I maybe in the minority thinking this is a good idea!

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Sep 07

Posts: 2839

James600zx says:

Licencing and training.

I've been thinking about this licencing and rider training stuff and if it was down to me I think I'd take one of two different approaches after first requiring a CBT and theory on a 125cc bike. You could stop there if you liked and ride a 125 forever more.

I'd avoid the age limit thing because it discourages new riders and I'm not convinced that a rider aged 24 or even 44 is safer than one at 19, provided they have good training. I'd have an intensive, in-depth training schedule on something like a 60bhp middleweight. I'd include stuff which is currently (irresponsibly, in my view) reserved for optional "advanced training" like counter-steering, observation and planning. Let's say the subsequent test would entitle you at any age to ride a middleweight bike up to 100bhp (-too high?). Plenty for the road, lots of choice and thus a practical licence to have. You'd be equipped to ride a "big bike" on the highway instead of just being equipped to pass a test.

From there I'd go by "flying hours" like the aviation industry. Hard to regulate, admittedly. Road miles then? You'd have to ride a 60-100bhp bike for a total of "x" thousand miles or "x" tens of hours before you're entitled to an unlimited bike licence.

Alternatively, after acquiring the 100bhp licence you could opt to take a further training/ refresher course on a more powerful bike to earn the unlimited licence. I'd expect many people wouldn't bother, or would wait a couple of years before taking this extra category.

Flaws? 100bhp too much? What do you think. What would you do?

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Jan 12

Posts: 17

RedWolf says:

Looks like there's going to be a surge of eager novices scrambling to get their tests done before the due date next year then.

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