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Phil West  says:

George White goes into administration

George White Motors, the UK’s leading motorcycle dealer group, has gone into administration this morning, MCN has learnt. Rumours of the closure began circulating early this morning with suggestions that staff at its dealerships in Swindon, Plymouth and Torbay had been made redundant. The shock news was then confirmed at around 11am to MCN by owner Steve Gannicott who said the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 January 2012 11:42)

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Dec 10

Posts: 88

mogulthrash says:

bike industry going under. Bike prices way too high, running costs getting higher and higher - this isnt unique to the bike industry. The UK needs an economic policy that works.

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Mar 09

Posts: 8

neiljharding says:


you are probaly right with regard to Triumph as well I bought a BMW 3 months ago

because of the failing japanese dealerships,the experience was in a different world

to buying japanese and i did not want to buy japanese only to find the dealer had

then gone out of business and then having to travel miles for servicing ect. Trust the

germans to get it right.

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grumpy ol git


Sep 08

Posts: 9

Helpfull Advice.

Phoned MCN. I asked if it was poss for them, when they wrote next weeks artical about the closyer of whites. If it would be poss for them to give some general advice to there Readers, that may have payed deposits or even the full amount or have like me a Diavel in the Plymouth Workshop. Having the normal Ducati Warrantie work done.On how best to go about getting there machine or money returned.Or what they should do if they have entered a finance contract. Now this was friday early morning. Was told that there was no chance of that as it was to late to put it in next weeks copy. I then asked is it poss the following week. (answer) Negative. Was i suprised. Well not realy. But i was still bloody peeved at there compleate,Dont give a Sh** Attitude. (Why) I think due to most of there income coming from Advertisers, Manufacters AND US READERS THAT WANT TO SELL SOMETHING.Who do you think they look after. If they had to rely on our two pound, well need i say more. So the corperate thinking is, What if G.Whites start up again, even under another name, It was one of there best advertising customers. Well Mr Mark Potter think again please, i think you owe your readership a bit more Loyalty than your attitude last week. And while were on the subject of MCN, Please stop putting misleading (IN NEXT WEEKS ISSUE, The first ever test by any mag of the new Kawasaki zzr1400, Then when we buy the paper what do we see.Just an artical that was on U. TUBE 4 Blokes (Yanks) on a Drag Strip Belting the balls out of two machines. Yes very impressed. It wernt sod all to do with any of your road testers and you gave no extra information than i got off U.TUBE, AND EVEN THAT WERNT VERY INFORMATIVE. i WAS REALY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT ISSUE. As im about to order the machine. Iv been reading your mag since 1961 And i also used to buy your old compatition Motor Cycle. One came out on Wednesday and the other on Thursday,And in my humble Opinion. You ought to have an honest look at your publication. And have a rethink on your attitude to not only your advertisers but also your readers.Grumpy ol Git.

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Mar 06

Posts: 253

stu_sp2 says:

Having read most of the comments, i agree with lots that has been said, it may well have been a poor business model, but my biggest concern is the EU, they are slowly killing everything that they dont agree/like etc, the test for example, this has a major knock on effect for the industry, now with all these anti tampering regs that they are blatantly pushing through without any regards for the aftermarket sales, how many more business's will go under?

The UK for years has been one of the biggest fans of sports bikes and after market tuning in the world, and although Adventure bikes are clawing back a big chunk of those sales along with cruisers, most riders will still want to tune/mod/set them up to their liking, under the current proposals bike builders wont even be able to build custom chops with raked out forks!!?? WHY? you only see one on the road once every blue moon so what harm is it?, its draconian and sad that we are being dictated to in this way, run a google search for "Common Purpose" and read, the EU is built around a Commuinist model, i for one hope it burns, i hope Greece Defaults and is followed shortly by the others on the brink, because i would much rather have a tough few years here in the UK and then recover to prosper in the GLOBAL market than be ruined and dragged down with the EU controlling every part of my life....


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Jun 09

Posts: 145

OxonJohn says:

Grumpy old git

Don't worry about your Ducati. You'll go through a bit of inconvenience, but the bike belongs to you and you'll get it back soon enough. If it was me though, I'd be bending Ducati UK's ear and putting pressure on them to help you. I hope the tales of woe we've read here teach the rest of us that when buying a vehicle from any dealer DO NOT PAY FOR IT UNTIL YOU'RE TAKING IT OUT OF THE SHOP! Better to lose a £250 deposit than the full price! Anyone who has given GW's money and not had the goods are now in the hands of the Administrator who will establish what, if anything, you'll get back. I read below that some are concerned about bikes they've bought from GW's that are on finance agreements. Those people have nothing to be anxious about as their agreements are with finance companies (eg Black Horse) and not GW's.

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Sep 10

Posts: 3

zxboy says:

George whites in administration I read this last night even posted a comment but the more you think about it the more it makes sense with the crazy prices they was offering surely we should of seen all good things come to an end. It would be nice to see all those in the middle of purchasing motorcycles or kit to have there deals honoured and for once see the innocent party come out on top but with the good will come the odd horror story to. Long have the rules of bankruptcy needed changing but unfortunately our great government has needed very little excuse to legally rob us blind I think things do need to change but with the eu being what it is and the prices of everything sky rocketing it's hard to see any change even a small one in the not to distant future. As for gws I hope all affected resolve their issues I look forward to reading up and coming news papers of such like to get the full info of how a seemingly top end business went bankrupt .

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

coolmc says:

EU, GW, etc

E.U, yep have to agree with possably 100% of Uk bikers, they will create a black market for tunning and tinkering, because in my years of biking myself and others have always tinkered tuned and change factory bikes to suit what we want, this should never change so i say the gov should say no to eu and there large salaries to seat there bums on seats and make up new laws to bugger up the uk and its passions. Gearge white, i am sad, sad because of all the staff now looking for work,  my thoughts are with them.not so much for the company maybe they tried too hard ?,

We are a small outfit here at ACEMotorcycles Cornwall, we run a dyna pro for set ups and tunning, sales and service mot`s etc, we try to keep it personnal, we love bikes, we will keep tunning and changing Bye Bye eu.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1

bonerp says:


I feel very sorry for Steve and the team at GW I hope they can pull something out of this mess. I've bought several bikes from them in Swindon but have been surprised at how quickly they have expanded. Best wished top them all. However like everything thats getting fucked up by the Con/Libs when will this end? I can't see an end to it.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:


>How do you expect dealers to stay open?

Honestly?  I don't.  Sorry, but you're increasingly a relic.

Except for a few top end hoonmobiles and the very occasional new model, bikes just don't change significantly.  A 2012 SV650 is no better than a 2003 bike, for example: where's the incentive to buy a new one?  I'm not alone in thinking this, new bike sales are in the toilet and 2011 was another record low year. But you don't make money on new bikes anyway.

Trading used bikes has always been where dealers make money, but I wouldn't pay a bent penny in return for a joke 3 month warranty that's supplied for novely purposes only.  The only dealer within 50 miles that I've ever heard anything good about regarding warranties closed down last year, and it's only the Dodgy Dan "catching fire is characteristic of that model" outfits that are left.

It's not like there's a shortage of used bikes on eBay and Gumtree for now, and I'd rather look the current owner in the eye when buying anyway and see him twitch when I ask how often it's been serviced.  Heck, if I'm going to take a gamble on a bike where I can't grill the owner face to face, I can buy off eBay from anywhere in the country and have it delivered to my door for £100, way less than a dealer premium.

So, sorry, but do I think your days are numbered.  MOTs and servicing are really all you've got left to offer.

Of course, ten years down the line we'll all be saying "What happened to all the cheap used bikes?" and the answer will be that there were very few new bikes from about 2008 onwards, but that argument has no bearing at all on whether anyone is actually going to go out and buy a new bike tomorrow.

By the way, the MCIA sales figures for all of 2011 are out, and Suzuki might be in real trouble.  For most of the year, they were fighting for 6th or 7th place with titans like Lexmoto and SYM.  Their September "£1 off per cc" offer bumped them back up to 2nd place, but as soon as that ended, they dropped right out of the top 10 and didn't re-appear.  I think they've essentially been forced to run that offer again until the end of April as a bet-the-farm measure, but there's a real risk that they've permanently devalued their bikes and never be able to put the prices back up, leaving them worth less than the equivalent Hyosung.  Oh dear.

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Jul 09

Posts: 5

mook3 says:

things to come?

That news is still a shock despite knowing that GW's gold-leaf thin margins would have taken a smack sooner or later. I bought my bike there in Winter 2010 from Slough and have to say the service was excellent. However when they were shut along with the London store in November last year this looked ominous. Well my local Hein-Gericke outlet is has now reduced its staff from four down to one, with a locked door, for the poor blokes spider sense is tingling......

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