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Phil West  says:

George White goes into administration

George White Motors, the UK’s leading motorcycle dealer group, has gone into administration this morning, MCN has learnt. Rumours of the closure began circulating early this morning with suggestions that staff at its dealerships in Swindon, Plymouth and Torbay had been made redundant. The shock news was then confirmed at around 11am to MCN by owner Steve Gannicott who said the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (19 January 2012 11:42)

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Apr 10

Posts: 4

gazobee says:

We are all bikers

Well guys, the last 2 comments make me really sad. At the end of the day we are all bikers. Why you should want to slag off another motorcyclist because of his or her coice of bike is beyond me.

I would like to think that we all 'get it' and realise that the reason we chose to be bikers is for the freedom it gives us and the opportunity to be a little bit different from the madding crowd. I used to work in the industry and realised a long time ago that the market was in decline. OK, so a lot of people like myself do not have the money to buy a new bike or even a used bike every couple of years in the current economic climate. I have a few friends who do and I am sure that any dealer is glad of the custom when someone walks in to buy a machine irrespective of whether it is a supersports bike, an economical commuter or a learner legal moped. Every person that puts money into the industry is ensuring that we will still have an industry in years to come.

The British biker as a band of people should stick together as a group and encourage all of the new blood into the lifestyle that we hold so dear.

My heart goes out to all the girls and guys at George White, I hope they find something soon in this tough time

We are all the same on the inside and all on the same side, aren't we?

Ken, Reading, Berks

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Jan 12

Posts: 1

tony001 says:

george white orders


Just received my clothing order from george white this morning at 8.25am from ukmail delivery van.

I ordered them on the 18th of january just before they went into administration,so i hope this helps anyone else who is worried about getting their order.

Yesterday on a website it said administrators were keeping 9 staff on to deal with back orders and this is proof to be accurate by me receiving my goods today.






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Dec 09

Posts: 63

twobike says:

HerbertChapmans Comments

Sad news for the industry just over a year after White Bros in Darlington went bust after over 40 years trading, no relation to George White, just the owner was a friend of mine. The problem as I see it is two fold, not enough new bikers coming into biking and even the smallest of new bikes are more expensive than some really good spec cars. I have been riding for  39 years and just love my bikes, will ride as long as I can get on one. I take great offence to HerbertChapmans comments. Not all older bikers are fat saggy arsed old men that ride slow. I am 5ft 9in 77kg and if you want to ride around Cadwell one day with me please do, I would look forward to it. Oh and one of the quickest guys I know around Cadwell is a bit on the heavy side but that has no affect on his ability and very little on his lap times. We are all bikers we should treasure what we can experience that feeling you can get only from riding a bike.

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Feb 11

Posts: 7

Unk13 says:

As Motorcyclists some of you will be responsible for the downfall of GW and others dealers. I have a M/C Clothing and Accessory shop so know the pressures. Its 'inherent' within the industry to expect discount at the till.....why? When you do your weekly shop at the supermarket and the person on the till says "£100 please" do you say "Can you do me 10% Off?" NO of course not!!!!

Shop owners are not greedy they just want a fair price for the product that they themselves have had to pay for....upfront in a lot of cases. Dealers like Whites sold their souls offering discounts to steal a march on others, feed their greed and have now paid the ultimate price. I feel sorry for those that lost their jobs of course I do but wont shed a tear for the man at the top.

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Sep 10

Posts: 74

Oi twobike !!!

5'9" and only 77kg. You wanna get some pie down yer neck then ya scrawny little girl! You might not be a fat, saggy arse old man but I certainly am. Now lighten up you miserable git.

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Sep 10

Posts: 191

Quite a mixture of  comments & posters . Some are very political , and seeing what was said the poster must be young , him/her not mentioning what happened under succesive Labour governments . Their  road ministers that  brought  -in anti motorist  & biker laws ,99% of  said ministers never having had a license of any kind . Having owned most types of  bikes over  50 years , and  working for car main dealerships for many years as a mechanic ,you could say I have seen some bad and good  outlets . The problem for some years has been the company  some of the dealers have to work with . These  dealers have to buy a set amount of spares , parts  & accessories from the company , which in a recession can be crippling ! . If you don"t do as your told when holding a franchise you can quite easily  lose it . I have"nt  dealt  with Whites motorcycles , but  I have with Carnells &  Cusworths and a few others ,but have never been impressed with large dealers . Our  local dealers are very good  ,and  Roberts Bros.  the Triumph dealers can"t do enough . When I was a kid  every highstreet had a bike shop , but I agree with others on here , in  20 or 30 years , bikers in their present form will have gone the way of the  do-do .

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

gavinfdavies says:

a sad loss...

...but does this mean the ballon will be put up for auction?! Any one fancy buying a share in the worlds largest motorcycle?


I only had the opportunity to speak to GW once, and they were very nice. I was in great need of a new bike, fast. I rang them for an ER6n, but was told the fastest they could do it was a week (though they did offer me 5 years 0% apr!) due to having nearly 150 bikes to PDI, and that was with him sneaking me up the queue. As a result they lost the sale. I went to OnYerBike, ordered a new bike at 3pm wednesday, and it was ready for me 4pm friday. And of that wait, 4pm wednesday to 2pm friday was all down to MCE insurance not pulling their finger out with my documents.

So maybe their size was actually becoming a problem? losing that personal touch?


And on another note...


"even small bikes cost more than good spec cars"

1) what bikes?!

2) what cars?!

A ford focus is £16k plus. My ER6 cost me less than £5k brand new (and has done 20,000 miles since May this year without missing a beat).

Would you trust a £5k used car, which didn't come with the 2 year warranty my bike did, to do 20,000 miles in 9 months without missing a beat.


So the new cars (ford focus etc), I'd get a 1199 ducati! and a holiday. and a years fuel. and some new leathers. and few track days in spain....

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Feb 11

Posts: 5

canofworms says:

George White

Heard the debt's were astrinomical! Shame on the manufaturers and distributors that supported the credit crisis. An earlier poster mentioned a Buy Out! Nothing to buy I reckon, manufacturers have title retention on the new bikes, unlike one or two clothing, accessory and parts suppliers! They shouldn't have offered so much credit! Thought they would miss out, greed out and out greed!

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Jul 11

Posts: 258

Ocdcbr says:

NO surprise

In the current climate people are not buying bikes in the quantities to keep these big shops going. I live near Watford, j and s the accessory and clothing store is always near empty, my local tiny Yamaha dealer in Hemel say they sometimes don't see a single customer in a day. Mot's yes but not so many. New bikes out the door. V few. It's a struggle. There is going to be a shift I'd imagine here in the uk. Away from the big, juicy and v expensive sports bikes to cheaper more economical bikes. Manufacturers need to come up with quick good looking fun super Eco bikes, and publicise them!!! Sod the r1's etc

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Feb 11

Posts: 7

Radders1961 says:

Shades of yester year

Reminds me of the " RIOSSI " collapse from a few years back.

When they had loads of dealerships around the country.

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