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Steve Farrell  says:

‘Every driving test should include a bike question’

An insurance firm is petitioning the Government to make a motorcycle-related question part of every driving test. Bennetts Insurance thinks it could help reduce casualties. At the moment a bike-related question may or may not come up in the driving theory test. The petition says the matter should not be left to chance. It says: ‘With questions currently selected at random, there...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 January 2012 12:05)

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

for example

"How do you stop a motorcyclist from filtering".

"How late can you pull out at a junction while still allowing biker a chance to swerve into a keep left sign".

"Did we hit something".

"stopping distance of a motorcycle after hitting a car".

"how did you miss a racing green motocycle with his headlight on and a loud pipe"

Seems to me that car drivers are the worst they have ever been and the current trend of every other person being a driving instructor even though they can't drive themselves it's like the blind leading the blind. I have seen at least 3 driving instructor cars with blacked out rear windows. There are way to many cars on the road so maybe the government should try to be more picky about who they give a licence to. Skid pan driving, motorway skills, limited capacity licence. the average car driver is a lazy, irresponsable inconsiderate idiot who will do anything to park 5 inches from the chinese restaurant and drop and pick up the kids in the car even if they live 2 minutes walking distance. We should ask more of our drivers they should know one end of the car from another.


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Sep 08

Posts: 37

geoffb61 says:

agree with pinkerton2964


Do you consider your licence a right or a privilege? If 'right' then FAIL

Once you get in your car are you the only road user that matters? If yes then FAIL

Sure I could think of others, but what's the point?!? There is no incentive for this (or any) govt to make getting on the road more difficult or drivers more skilled as we are all just cash cows as far as they are concerned.

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Oct 08

Posts: 56

banditsprint says:

More to the point

every car driver should have to do a year on a bike or moped before they can get a provisional car licence.

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Oct 11

Posts: 87


Every Car should be fitted with an 8" metal spike in the middle of the steering wheel.

Accidents involving cars would disappear overnight.

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Apr 11

Posts: 6

huntley53 says:

Too many gadgets

In my experience the drivers rely too much on their gadgets and safety devices. Concentrate on the road and whats going on instead of tuning your radio, talking on the phone, reading your sat-nav.

The latest Mercedes advert is a classic case and should be banned. A driver takes his eyes of the road to watch what some kids are playing at and doesnt run a cyclist over because of Merc´s new auromatic emergency braking system. Its not needed if you drive properly. Thats the problem these days, too much reliance on technology.

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Feb 06

Posts: 67

Doug66 says:

This is my question

I asked my daughter, who is going to be learning to drive in a few months, a bike question. She new what bike i had. That'll do

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Dec 04

Posts: 70

Jackspratt says:

Why not...

...just make the car test as convoluted, complex and difficult as the latest motorbike test?

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Mar 06

Posts: 20

cbxade says:

Completly agree with  Huntley53. A sat-nav is like watching T.V especially when its stuck slap bang in the middle of the screen. Car drivers are (mostly) lazy fat gits that can't do anything for them selves.

I think questions about motorcycles should definitely be included in the test. A Volvo could be suspended above them when they take the test and if they get it wrong they would sure now how it feels like to be flattened by a Volvo lol.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Huntley53, you're spot on. It's noticeable, on a daily basis, that four wheeled users are relying almsot completely on electronic gadgets to help them drive. Twat nav, ABS, ESP - the list is endless. Riders have to be able to actually control a bike to pass the test and stay alive, yet car drivers merely pass a test then hand over all responsibility to the car! That cannot be either right or acceptable. How about car drivers being banned from being able to drive a car with all the gizmos for two years after they pass a test. Also, before passing a test, they should be made to pass a motorcycle and pedestrian awareness course. The road is cluttered enough without these clowns no longer using their eyes to see road signs, direction arrows, road markings etc.

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Sep 03

Posts: 9

cbrpilot says:

Pointless exercise. So they have to remember the answer to a question that they practiced for before hand anyway, yeah, that really going to improve the awareness of these donkey isn't it.

About time some of these morons got done for the shat-nav being pertched in the middle of the windscreen, after all it is an MOT failure to have an obstruction in the screen, so why turn a blind eye after?

It's about time the car test became as difficult as they are making the bike test, that might improve the standards out there, but it's going to do sod all for the turds already out there. It's high time they concentrated thier resourses on dangerous driving like tailgating etc, and is it just me or do a lot of you notice morons now using thier phones, but talking on them on loud speaker (hand held), like that makes any f'kin difference. I think they are convinced because they haven't got it stuck to thier ear that it's either OK, or they just won't get caught. Not that plods looking though, they are too busy sitting in an un-marked transit waiting to catch you 4 mph over the speed limit. Much easier.

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