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Steve Farrell  says:

‘Every driving test should include a bike question’

An insurance firm is petitioning the Government to make a motorcycle-related question part of every driving test. Bennetts Insurance thinks it could help reduce casualties. At the moment a bike-related question may or may not come up in the driving theory test. The petition says the matter should not be left to chance. It says: ‘With questions currently selected at random, there...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 January 2012 12:05)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:


"There are way to many cars on the road so maybe the government should try to be more picky about who they give a licence to... the average car driver is a lazy, irresponsable inconsiderate idiot"

...or in other words a voter. If the roads were full of bikes then any motorist who killed a biker would be hung from the nearest lamp post. As it is, riding a bike is seen as contributary negligence in any accident (see how many death-by-careless car drivers are aquitted). When a motorist can drive head on into 2 motorcycles & kill both riders without blame what difference is a question in a test going to make.

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Mr. Luck


Jan 08

Posts: 44

Mr. Luck says:


I still think all drivers should have to do CBT training before they get into a car so they are more aware of the dangers, only takes a day.....

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Feb 08

Posts: 194

dev_d7 says:

nice move

Nice step forwards in the constant battle for safer driving... ultimately though us bikers need to remember - we are a tenth of the size of a car/truck and therefore are always going to be harder to see. The best strategy is still to be aware ourselves and take our own safety as priority 1!

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Sep 09

Posts: 896

Rogerborg says:

Sod all point, theory is just regurgitate-then-forget.

Some more realistic hazard clips might help.  How about a clip that pans rapidly from side-to-side on the approach to a junction?  See how many candidates spot an approaching bike before it goes over the bonnet of the camera vehicle.  That might wake them up.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2635

Piglet2010 says:


How about putting the heads of cagers that kill motorcyclists on pikes on the side of the road?

Sad to see the UK is becoming just as bad as the US regarding cager scum.

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:


Spot on mate. I couldn't agree more but we (and I include myself in this) all moan about the lack of training for car drivers but unless  the MCN and BMF and perhaps the AA in Edmund King start pushing for this, nothing will get done. There needs to be an official lobby put to Government. They can say what they like with misguided, ill informed statistics but unless car drivers are better trained, accidents involving motorcyclists will continue because of poor driver education.

I only hope Bennetts, MCN, BMF and the AA ( the more the merrier) push for better driver education and maybe accident statistics will reduce and more importantly lives can be saved.

How the hell do you get a campaign like this started? Bennetts have started but it's not enough.

MCN HELP!!!!!!


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Nov 05

Posts: 1

demonblader says:

Mr Luck

I fully agree with you mate, every car driver should do a CBT first, let them see how we are treated then it might make them open their bloody eyes, I'll even teach them, as a CBT instructor I would have no qualms in doing it. maybe we should try to get it that to keep your car/van/truck licence you should do your CBT every ten years with the renewal, no CBT pass cert then no licence renewal.

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Apr 09

Posts: 4

squizzar says:

CBT as part of driving test...

I agree - it made me a much better driver afterwards.

Someone has already created a petition for it:

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Jan 12

Posts: 5

benb404 says:

Is that e-petition just for cyclists to do a CBT not car drivers?

But I do agree, car drivers should do a CBT and have possibly atleast 1 complete year of insurance on a bike. Having said that, there would be more chinese bikes in the market ruining proper bike companies.

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Apr 09

Posts: 4

squizzar says:

Sorry, try again...

Copied the wrong link:

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