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Feb 10

Posts: 872

so, what make''s a biker?

is it me?, but it seems bikers can be set into a certain group. Most seem to be middle aged, bolding men. ( who like loud guitar music)... I hardly see any Asian, or Black riders. yeah, I know one or two,.but  most rider's seem to be "stereo typical"  Plus, sub divide that into diferent riders:   There's your sport bike riders who drive a luxury cars (BMW/Audi and ride a sports bike at the weekend as a toy (ie Ducati) to the older BMW / Harley riders who insist on a beard, and drink real ale...the street fighter's .??? .the rest, seem to be hanging onto there youth, sqeezing into leathers (ME?), and wondering when "it's too old."

In short, no matter what we all ride, or wear, what is the one link that joins us together?

as for me?...I always wanted to ride, but my Mum wouldn't let me......I kept the fact I gained my bike licence for years from her...and she only found out I had a bike about a year ago.  (same with the mrs)

So, are we the same, or are we all different?


(just pondering after having a few Merlot's)


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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 January 2012 19:26)

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

bikes n mates

Hang on..I ride a zzr11 and i like real ale..i ride with a mate who has a z1000..actaully met on these forums..formed a good friendship now, isnt that whats it all about?..

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Aug 11

Posts: 508



How did I miss this?

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Nov 05

Posts: 1464

evlcatnw says:


Its a tough call-i've loved bikes since i was 14 but being a lass with several large uncles then having young kids made it tricky for me to get a bike... Passed car test in 2004 and bike test 2005... Due to one knobhead ended up selling my beloved bandit 400 and was bikeless for a few years.... Didnt stop me loving the bikes, going to the races nor did it stop me giggling when i saw all the lads and lasses out obviously having a blast and a bloody good laugh!

Since parting with the caveman and been dragged into the realms of BM spent all last summer rallying, canoing, bar b q'ing and generally getting pi**ed and having a blast with who i now class as my best mates! I'm never short of owt to do and cant wait until this current cold snap finishes so i can get out with them again!

Yup granted they can be a bit clicky at times but they're all nuts and would do anything for anybody! Being a 'biker' we all share one common thing-doesnt matter who u are or what u do or where ur from its the two wheels, you bike and road and the giggles! Yup we all hav 'moments' but its that conversation starter-u never see car drivers meeting up at the bridge and nagging each others arses off and dribbling at all that two wheeled gorgeousness!!

Ok i'm going to admit it-sod the bikes its blokes with lids on in leather, the smell of the petrol and that noise the engine makes that does it for me really :lol:

LOL but in all seriousness bikes put a smile on my face and when i chuck my leg over and start it up-all the being a responsible nurse, mum, girlfriend goes out of the window, i completely focus, relax and all the stress goes out the window....funnily enough blokes hav the opposite effect on me

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Feb 12

Posts: 2

BackPatch says:

Some of us lived long enough to get old

Makes me larf. We bikers still exist,  yes some of us are older than we were, our heads are bald, our beards are grey and too many beers over the years have led to some rather large guts. But some of us have never grown up. We still party and ride hard but mostly we party with each other not with the masses. 

Ok some of us got jobs, joined he army or something and maybe now the bikes aren't the pieces of shit that we used to ride, some of us even have kids who ride now. 

Bikers are still there, we look the same, my jacket with its tassels and conches is older than some of you but it has saved me several times over he years so it is like an old friend. Bought replacements over the years that just get discarded to the floor as I go back to what feels best.

Bikers ride bikes but also it is about the life, it is a "constant" in our lives, it is who and what we are. We have no "season" we just get cold and wet sometimes. 

The life is here for those that the life chooses to absorb. You may not see it but it is there. 

Don't get me wrong being a Biker is not the preserve of the MC member, I know many Bikers who have never taken the route of the club, but you dont find motorcyclists in Clubs.

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May 06

Posts: 135

Biker is

a state of mind."I ride therfore I am".
we are all by nature non conformists or we'd all drive Fords like the rest of the sheep. So sports bike, hog or off roader we are all bikers. (black leather and and a bad attitude are just the icing on the cake). I do however draw the line at scooters thats just wierd.:smile

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Feb 12

Posts: 141

pissedsid says:

wots wrong with fords ?

:ph43r: i drive a ford well as ride.:tongue:

also i have been known to imbibe real ale and :unsure: undreneath my finger nails there is usually some sort of vehicle related filth:sunglasses::sunglasses: . However i shave every week and as for a hairy arse, well lest said soonest mended.:lol: as i still got a lovely set of L plates attached to bikey :upset: I believe the term organ doner is most appropriate,:dopeyhmmmm::dopeyhmmmm: but biker will do for now.
tomorrow Ill be white van man till about 10am then Ill be biker for a while then Ill transform as if by magic into single parent and end the day as pissed and confused:tongue::tongue::unsure::lol::lol:

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Mar 09

Posts: 1371

Mankind says:

This is

a really enjoyable thread.

sprag - that was beautiful. :smile

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Jul 09

Posts: 309

RogerRSV says:

It's a lifestyle.

Quite simple, it's a lifestyle. I love bikes, I love bike sport, I love everything from the Panigale through to Guzzis and all things in between. Everytime the engine starts, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - lean into that first bend and power out and the world just seems amazing. It's the most addictive, adrenalin pumping, awe inspiring way to spend you life!

My fiancee has become a convert too - she loves her clothes and now insists that I buy her some Dainese leathers...............who am I to argue!


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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3248

brutale r says:

a biker

if you need a title just to ride a bike go and buy a Skoda

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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 677

Not all gone..................

Sorry Brutale, I have to disagree, there are still old school bikers out there!  I ride for work, for pleasure and just for the sake of it.  Weekends are spent between rallies, race meets, off road trips etc.  When my kids were born I went out and bought a sidecar outfit, and as they've grown up that's been upgraded to suit.  If you gave me £ 10k my first thought would be what bike will I buy with it.


I love old bikes for their character and the raw riding experience, slightly less old bikes for the memories they bring and more modern bikes for the practicality.


If it's snowing, raining, blowing a gale etc. I don't walk out of the house and get in the car, I just put on a bigger coat.


Perhaps I'm not as scruffy as the older generation were, but that's just because bike clothing these days is cleaner, but I believe I still live for my bikes, and know quite a few others who do the same.


Ride safe, stop worrying what people call you, me or anyone else.



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