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Steve Farrell  says:

Petition to scrap new bike licence rules

A petition is calling on the Government to scrap planned changes to the motorcycle licence regime. All under-19s are to be limited to 125s and the minimum age for Direct Access raised to 24 under new rules from Brussels. Riders aged 17-19 will only be able to gain a licence for a machine of up to 125cc and 15bhp. At 19...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (30 January 2012 11:08)

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Dec 11

Posts: 11

kharli says:

bike test

Well my training school started using detuned hornets at 75hp in anticipation of these new rules...and from my experience there a whole new ball game from a 50hp bike and i personaly saw fellow learners struggle with the amount of power on tap.

My only point being , in  my experience ,is that im glad i had the opportunity to take my test on the hornet and what a fine bike it is  but  im glad ive got a 50hp bike , now ive past my test at least  until my fine controls are automatic.  well actually 50hp isnt that bad ! Tho of course i appreciate everyones ability levels are very different.

I agree with the comment that there not much time learning to ride..more rote learning the test route and a fair amount of luck imo but i did come out feeling a safer rider and hopefully a better car driver too

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Jan 12

Posts: 3


Yet again they try and complicate the bike test system and cars are left alone as normal?

Please can someone, one day ask why it is ok to make young driver wait to drive a powerfull bike but not a car?

So when are they changing the law to make under 24's only allowed to drive a 1 litlre car?

Bet that dont happen!!!!

I understand they are trying to help and make things safer but why always attack bikes and not cars!!!!!

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Feb 11

Posts: 87

draper12807 says:

If someone wants to jump on a hayabusa on day one and kill themselves then why not let them, obviously natural selection at work, anyone with any common sense would think twice about what bike to jump on, they should test people once on something like a er6n or gladius as that is the type of bike most people would go for. They think us young ones (im 20) are stupid when it comes to bikes (gsxr750), although I know im a lot safer than car drivers my age.

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May 04

Posts: 1

nab2 says:

Bike test

If what the British and EU parliament really want to do is to reduce the number of bikers killed on the roads, the best thing they could do is to introduce rules like these for CAR drivers.

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Apr 10

Posts: 2

Trevor1955 says:

Bike Tests

Well now, all you expert biking wizards, don't you think it's high time your thought's were with the safety of the riders and not with how fast you can get them on the biggest most fire breathing monster known to man, isn't the object of tests and safety aimed at the survival and well being of motorcyclists? That considered do you not think that there should be at least 3 levels of test for different size and power of motorcycles, well I do.. I also think that included in each test there should be a riding assessment given by a competent instructor to accompany every test application at each level. This could be in the form of say a CBT certificate, which would show the level of profficiency of the applying rider. My test was me riding around the block twice and the examiner walking and watching me, then after 6 questions on the highway code I was told I had passed, which allowed me to go collect my Kawasaki H2 750 Triple and subsequently kill myself whilst riding a bike that was too powerfull and too fast for me. I am 56 have been riding since 12 years old I've all my body in tact and it all works. This is because I crashed my new 250 two stroke Suzuki at 16 but was lucky, I got away with ripped jeans some bruising and dented pride. I decided it was time I learned how to treat and ride a motorcycle. Accident's are not alway's someone else's fault, whatever we do in life we need thorough and proper training, regardless of the cost!!

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Sep 11

Posts: 18

AlexJS1 says:

Its not like that now though...

I read what your saying trevor however having just finished my 2year restriction and having completed my driving test just a year since i can certainly tell you which is the harder one. Yes bikes and bikers should be safe and yes thats paramount. However given i had to do a CBT, then playground and then finally my road assesment i can tell you now its no breeze. I failed the first time on my Road assesment because some jerk reversed out of a junction to one side off me and "i didnt swerve enough" although avoided the accident. However on my car test i passed first time flying colours and only 1 minor. The real problem here isnt because new riders arnt given tight enough regulations or tests the problem lies with the CBT, at 16 i jumped on a 50cc and fell off a week later in the rain, after only 1 hour 30 mins off training on the road. I did over 3 months off training to pass my actuall road test with high numbers off training hours. If you were to look at the statistics off the people who fall off yes a high number would probably have just completed there test, however, a higher number off fatalitys here will lie to the bikers who forget about there bike licence for 10 years and then jump back onto sports bikes? let me ask you this, how often do you see sports bikes at the last bike meet? And did you notice how much hair most off the people riding them had because if its anything like mine it was very few with hair.

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Jul 06

Posts: 12

ardcomp says:

Bike tests

It doesn't matter how many tests a biker takes or what he is riding, the fact remains that very many accidents involve another driver doing something stupid. Better to train other drivers to respect bikes than keep punishing the biker with ever more ridiculous testing and restriction. The truth is, the EU have something called 'Project Zero' which is a road safety plan for zero casualties. Bikes are not compatible with that aim and must therefore be eliminated.

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Mar 08

Posts: 130

tman39a says:


nothing changes with the EU and Government loonacy. At 17 if you have the money you can do your car test and drive a Buggati Veyron yet they now want the same person to be stuck on a 125cc 15hp bike. I see 'R' plated car drivers in cars much bigger and more powerful than anything they ever learnt in or even worse a car with lesser abilities than they learnt no ABS so the first time they have to do an emergency stop they lock-up and hit the obstacle. When will these waste of space politicians catch on to what really happens on our roads and stop bending over for Brussels.

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Feb 08

Posts: 87

TT600JCC says:

Age & Skill - V - Ignorance

After reading quite a few comments on here I do share the opinion of many, 2wheelsor4 has a great point about training, I passed my D.A.S 4years ago last October, although the instructors at Alpha Riding school Grantham were top notch and tried to show us counter steering, smooth through bends by slower constant speeds, and all the things you learn on the road, I couldn't help feel the lessons were to pass the test more than learn the bike riding skills, Granted only 2 minors and a pass, which had I known where the test centre was could of been avoided, but thats a different story, I know I may be classed as a born again rider with bolding hair and an unhealthy lust for speed, but and this is the difference!! I insure my bike year round and ride with R.A.T of Lincoln Club although last year sadly Didn't make any meets, ride with other riders who's skill is well beyond my own, drive a car and ride my bike in a Genrally safe manner, I filter at slow speeds enough to stop if needed, and always observe every thing around me hence why I have avoided all possible incidents. I don't think age hairline or summer riders are all the same crazy wheelie popping loons around, And wearing VR46 doesnt make you a ghost rider either, It's all about the ride, skill and respect, and knowing your limits.

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Apr 11

Posts: 109

bikerpete51 says:

Treat all road users equally.

Once again road users are being discriminated against based on the form of transport they choose to use, and YES it's always bikers who are on the blunt end. What these well intentioned but common sense deficient politicians never take into account is the fact that when  a bike rider loses control it's usually himself he hurts, car drivers usually take a couple of passengers with them and 2 tons of out of control car has the potential to cause far more damage than a 200kg bike. And the majority of bike accidents are caused by clueless car drivers anyway. Level the playing fields for cars and bikes based on power/weight ratio and age of rider/driver.     

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