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Steve Farrell  says:

Mismatched tyres ‘could have caused fatal smash’

A motorist who span across the road killing a biker could not be tried for careless driving because her tyres were mismatched, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.  The CPS says there was no point proceeding with the charge because it could not be proved the crash wasn’t caused by the tyres, which were legal but not recommended by the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (01 February 2012 17:15)

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Sep 05

Posts: 17

diverbob says:

mismatched car tyres

had this poor sole had mismatched tyres on his bike they would of said it was the bikers fault if he had skidded across the road after just overtaking a vehicle The car should not have passed the MOT with mismatched tyres, so why so lenient with this killer. Throw the book at her i say fcuk - ing uninsured t--t ..........

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Oct 05

Posts: 4

SiBorg7of7 says:

The real crime here is that someone has been killed due to recklessness and carelessness, and essentially gotten away with it.  This punishment equates to a few weeks of Ms. Roberts time probably, in community service and fines, and is just not right.

Are there no lawyers willing to act on behalf of the family to bring a private prosecution against Ms. Roberts?  The measure of culpability is much lower in a civil case than a criminal prosecution ('balance of probabilities' = 51% certain of guilt, versus 'beyond a reasonable doubt' = 99% certain), and therefore hopefully more likely to succeed.  Please, someone needs to help justice be done, both for the family and the deceased.


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Feb 09

Posts: 135

N152er says:


I Hope she rots in Hell

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Feb 12

Posts: 1

mmmplmh2 says:

Shocking! It's like saying they weren't the right bullets for the gun i was firing indiscriminately into a crowd therefore i shouldn't be done for murder, just holding a gun i shouldn't use (well, not quite, but close)

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Dec 08

Posts: 1293

boybilly1967 says:

The CPS are a disgrace, always looking for reasons to lessen the charge.

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

I feel i'm missing something obvious here. Mismatched tyres would surely only be an issue were the car to be put into a situation where they would be said to be acting near the limits of adhesion. This would only happen if the driver were pushing the car close to these limits, either voluntarily or in response to an external factor. Having mismatched tyres is not of itself an adequate causal event to cause a car to suddenly spin for no other reason.

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Jan 12

Posts: 25

DazzleRebel says:


This should be shocking but just shows how little the CPS actually values human life. You'd get a harsher sentence for file sharing, but of course it would take years of public pressure to get the government to even acknowledge there's an issue and even then they'd only look at making small tweeks to individual laws and guidelines. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the justice system full stop and if it ever becomes a truly logical system that is actually in tune with what the majority of the public want then I'll eat my motorcycle helmet.

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Sep 07

Posts: 75

djjonnibgood says:

"One of the car’s front tyres was standard for the model. The other was a similar but later version from the same tyre manufacturer which is not recommended for the car."

What a load of utter nonsense! A later version of the same tyre may have been manufactured after MG went bust, and hence couldn't possibly be approved by them! If the tyre wasn't of adequate standard then it shouldn't be sold in this country. If the tyre had actually failed in some way, i could begin to understand, but as far as the story makes out, the accident was caused by the car spinning moments after over taking, which sounds like the driver has lost control. The victims family and friends must be devestated by this ruling...disgusting in my eyes!

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Nov 11

Posts: 109

punishment means death in vain

Erm I think the tyres may have been a major issue but she was not insured so should not have been on the road full stop. But the most disgusting thing is the pathetic punishment handed down this woman killed another human being in a clearly badly maintained car no insurance. If a person kills another by accident that is very sad, but if a person kills another while being at fault and driving illeagally they should be given years and years in prison and lose their licence for at least 10 years or for life. I feel gutted for the mother family and friends that have lost someone they love and the Police compound the damage by doing sweet F all as per usual.    

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May 09

Posts: 25

LukeZX6 says:


I am absolutely disgusted by this.

She had just overtaken a car then went straight into the biker! F* * * the tyres, shes a dangerous driver full stop! 

a driving ban for one year and yet a bloke who rode his bike at 120 (i think?) with his son on the back got a jail sentance even though there was no accident??













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