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Steve Farrell  says:

IAM's 'unfair' claims over bike safety

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has been accused of unfairly focussing on motorcyclists with claims of rising casualties. An IAM release states that 18 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured a day from July to September 2011, up 2% on the year before. The release says motorcycle casualties remained 'stagnant' compared to figures for cars and calls on police and government...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 February 2012 09:28)

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Jun 07

Posts: 119

guzzivee8 says:

careful ducatigav

that'd be the same JC who has no time for bikes and, if memory serves suggested that he would string piano wire across the road to take them out


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Mar 06

Posts: 107

Hedgeholer says:

IAM turns on Bikers - So fight back

Until reading this I was moderately warmly disposed toward the IAM

- Thought they could be a bit beardy and anal but basically reasonable and objective.

I was wrong.


IAM  want to unleash 'enforcement' on Bikers ...........  Well you can bet your arse that will simply mean legitamising more nickings for safe but over the limit speed, because whatever they say the Old Bll & the Politicians mostly just want (a) The money & (b) Statistics that make  a failing Police service look better to a mostly two-short-planks public, and will have absolutely Jack S**t to do with making us safer. 

Right then. They wanna start?

I call on all Bikeriding members of IAM to give their organisation the ultimatum 'Issue a very public retraction or we'll leave'.

You can choose not to do that of course. 

Just don't take it too personally when I shun anyone wearing IAM decals in future....  

And understand that by doing nothing you become part of the problem by condoning the organisation doing this.

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Aug 02

Posts: 129

stevecase says:

The IAM approach is nice and simple for nice and simple people

I'm thinking that I'd put a slant on this and chuck it back in their face...

What vehicle type is most likely to be driven without insurance, MOT etc either by volume or % of the total number of that vehicle type on the road - Bet its cars!

What vehicle type is most likely to be driven/ridden by someone who does not understand the UK driving laws either by volume or % of the total number of that vehicle type on the road - Bet its cars again!

What vehicle type is most likely to be involved in an RTA where the occupants of that vehicle then leave the scene to avoid prosecution either by volume or % of the total number of that vehicle type on the road - Bet know where this is going

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Aug 02

Posts: 1557

superbol says:


Not keen on their members,Some of the car lads are right knobs as for bike lad mmmm jurys out

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Mar 08

Posts: 132

tman39a says:


18 injuries or fatalities is never a nice thing to see but that includes a few tourists travelling back from the Ulster Grand Prix and is at the peak of the bike season as such when there are somewhere close to 200,000 bikes on the road and also doesn't mention what caused it in the first place. Yes bikers are more vulnerable as speed increases but any speed can be fatal...its just how you stop thats the problem...I got chucked from a bike years ago when it heat seized at wrecked and pride hurt but as I just tumbled along an empty road I walked away.....had it happened on a busy road i'd have been knocked around like a pinball by all sizes of vehicles. IAM often come across as know it alls and some of their local members don't impress me with their driving

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Jun 09

Posts: 12

trannie680 says:

Too many accidents!

The BMF are justifying their existence? The IAM are just trying to increase their coffers? The Government hate bikers because we are free thinkers. And all car drivers get in their cars just to kill a biker?????  Wouldn't it be wonderfull if all us free thinking bikers suddenly decided NOT to become another accident statistic. To all those who slag of the IAM way of riding I trust you have had an assesment and shown them how good you are and told them where they are going wrong!  No. Ah well, why don't you go along to the next assesment day they are holding in your area and impress them with your accident avoidence and road craft techniques. If you think police riders are half decent bikers maybe you would like to try a bikesafe course. If you can get on one you will receive a copy of the ' police riders handbook', which incidently is the same book that the iam use. Or you could try any one of dozens of independent  training groups. Yes well, it would be wonderfull. But I suspect all bikers are allready experts, and I'm sure the next accident will be somebody else's fault!


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Aug 02

Posts: 129

stevecase says:

I agree with the reducing accidents

On bikes we need to be aware that at the speeds bikes go we're moving a lot faster than people expect and they cannot judge our speed correctly so carry out a manuever and...BANG!

As to motorcycle coppers we don't have any round here and I haven't seen one in years so its hard to compare their riding style to mine or anyone elses, butI wouldn't use normal police in their panda's as a standard because they are at best average and at worst dangerous (The only people to have crashed into a fire engine in Luton were 2 coppers in a panda car after they jumped a red light).

Mind you I don't know if beat coppers do IAM training for driving diesel Ashtrays?

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Feb 12

Posts: 11

ajdubas says:

Police Drivers

I have to agree with stevecase here, I haven't seen any cops on motorcycles but the cars I have seen don't drive by the highway code, let alone to any higher standard! I thought it might be worth posting up some comparative statistics: In 2007, there were 76(!) people per day killed or seriously injured in a car. Bearing in mind this is in a vehicle with crumple zones, stringent vehicle safety regulations, air bags and seatbelts, the statistics don't seem so bad for motorcycles (and other vulnerable road users) where the crumple zone is your face.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

I must quote Charro..

On this issue.

"Is the IAM interested in reducing motorcycle casualties or increasing its income"

Money is the god for many people and organisations nowdays and the IAM are no exception.


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Jan 09

Posts: 6

Rredrider251 says:

Dead or injured

Why do they always quote dead or seriously injured together and not separately. It always reads if the people have died. I contested a casualty figure like this for a relief road in Luton and it turned out no one had died at all. And what is seriously injured? A broken leg or paralysed for life. Ok you want neither but there are probably more Sunday league footballers with broken legs (serious injuries) than motorcyclists but no one has tried cutting sport injuries.

It's a strange remark for IAM who I thought supported all motorists including motorcycles.


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