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DUCATI Ducati Panigale first ride: 'Like no Ducati I've ridden' 1199 PANIGALE

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Michael Neeves  says:

Ducati Panigale first ride: 'Like no Ducati I've ridden'

UPDATE, 11 Feb, 15:10"We're midway through our day riding the new Panigale and it continues to impress. The 195bhp Superquadro engine is hugely impressive with just the right amount of usable torque to fly out of the corners and monster power for devouring the straights. "Everything from the suspension, engine braking, traction control, ABS and god knows what else is adjustable,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 February 2012 15:10)

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Sep 03

Posts: 74

giancola says:

Engine as stress member!!!

The last motorbike manufacturer I remember that produced a bike with the engine as a stress member (I'm proberbly wrong here so don't linch me), was honda with either the VFR or one of the Fireblades.


It was then in its next incarnation returned back to a full frame with engine mounted inside it, so on that info I think the next 1199 could go back to a full frame too, but if anyone can correct me in anyway I will bow to their superior knowledge.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

rossi has aided

if its anything like rossi's new gp12 then it can get binned, casey just rode the thing. dukes have always got my attention till they got changed for no reason. lmao. 916 always the best looker.

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Feb 10

Posts: 201

wesley01 says:


The kawasaki zx12R used the engine as a stressed member, im not a massive ducati fan but the engineering brilliance and skill cannot be doubted, sure one could not even use 50% on the roads but as an engineering punch is right up there, congrads ducati for thinking and acting big.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

enjoy the hospitality

After the publicity nightmare that has been Rossi on board an engine-as-stressed-member Ducati, and Ducati's complete abandonment in MotoGP of the concept that is central to this Panigale, we can be sure that Neevesy and his ilk will be enjoying all sorts of hospitality in Abu Dhabi to convince them to write good things about the bike.

So lap up the drink, the food, the deluxe accommodation, the rubbing-shoulders-with-heroes and the sights Mr Neeves - while we look forward to a 100% factual account of this highly controversial bike.

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Apr 11

Posts: 193

DirtyHarry46 says:


U guys are FUCKIN Blind

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Sep 06

Posts: 310

gixercarl says:

i hate ducati

elefantman i like you

yes finally the world is waking up to cheating ducati the so called ferrari of bikes lololol ferrari prices maybe

yes the bikes look pretty but thats the way the italians get you to make up for it being a pretty tractor

Ducati make crap road bikes they always have,but mugs buy them mainly possers, because they are pretty and cheat there way to winning most wsb titles,

manufacturers know win on sunday sell on monday

the reality is after riding and owning many european bikes, are that we are incapable of producing a bike that are priced for the masses bullet prooof  and refined like no other machines in the world like japan

even the most harcore ducati fan mv fan ktm bmw aprilia fan must admit there bikes feel agricultrial compared to the level of bike japan produce

then there are the facts ride a ducati on the road and your riding goes backward

this new 1199 is so good they wont even race it in their beloved wsb, probarly because of checa they have had weight added to the bike again

the testing ground for all good road bikes is the TT, never see them , dont see mcguiness or guy fighting to get on one, good luck to steve mercer by the way he is a good racer deserves a better bike  

no the ducati road heritage are built on lies lies and more lies

but you mugs have been out to buy more of them and i will be laughing my boll++ off at everyone i see on one

so bring it on mr neeves lets here why we should run out and and buy a ducati this year lololol

yes i hate ducati and for good reason

my money will be going to kawasaki i am afraid


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Jul 10

Posts: 50

Cadwell75 says:


I was lucky enough to ride the new R1 (TC) and S1000rr back to back, and you could never describe the BMW as a agricultural. If you look at the prices of both machines they are nearly the same.

Regarding Ducati in GP, when they entered it was with a v4. It was nothing like their WSBK at the time and  nothing like they had made before.

You can't slag off Ducati for being different or sticking their neck out, you should applaud them for not building another twin spar across the frame four.

It's the European bike builders that have bucked the trend of the recession, and good luck to them.



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Apr 09

Posts: 35

pearsonsnose says:

Why so much hate?

Gixercarl and the rest of you Ducati haters puzzle me. I don't own a Ducati (I have a Suzuki which I assume you do or at least did too judging by your username) but that doesn't make me hate Ducati. Why do you feel so heated about it?

I have to admit your barely literate rant made it a little hard to work out what your main points were but perhaps people who want to buy a Ducati 1199 want to do so because it makes them feel happy? I'm not a big V-twin fan but that's my opinion; it does not make it a fact that they are all shit. For others, they love the feeling a V2 engine gives them and that is their opinion. It doesn't mean all Japanese fours are crap.

One fact you cannot argue with is that Ducati, Aprilia, KTM, BMW and Triumph are all bringing far more innovation to bikes, most are having good sales whereas the Japanese firms seem to have almost given up on bigger bikes in favour of producing millions of tiny 125s and scooters.

As for Ducati cheating in SBK - there is no reason to say that and they have never raced new bikes in the first year of production. They didn't with the 999 or the 1098 so why everyone is banging on about that with the 1199 is a red herring. I suspect the 1199 will clean up in superstock and when the factory bike turns up in 2013 it will also be very fast.

You say you hate Ducati and with good reason. Could that reason be you are a bit of a chump and completely illogical? And maybe a bit jealous of those that choose to spend their hard earned cash on an expensive bike that they really want?

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

Not a Ducati hater

I have two Ducati-powered bikes, I love what they do and wouldn't part with them. No, I don't hate Ducati, but I do think it's delicious watching them turn the disaster of their monocoque frame experiment on the track (at least since Rossi's been on board after Ducati shat on their golden goose, Stoner) into a sales success on the road. Right now they are pulling out all the stops, plying journos with booze, food, hospitality and God knows what else. Let's see if those same journos can give us an objective assessment of the Panigale.

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Aug 02

Posts: 183

AndyDownes says:


The accusation that journalists need to be plyed with booze and have a swanky hotel in order to say nice things about a motorcycle is such a load of old rubbish and has absolutely no foundation in truth. I don't find it particularly acceptable that you make these accusations towards any group of people you don't know.

Would you find it acceptable if someone walked into your office/home/factory/workshop or wherever you work and accuse you of accepting bribes? That's exactly what you are doing here.

MCN's Senior Road tester Michael Neeves is a hugely experienced rider, road tester and phenomenally fast racer too. If he thinks a bike is good that's because it really is, not because of the hotel he stayed in at the launch. Likewise, if a bike isn't up to scratch, he has no drama saying that either. It's MCN that pays Mr Neeves, not anyone else and it's the MCN editor he has to answer to.

Read the paper this week with the full test (along with Neil Hodgson's independent assessment of the 1199) and I think you will find that is a fully rounded and objective assessment of the bike.

Hope this helps.


Andy Downes

MCN Senior Reporter

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