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Michael Neeves  says:

Ducati Panigale first ride: 'Like no Ducati I've ridden'

UPDATE, 11 Feb, 15:10"We're midway through our day riding the new Panigale and it continues to impress. The 195bhp Superquadro engine is hugely impressive with just the right amount of usable torque to fly out of the corners and monster power for devouring the straights. "Everything from the suspension, engine braking, traction control, ABS and god knows what else is adjustable,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 February 2012 15:10)

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Dec 11

Posts: 12

ZootCadillac says:

Just been informed that Ducati actually did pay expenses ( travel hotel, 2 nights ) for this. previous comments I made were before I knew this. Not that it changes much. They were on a flight, ride next day for one day only and home next day. No parties. Glad I didn't go. Seems like work to me ;)

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Jul 11

Posts: 1896

CHRainmaker says:


I'll say it for you mate, there are some wankers on this forum that do nothing but spew vitriolic bullshit at every turn.

The majority of us appreciate your efforts and in depth reports, and I for one would think long and hard before buying a bike that has had a poor MCN review. Conversely, I'm fascinated to hear your thoughts on both the F3 and the Panigale, despite the protestations of a few plonkers below..


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Apr 09

Posts: 5

jgriff4740 says:


Last year i bought a 1098s , it was the first twin i have ever owned. I wouldn't go back to an inline 4 now. I get alll the usual snide remarks, but i take it as a compliment because i know that those that mock are jealous. Sure there is always something to tweek or fettle with but as everyone says they have a kinda soul. Michael Neeves is in my opinion the type of biker/person who you can tell by his reports loves bikes as we all do and i always enjoy his stuff.

You can tell that the manafacturers respect him by what he is allowed to ride (GP,WSB,BSB) and Arai even made his lid available to purchase, so he for sure is no mug

Before people berate as some kinda of numpty who doesn't use his bike, i am not one of those.

Sure i do think that MCN dramatise things too much but M.Neeves doesn't

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

flem - i take it that you know a good libel lawyer?

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

asstoot says:

dream panigale

I am yet again totally in awe at ducati`s new offspring. What a roaring beast and beauty. But it also feels sad because the prices have gone up so much. There seems to be so much `extra` on the bikes nowadays. I guess there has to be otherwise they wouldn`t sell for as much. But does everyone want that? I have admiration and love for the people who design and build something like this. But would I want to own one? Honestly not. If you do track days I say yea, totally get it, but I just find race bikes hard to live with on the roads. You`re either frustrated when going slow because the bike just shrugs at you, or you`re coming very close to what you shouldn`t be doing on public roads. Let`s face it. And to shell out 15 odd grand for an odd weekends trackday, where you`ll be mortified to drop the gorgeous thing, most fast trackday nuts ride pre-dropped jap inline fours, exactly the type of bike that so many people slag off. My point is, stop this supa dupa technical madness,regulate the moto gp to make it more about the rider skill, give us bikes with great chassis and suspension and keep the mammoth power figures and gimmicky electronics so that more of us can afford to ride your nice new bikes. Know what I mean ? :)

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Jan 10

Posts: 17

TruBlu says:

Live and Let ride!

Seriously disappointed in alot of "comments", left by a few.I buy and ride my bike for my own reasons,not yours.I really admire and do listen when Mr Neeves talks. Bring on a long hot summer,take care all. TB

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Feb 08

Posts: 2

DDuckett says:

Love Panigale

The MCN test confirms the beauty is more than skin deep. It's a fabulous piece of art and engineering with added character. But I could never own this bike. I could never afford it, or ride it fast enough to do it justice. Who could lawfully on the road?

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

asstoot says:

WSB duke

Anyone knows why the Pani isn`t being raced in the WSB next season? I really only follow motogp but I thought when the the 1198 came out they popped it on the grid pretty quick(and what a result). Oh, and why do people argue so viciously over the euro bike vs jap bike debate? There are amazing machines on both sides, just depends what you`re into, no?

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Apr 04

Posts: 11

IK_25 says:

Funniest thread for ages

Especially the gixercarl getting owned by Neeves. Come to mention it, those accusing him of not being impartial or overusing superlatives...I think he just gets excited about his job riding the latest and greatest bikes. I agree that more care should be taken in MCN bike reviews in order to maintain credibility though. example: 2009: R1 vs. Fireblade. R1 beats Fireblade despite being heavier and generally less user friendly. 2010: Multi-bike test including unchanged Fireblade and R1. Fireblade beats R1 as (amongst other things) it is more user friendly and lighter. As for the Panigale: @1100970 You say most riders won't be able to make full use of the bike. This has been true for years. I own an 05 GSXR 1000 and don't know many non racers that could push the bike to the absolute limit. But then, why should you feel the need to: In a sports bike, I demand a riding position designed for the average Brit size, not a Japanese 250cc GP sized rider. I want comfortable ergonomics. Powerful motor. Great brakes. High quality suspension. I don't need traction, but if that works with the chassis in creating a bike that feels almost uncrashable, then why not. The Panigale seems to have all of the above. So what's not to like besides maybe the high price to pay for the latest technology. Even that will fall as the latest tech dates as quickly as it arrives.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

asstoot (giggle)

Ducati were not an official entry in WSBK last year, and the same goes for this year. Althea are officially at least a privateer outfit. So it's not surprising that they will not have the latest bike. In any case I don't think it's unprecedented even for factory squads to stick with last year's model despite a new model having been launched to the public.

The Panigale really is a radically new direction for Ducati as far as street bikes are concerned so maybe they need some time getting it sorted first. Never know, you might see Althea rolling out a Panigale at some tests this year, or perhaps even racing it later in the season, depending how well Checa does on the existing bike.

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