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SUZUKI 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride: "So easy to ride" GSX-R1000

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MCN  says:

2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride: "So easy to ride"

The launch of the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 is currently underway at the Miami Speedway track in America. Senior road tester Adam Child has just completed his first session on the bike and these are his thoughts: "My first session went on for ages because no-one waved me in so I just kept going for 40 laps. The big differences to the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 February 2012 15:18)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

a.... hem....

bit of a tall story .....

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Sep 06

Posts: 310

gixercarl says:


as a die hard gixer fan

i must shed a tear as the might gix is light years behind my zx10

shame on you suzuki

sold your soul to the car industry and broke the hearts of us gixer men

this bike will be the fernando torres of the superbike industry

or spend more time on the showroom floor than frank lampard on the chelsea bench

sorry but how can you call this a new model i am sorry

suzuki you must do better and you know it

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Oct 09

Posts: 195

TinkerNZ says:

nice one gixercarl

this has to be the most lucid i've ever read you....

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Apr 06

Posts: 191

ERP30 says:

agree with gixercarl

Have to say I too would consider myself to be a big gsxr1000n fan ... I have always dreamt that someday I would own one but never had the opportunity ... finally for 2012 I'm in a position to get one but I am too disappointed with the upgrade so I'm going down the ZX10R road... it would cost me €17334 for the gsxr or €15300 For the ZX10R that has all the latest gadgets and gismos .(these are real euro prices in rip off ireland).. I was expecting Suzuki to beat all the competition this year but they let me down....

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Jan 11

Posts: 110

RageRider says:

Reality Check!

- We are in the midst of what may turn out to be the worst global recession in living memory.

- Bike sales are down 70%

- Manufacturers have very little money to play with as a result.

- Most consumers have less than no money.

- Why spend money developing bikes people can not afford and therefore will not buy?

- Manufacturers have concentrated on the market sectors that are growing or make the most commercial sense. These are not sports bike sectors. (ZX10 and Panigale started development up to 5 years ago apparently when things were good or at least better.)

- Do people honestly think that Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha etc etc will not be making a potentially class leading bike in the next two years maximum.

- If you want a specific brand..... WAIT!



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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

you guys need somthing else`

gixercarl and the many others:


here is a list of changes to the 2012 model:

This is a superbike, a bloody good one at that. the changes are not superficial.


If you want to buy somthing that just looks new each realease then go and buy a sodding ipod or somthing - im so sick of hearing people moan because they havent re-invested fairing again, its just abs plastic, the bike is underneath. rant over. sorry if you disagree - i dont care!



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Jul 10

Posts: 50

Cadwell75 says:

Try before you buy?

What ever happened to try before you buy? before passing judgement i would take a test ride and judge for yourself.

This new 2012 model has apparently been developed in part with the road rider in mind. More grunt, more drive and easier to ride fast.

If this is true, then it sounds like they are trying to capture the DNA of the fantastic K5/6. A bike many regard as the best GSXR1000 ever built.  If that's the case it may change a few minds.

Personally after seeing it in the flesh at the NEC, i thought it looked really good. Classic electric blue GSXR colours and a single sided exhaust.

It could be the surprise of 2012, who knows?

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:

Gixxer Fan

I love gsxr's I've owned loads since 1987... the problem is the essence of a gsxr has been missing since 2007. And as much as my loyalty normally makes me update to the flagship model I cannot bring myself to do it. all models 750, 1100 and 1000's upto and including my k4 made me wary (the journalist words usually were "does not suffer fools gladly") the k7 moved away from that with a (possibly EEC pleasing) softening of low and midrange power (perhaps to help emissions). To be honest it has made the bike easier to ride in the snow but made the mode switch pointless and more importantly took away everything GSXR represents (imho) power, power, power. It's strange that as suzuki brought out an engine that I would normally associate with honda... honda brought out the r8 fireblade with an engine that was more gsxr than suzuki could manage... although stepping up was a bit beyond their ability and is reflected by oil consumption figures which puts the running costs out of my reach. My k7 makes me smile, will pull wheelies up to 140 effortlessly but it still lacks that something that fills me with that "OY LOOK-AT-MY-BIKE" feel. So what I have to weigh up when I look at the new model is.... "Is it really worth my bike and 6 to 7 grand... quite honestly I doubt it is... because when Suzuki do make the next "real" Gsxr we'll all know because the reviews will be screaming at us to buy.....

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:

all the hype in 2010 about this bike being awesome but not quite fully tweaked for 2011, so wait till 2012.... only served to make this model the biggest anti climax ever. lots of people, myself included were waiting for a Gsxr to, not only regain it's rightful place as top dog, but to stamp the others into submission. I'm assuming (sadly and reluctantly) that it's insignificant changes will keep it in last place behind the other japanese 3 and bmw (shamefully where it rightly belongs). I'm sure it's a good bike... none of hondas oil problems, yamahas weight, or kawasakis ugliness (no offence just not my cup of tea) or BMW's reliability problems.... BUT my K7 cost £8000 this costs £11000 that's an increase just shy of 40% (ignoring my bikes 50% depreciation it's not 90% better) but is it 40% better? Have Suzuki done anything revolutionary or simply followed previous model owners who have lost the 2 ugly exhausts for a 4 into one, trimmed weight and changed the engine map (although suzuki haven't used a power commander). People can go on about engine refinements (which is manufacturer talk for lost 5 lbs and gained 1 or 2 Bhp) but skimming valves and shaving grams can be achieved easier by me skipping breakfast for a few months. I don't feel the need for a power reducing mode switch on my bike or traction control or any other electronic gadgets... from a gsxr, I simply want to be first away at the lights and have power everywhere... like gsxr's of the past. If Suzuki go back to the original concept they'll sell bikes even at the over inflated prices they are now... in the USA they sell for £8800 new but they do have a bigger market and advertise.... when did you last see a major manufacturer advertise on ITV or channel 4 or 5 ?

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:


Don't mean to rant... just fed up that Suzuki keep producing bikes that come last in shoot outs and give my mates something to annoy me

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