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SUZUKI 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride: "So easy to ride" GSX-R1000

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MCN  says:

2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride: "So easy to ride"

The launch of the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 is currently underway at the Miami Speedway track in America. Senior road tester Adam Child has just completed his first session on the bike and these are his thoughts: "My first session went on for ages because no-one waved me in so I just kept going for 40 laps. The big differences to the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 February 2012 15:18)

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Apr 06

Posts: 191

ERP30 says:

@ Gravy 1

I totally hear what your saying... For me the gsxr has always been the bike to have for power... doesn't mean you will ever use it all but to know its there is nice... Thats why i cant justify the price... Honestly do the dealers think im buying a ferrari or porsche .. Once again for those who missed it €17334 for the gsxr or €15300 For the ZX10R thats including the 2% vat increase.. thats over 2 grand extra for the suzuki ... cant justify it at all and just to make things clear thats for a 2011 model gsxr not a 2012 model .... God only know what price they will look for a 2012 gsxr1000 :mad:

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Apr 06

Posts: 58

gravy1 says:

ash on bikes review

just read the review by kevin ash and to sum up it's the same bike with no low end power and a slightly better midrange which also has a side effect of increased vibration... just another case where new doesn't mean better, just newer... manufacturers are killing of sports bikes quicker than any regulations or governments can. On a seperate note.... I'm very concerned about bridgestone tyres. Every test that has them have removed them from track testing. The new blade testing was filled with lack of grip complaints and the R10 tyre was used instead as it was on this track review.... bring back the bt010's

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Jan 11

Posts: 105

RageRider says:

To gravy1...

You are right that newer definitely is not necessarily better but I have read the Kevin Ash review and your comments seem a little misrepresentative of what he actually said in my opinion.

He didnt say it had no low end power at all, he said under 4000rpm it had lost a bit in order to beef up the midrange but it was not an issue as it still had plenty and you dont spend a lot of time under 4k anyway.

To be fair the vibes were supposedly worse as a result of lighter engine internals but I doubt anyone will get white finger any time soon. He actually makes a case for it being the best all-round 1000cc 4 cylinder supersport bike although eludes to the Fireblade pipping it.

Interesting that in his opinion the best all-rounders and road bikes are the ones WITHOUT rider aids, although the CBR and GSXR are among probably the least powerful in the class which tells its own story I guess.

If I was in the market for a road bike of this type I would be choosing between the CBR and GSXR and if I wanted a track bike I would be considering the S1000RR, RSV4 or maybe the Panigale.....and then I woke up.....

I suggest people read the Ash article for themselves if they are sufficiently interested as it seems a pretty fair and realistic assessment of the L2 GSXR1000.

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Jun 10

Posts: 188

Toecutter71 says:

As a gravy11 complane, yes SUZUKI motorcycle branch obvioussly have BIG problems which is not result of E crisis. In last 6 years Suzuki didnt make any reall brend new Bike, "NEW GSR750" Jesus, on possition some of suzuki CO i will be shamed to call that Kawasaki Z750 new Bike, NEW V STROM650, what is new dashboard and bunch of plastic, GSXR series, let see, from 2008, maybe new 600, and 750 from 2011, is something which Suzuki can called NEW but it's that enough for SUZUKI like a BRAND....But i suposse that whitdraw from MotoGP can produce realy complet new gamas of old names, Like is Bandit(from low price) To The realy new one big bore Adventure Bikes and yes only branch in Suzuki bikesCo, which didnt had to turbulent (in negative way) change of models is MotoCross branch, which again has his base of customers in Australia end US of A .And because of lot disapointment all around the EU by SUZUKI NO-MAKING any respectable really brand new  bikes(for me SUZUKI like bikes maker, make his final "touch of bottom" whit NEW GSR750) And that was the best possible signal that in Suzuki Bikes Branch something wrong BIG TIME)

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

asstoot says:


Cor, it`s well funny when potential customers express their disappointment. We want a brand new bike. This bike isn`t brand new enough, it doesn`t have enough gimmicks on it. It only makes 175 and not 185 bhp. I agree with A Child, give me a bike with a good chassis and clean fuelling and let me do the rest as a rider. Traction control for road riding? Wheelie control? Launch control? Give me break. Good for racers to shave off tenths of laptime. And for people hypnotized by the marketing blurb. I remember earning my spurs on a C90. Had countless modern bikes since as they got better and better. But the days of razzing around on the C90...sigh :)

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Jun 10

Posts: 188

Toecutter71 says:

Missing a point

No my friend, i do not min on flashy gizzmo's and others "fancy" stuff....I actually said "new" GSR 750 as the best example of customer intelligence insulted, I personally  bought three years ago Bandit 650s, and the release of a new GSR, I thought, as if you'll be my cup of tea (he I'm sure you want especially for mid GSR600 previous mode, all I've ever had, even if they are appreciated customer objections to the previous model was too hard GSR600 rear and front suspension is too soft, and that he was practically the only drawback you are correct, and so we are dreaming, and rood awakening was picture of Kawasaki z750 instead of new GSR750, so that at least one R version, with four-piston brake calipers and aluminum rear fork, does not:mad:, instead offer the "Z750" for two thousand euros more:blink: ... Do you now understand what I meant, i need not ABS or Traction Control,I just wish , when SUZUKI call something BRAND NEW MODEL, that shod not be old model of other japan Manufacturer :ph43r:

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