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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner becomes a father for the first time

Reiging MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner and wife Adriana are celebrating the birth of their first child. Stoner became a father to a baby girl named Alessandra in Switzerland last night. A short message on the Repsol Honda Twitter feed read: “We are very happy to announce Alessandra Stoner was born on the 16/02/2012 at 21:55 weighing 2.8kg. Mum & baby are...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (17 February 2012 09:24)

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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:

I just watched TT closer to the edge and the majority of it was about Guy Martin .The Guy got penalised and threw a temper tantrum refused to go to the podium all because his times in a previous race were out about 1.2 sec in 2010 so he got a 30 sec panalty and ended 4th in the race. Yet he tells the truth winges about his bike and is well liked in the english racing public. He has the same traits as Stoner but all is forgiven due to him being English. In the DVD they explained his attitude as being a real biker old skool well I for one like a racer who says what they think and is not in the limelight just for the hell of it .I watch the race then turn it off , I'm not a fan of drama and reality shows and could not give a shit who some Kardashian is  being seen with . If you want to watch a Drama reality show go watch football, some little Italian will take a dive roll around on his back doing a fancy cellebration when they finally kick a goal and not shake a hand of an opposing player. MotoGP is not doing so well in the ratings at the moment and this is down to Dorna Rossi will leave and hopefully take his cult followers with him then the sport will keep the real biking fans and not just a bunch of fake drama loving follower

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Sep 11

Posts: 546

TetsuoSama says:

When you say "listen to yourself"

... do you actually listen to yourself?

If Casey moaned or threw tantrums half as much as his critics, they'd have a point.

The guy spends 90% of last year with the biggest smile on his face, but what do you hear from his critics?  Moaning and tantrums all season long (and it still goes on).

You want to know a sure fire way to get up a #46er's nose?  Talk about Casey and Vale's head-to-head record.  Just brace yourself for some real moaning and tantrums (ask HRC).

Enjoy the reasoning that the only true way to compare the two riders is to compare them in different eras.  Hurrah!  We've got a new benchmark in delusion.

It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

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Jan 12

Posts: 1463

doohanfan says:

honestly wosidog

It is undoubtedly true that rossi is much more popular than stoner. And your point is?

What really riles stoner's fans  and it would appear stoner himself are the intricate webs spun by those of your ilk to try to explain that he hasn't really won 2 motogp titles and 33 motogp races. Several pages of absolute nonsense about how his pleasure in his daughter's birth would somehow be tarnished by her being born on valentino's birthday are illustrative of who has the abnormal focus. I guess the next line of argument will be about how this imaginary disquiet is a further example of petulance.

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Aug 11

Posts: 150

veronicaisl says:


Pls get a life. You are always whinging in this site. Im really sorry for you. You are so affected of what's happening to rossi.

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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:

Who's in who's head

I'm sure the thought  of " Don't let her be born today" was never in the Stoner family mind but yet Rossi tweeted about Stoner's baby. who is in who's head ? Alot of people moaned to HRC about the childish statistic post but Rossi is clever with his tweet. HYPOCRITES You banana lovers are worse than the man you hate

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

Wosideg you're pathetic

No one cares what you think. This article is about Stoner becoming a dad, and you can't even say a kind word about that. Go back and crawl under the damp rock that spawned you.

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Aug 11

Posts: 422

ChupaChump says:

Congratulations to the Stoners

I'm not a Stoner fan by any stretch but some of the comments in this thread are beyond a joke. Who knows what's going to happen this season so it might be an idea to 'keep your powder dry' until the season gets underway.______________________________________________________________ Maybe Rossi might start fighting for podiums again who knows. I hope Barbera doesn't embarrass him when he gets to ride Nicky's bike at the next test. Not sure how the Rossi camp would be able to spin that one...

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

rossi fans

Wow you lot would prefer if rossi was the only person on the grid, and that way he would win every time and no one else could upset you. I used to be a fan of rossi but his absolute nob jockey followers like wosidog that are clearly fat little 'special' children make me want him to lose and get embarrassed just so they can be even more butt hurt, the most pathetic fans of any sport in the world. Congratulations to Stoner on the birth of his child

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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

Its fair to say a war has broken out between Rossi and Stoner fans these arguements never seem to go away for once move on to a new subject.

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Aug 09

Posts: 37

glynny says:

Back to the Actual Subject!!!

Massive congrats to Casey and Adriana. I think the rest of the field can only hope the wee one keeps him up late some Saturday pre-race nights, i think thats the only chance they'll have of living with him this season. By the way, some of the comments, i feel as though i want to separate you red and yellow children and make you sit at opposite ends of the classroom. There's a couple o guys here that need to have a quiet word with themselves, painfully childish reading.

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