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MCN  says:

Video: Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 now produces the most midrange of any 1000cc superbike. What's more, weight has dropped by 2kg and it's gained Brembo brakes and comes with revised big piston suspension. Suzuki has gone back to what made the GSX-R legendary and simplified the way to a quick lap time. In other words: stop for the corner, get the bike turned...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 February 2012 12:44)

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:


Well said mate and very true

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Jul 08

Posts: 19

gasgas280 says:

"Band-Aids such as traction control are not needed if the chassis is fundamentally correct, as in this Suzuki and the Fireblade"

Clearly hasn't ridden a bike with traction control! Nothing to do with chassis set-up. MCN have proven you can ride a bike better/faster with rider aids regardless of chassis. and i have to agree...

With regard to this bike, i think Suzuki are taking the piss!


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Nov 11

Posts: 32

souroush says:

"Band-Aids such as traction control are not needed if the chassis is fundamentally correct, as in this Suzuki and the Fireblade" I beg to differ on that mate.It is just like saying that you don't need protective clothing if you got strong bones! Not saying that the GSXR and Fireblade are not good . I think they are the best and most practical but they can be better .

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


Instead of wasting time writing here about how crap this new 1000 is,  why don't you offer your expertise to Suzuki, and tell them what they need to do?    You'll probably get a contract worth millions off them.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2770

spondonste says:

Evolution has worked for most things

Looks like the pub bragging riders believe if it aint got electronics to limit the bike then it's crap. Most of this stems from the fact that they have limited ability or feel for what the bikes doing and want to ham fist it round every corner they can.

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Mar 08

Posts: 194

liquid_metal says:

good bike

I've got a 2011 gsxr1000 (from what i can tell the 2012 model apart from a single exhaust and a few engine tweaks is basically the same as the 09 - 11 model) its a cracking bike and to be honest for me, not having ABS or traction controll or anti wheelie or launch control or what ever else is a bloody good bonus, i love a bike that you have to stay awake on or it'll bite back (one of my favourite bikes i've had was a TL1000S, now that really would bite back or so i've been told, never happened to me :P ) and in the real world if your totally honest with yourself how often do you ride hard enough on the road for all the traction control stuff to kick in and do its stuff? I'm not the worlds fastest or hardest rider but i do give my bike some serious stick on the twisties and never once have i lost traction on the front or rear wheel, fallen off or fliped the bike through wheelying too high ;) and i've ridden alot of big boys (tl1000, zx10r, gsxr1000, R1) and there is more to think about, was everyone falling off early R1's, blades, etc.... because they didn't have traction control? NO they wasn't. AND one final thing, again if your being honest with yourself it doesn't matter what 1000 your riding with any amount of electronic tricks, if there is a sh** hot rider on a 600 he'll pi** all over you on the twisties. Rant over, gsxr is a good bike, if you haven't ridden one i suggest to ride one before you comment

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Feb 06

Posts: 202

Banzai600 says:

A little can be a lot when......

AA little is a lot when you dont really need to go all mad on electronics and gismo gadgetry etc etc. The 2012 suzuki GSXR1000 is a great bike - they all are these days. No such thing as a bad litre bike is there. What suzuki have done (in my opinion) is tweeked their already excellent flagship sportsbike to make it that bit better.Not bad for a company on a tight budget !! .Simple as right?

In fairness what they have done is enough to satisfy their loyal customers I think.Suzuki will come again with a new new bike in 2 or so yrs and blow us alll away again i'm sure. Dont knock them for this new bike, nothing wrong with it. I'v never owned a gixxer thou but have ridden a few including current model, perfect litre bike as good as the rest of them. Honda's new 2012 fireblade isnt new new either - same story pretty much as the new 2012 gsxr1000 (minor mods) , nobody slating that bike - whats up there ?

Good effort Suzuki, nothing to be worried about here.

(Again for the record, i aint into this traction control stuff. Give me a good blanced bike with additional extras as options not forced upon me)


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Jan 12

Posts: 53

asstoot says:

liquidmetal (and banzai)

Totally with you on those comments, well said. An excellent bike from suzuki if you can tell chalk from cheese. Btw, I remember a few years back tooling along on my gixer6, slicing the apexes and thinking I was the next, well least Randy De Puniet, when I got BLITZED by two coppers on their pan euros, never even saw them coming. I pulled over at a pub and ordered double humble pie straight away, haha.

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Jul 08

Posts: 134

kennygorrie says:

Now now gentlemen

To put my comments forward, I'm a BMW s1000 rider and love the traction control etc etc, to the guy who said he has ridden most of the 1000s hard and never had the rear move then your kidding yourself on about how hard your riding mate. My last bike was an 848 and was very easy to spin up the rear, however the lovely showa suspension/chassis made these events fun and not scary, as I'd imagine the new showas on the gixer will also be a step in the right direction. Paired with a set of brembos I think this bike will be sorted. I've ridden the 2011 gixer 750 with the new gizmos and what a leap from the previous one. Traction control/ABS for me dosnt make the bike a better bike, but there is a safety net there when u might just need it. If something pulls out on you in the wet and you squeeze the breaks, big chance you could loose the front, hit ur abs hard and a computer will offer u every bit of traction u can get. And I can tell you that these gizmos don't make a bad bike

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Feb 06

Posts: 202

Banzai600 says:


I aint saying there is anything wrong with traction control / abs etc. I happen to think abs is a good idea. Rode the abs fireblade / vfr1200 / k12000s etc and happened to like it. My cbf600s hack also has abs.

What i am sayings is the fact the new gsxr1000 doesnt have all new gizmos doesnt make it any less of a bike - case closed :)

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