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MCN  says:

Video: Suzuki GSX-R1000 first ride

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 now produces the most midrange of any 1000cc superbike. What's more, weight has dropped by 2kg and it's gained Brembo brakes and comes with revised big piston suspension. Suzuki has gone back to what made the GSX-R legendary and simplified the way to a quick lap time. In other words: stop for the corner, get the bike turned...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (20 February 2012 12:44)

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Jan 04

Posts: 284

R6nutter6 says:

QUOTE "Staggering stupidity

The comments on here simply smack of riders saying their egos far outstrip their abilities. If you are riding these bikes on the road in the manner that requires these aids to step in then you are a fatality waiting to happen. The Biking community needs morons like that like it needs a hole in its head.

If you are buying a road bike with the intention of taking it to its limits on the road with other traffic about then Darwin WILL win and you'll remove yourself from the gene pool. I can see the number of bike accidents massively going up this year because morons really seem to believe these aids will stop them crashing.


Driver aids on cars have only ever meant car drivers drive more dangerously and eratically than they used to do. Thats ok when you're surrounded by a safety cell but without it!!!!!"


My Honda Civic 2.2 diesel has plenty of driver aids but I certainly do not drive it like a cretin. Things like ABS and traction control should have been added a long time ago to bikes. It's helps in certain situations at LEGAL speeds, like slippery surfaces, loose gravel, diesel etc etc. Not everybody drives/rides like a twat on the public roads and driver aids certainly do not add to people driving like cretins be it a car or bike. People with that kind of mentality will always drive like a twat no matter what 'aids' they have.


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Nov 08

Posts: 878

Keep It Simple Suzuki

Risk compensation ABS is a great comfort, each of us knows it, and we want it for our kids even if we on't want it for us, right? Odd really, considering it offers no overall reduction accidents in cars (fact *), nor will it in bikes (conjecture). It's mandated into EU law because Bosch is a very effective lobbyist, and since it's not delivering the results they're moving on to mandatory ESP - another lucrative snake oil.

We don't need it, it will actually help as many, or slightly more, to their dooms as it saves. Yes, TC and ABS will help us go faster, brake later, feel safer, but we'll eat into the safety margin and be ever more perplexed when it all goes arse up! We'd all be better off without it. But yes, Suzuki are just playing the save money and/or wait until they've got it working game.

EDITED to make links clickable

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Aug 02

Posts: 2716

spondonste says:

Car safety aids = more crashes but less severity (airbags etc)

Been riding and racing for nigh on 30 years and have no problem with this technology for the track. On the road though many riders will drive more aggressively because they believe this technology will get them out of the shit. Once they start throwing themselves into roadside furniture there will be calls for more anti bike legislation. By that token riders who want to regularly use this technology whilst on the road are selffish twats who will cause problems for the rest of us.

Traction control systems work at the  limit of traction. Can you honestly say those people with these rider aids aren't going to drive more aggressively on ROADS???


The Road aint a track! By all means have fun from time to time but use common sense in what your doing rather than brain out relying on technology to save your life.


PS: Actually in some loose traction scenarios ABS system don't work and can cause a problem (eg shale etc)

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Jan 11

Posts: 7558

snev says:

I remember a few years ago, a girl I worked with hired a cavalier which had ABS brakes when I asked her what it was like, she replied "it took some getting use to the brakes" more proof that "Dumbass Britain" is getting worse.

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Jan 04

Posts: 284

R6nutter6 says:

Yeah fancy being that stupid and hiring a Cavalier

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Aug 02

Posts: 359

wings1372 says:

Sounds like it'll make a decent road bike, good mid range is what I prefer on the road and I don't ride fast enough to need TC or ABS. What MCN need to do in the bike reviews is make the judgements based on road use and stop taking bikes to tracks to decide which one goes the fastest then saying that's the one to have. It would be better to have a road rating and a track rating for each bike on test then the biker can decide which is most suitable for their type of use.

Nice to see Suzuki have done a decent blue/white colour scheme again.

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Oct 11

Posts: 6

navsarrami says:

Same old track

Most road going riders (those who have commented) have more insight than all the bike testers combined.

What is the point of the persistence with all the track testing. Most of us get to a track once a year if we are lucky (and its raining if we are not!!). The other 360 days we use these things on the road.

Come on MCN get the message, be brave, test the shiny shiny bike on the road with Cavalier drivers with ABS and white van men without and give us something worth reading.
I know its not as much fun as caning around a sunny track for a day on someone else’s bike/tyres but go on at least your readers will appreciate the sacrifice.

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Aug 10

Posts: 456

shawno76 says:

MCN is lIke Politics

Celebrities for muppets.  Look who's on the panel: Adam Child (grease ball), Ross Noble (a walking greaseball unfunny Ghost), The Gash (takes himself way too seriously)  Jules whathisface from Red Dwarf -  I mean come on. I do like Neevesey though.  Keith Flint is a legend - although seems to have issues) alright and all ex racers are ace by default.   Yes can be objective and look at what they're trying to achieve, but the aforementioned - just aren't likable as people.  It's all about the people in fairness.  Anyway, bike looks  minst.  LOVE Crafar.  Met him in Aragon.  Top fella.  That's it.

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