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Matthew Birt  says:

Cal Crutchlow boosted by 1000cc MotoGP switch

British rider Cal Crutchlow is confident the switch from 800cc to 1000cc for the MotoGP world championship will boost his hopes of fighting consistently for the top six in 2012. The Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider has impressed in two winter test sessions so far having gelled quickly with the new YZR-M1 1000cc machine. The 26-year-old was fourth quickest on his 1000cc...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (21 February 2012 15:14)

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Feb 09

Posts: 844

chrisg011 says:

I must admit

that now Elbowz has converted to Stoner, I dont feel so bad about liking Spies.

Riders and teams have stated the power was turned down on the first 4 gears of the 800s, so the 1000s will not be suddenly 'tearing up the track' rather giving the boys more power to playwith. Cal has a shot for top 5 behind the 4 aliens, if he finds his 'comfort place' in the team and with base settings.

The open question for me regarding the Tech3 squad is the relationship between team mates and whether they are able to work together in the sharing of data. Dovi like Cal isn't a prima-donna and the squad dont have the pressures of the factory to contest - could this be a fractious relationship or harmonious?

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Jul 06

Posts: 2037

buelligan272 says:

utter tosh lee wint!

Hopper could not live with our fastest!!! How do you work that one out?
Sounds like you just dont like yanks!
Hopper almost won the championship after an incredible season and if his bike had been more reliable and he had not been taken out a few times he would have won!
Please dont discredit a brilliant rider.

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Aug 09

Posts: 177

busaman195 says:

best of luck to him

The best of luck to cal hope he does well this year......

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Feb 11

Posts: 4

LeeWint says:

Reply to buelligan272

I love Yanks, just could not eat a whole one right now! Seriously Hopper is great but just never seems to quite get there...Close but no cigar... I hope he does well in WSB but injured already and now Josh is smashing up his bike! On MotoGP, I reckon a Yank as about as much chance as a Brit at the minute. Would love to see Rossi take the title have the flak he's getting, but cant see anyone getting passed Mr Stoner. Fairplay Buelligan and no offence intended,

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Jul 08

Posts: 920

SV Nut???

Great to see your enthusiasm for Big Ben alive and kicking. I would like to politely pull you up on one point though. You said; "I think Cal is a fantastic rider and he should do better on the 1000 because he (and all the riders) will have more power than they can use for the first time since the 990 era."

Errrr the 800's are putting out way over 220 bhp my man which is way more than any of them can use! This is why the 800's are laden with gyro's feeding control boxes information to cut power at every turn. The 990 rule was introduced due to a fear of excessive top speeds by DORNA. Didn't work out very well did it as the 800's became as fast or faster straight out of the box. Compared to tyre and chassis technology GP bikes have had too much power since the mid 80's 500 two strokes. Though Stoner may be one of the cleverest with the twist grip even he relies on the magic boxes to keep him out of the hospital. When asked early last year if he was in favor of eliminating traction controls Casey said he would be against this and that the bikes would be too dangerous without electronic limitations.

Anyway I too "hope" Spies can join a dust up at for the wins but it still remains to be seen if he can get that little bit more from a GP machine which separates the genius from the masters. Best wishes to you and Texas rp.


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Mar 09

Posts: 490

SV659Nut says:


Sorry but I have to dissagree. It's been pretty well accepted that the Yamaha's were down on acceleration to the Honda's since about mid season 2010. That's not just my observaton. The link below will point out that the extra torque of the 1000's will help the bigger riders next year. Which is my point and why I think it will give Ben (and all the larger riders) the acceleration they need out of the corners to stay with Casey and Dani....

There is no doubt that Casey will be very hard to dethrone. He is one of the top 3 or 4 riders and on the best machine - up to this point. I am hoping that Yamaha, and Ben, have an answer to Honda in 2012. If it is similar to the racing we saw between Mat Mladin and Ben it will be amazing to watch!

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Jul 08

Posts: 920

Don't like to be pedantic but...

SV Nut I was commenting on your statement, and I quote; " he (and all the riders) will have MORE POWER THAN THEY CAN USE for the first time since the 990 era." ???? I took that to mean that it will be the first time in 5 years since the riders had MORE POWER than they COULD use? I was commenting that actually they have had too much power for decades it is just how it is managed. Power and torque are two separate issues. You mentioned nothing about acceleration and I agree that the Yamaha's have been slightly disadvantaged although not just because of Honda HP but Honda's clever little gear box and the approach to corner exits employed by Stoner and Pedrosa have as much or more to do with the Honda's jump off a corner and down the straight. ***** The additional torque will help the bigger boys a bit when they blow a corner exit but problem is it is going to benefit the little terrors like Stoner and Pedrosa just as much if not more because of their technique. ***** Final call is that Cal is more endeared to the 1000 because they are easier to ride and more forgiving of trajectory errors as he stated above. Problem here is some folks put too much emphasis on machinery on this forum. If it was F1 or touring cars I would understand but the reason I love bike racing is because the riders of motorcycles are the biggest influence on pace. Therefore Spies should be beating Lorenzo occasionally and Hayden Rossi etc. Ben needs the upgrade more than the bike. Like I said; "I hope he can be in the fight for wins (which will guarantee podiums) this season". Like RDP on the CRT bike at Jerez compared to the other CRT's the rider is the key component. The other CRT's are woefully slow because of the pilots not the bikes. An extra 200cc is not going to change the face of GP racing, Cheers.......

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Oct 07

Posts: 1302

hugelean says:

Honda is supposed to have the best fuel efficiency by some way as well.. Sepang 2010, one lap less and therefore more fuel and the yam looked almost as quick...

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Jul 08

Posts: 176

BMEP says:

Silly fuel racing

and the winner of the World Motorcycle Racing Fuel Efficiency Championship for 2012 is …

What a load nonsense. Plenty of fuel = good racing, not enough fuel = not so good racing - which one would you like to see?

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Sep 11

Posts: 2284

YamahaGYTR says:

Fuel should be switched to what it was during the 990 days 23 litres and that bought very good racing.

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