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Marc Potter  says:

Triumph Tiger Explorer First Ride

MCN Editor, Marc Potter, is at the world launch of the Triumph Tiger Explorer and here are his first thoughts. "Triumph admits it is aiming the Tiger Explorer squarely at the BMW R1200GS, and claims higher spec for less money, better handling, more luggage carrying capacity and at 135bhp, more power from the three cylinder all-new 1215cc engine. "I’m about it...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (24 February 2012 08:24)

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Sep 11

Posts: 48

RoadTrekker says:

It's a personnal thing!

RoadTrekker As with all bike review they are very subjective and only reflect the testers feelings on the day which can be influenced by the weather, road conditions, time allocated even his mood on the day. The only true tester is you so go to your local dealer and get a test ride. I was going to buy a GS1200 last year been reading reviews and dreaming about one for years, went to my local dealer sat on it - gutted I hated it it felt like an elephant which just goes to show that bike testing is personnal. The other issue I have is that the bike can be the greatest but if your local dealer is crap then there is no point in buying one. This point in fact is true where I live in the Czech Republic where we only have one Triumph main dealer who is rude, unhelpful and has no interest in looking after his clients. The end result I would never buy a bike from him no matter how good it is!! The one thing that annoys me is that all bike reviewers keep refering to the GS as the dogs gonads and the bench mark for all other bikes to aspire too, why not drop that old statement and let the readers make up there own minds as to where it sits based on the design and performance I hope the bike sells well as we need Triumph to succeed and stay in business just like we need the old great names of Norton to come back into mainstream sales. The leason endeth!!

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:


thats a good call sir ,having a test ride is the only way to know if a bike suits you,biking is a very personal thing and one mans passion is another mans poisen.just because one magazine tester likes a certain bike and another doesnt means nothing sinister to my friends hate my speed triple i love it but we are all good riders and very good friends.p.s people having different opinions is fine it is only a problem when people get nasty about it and attack others.come on guys we are all bikers and as such the cream of society.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:


Nice to see someone agrees, thanks. Just looked at the article on the new Trophy which we can't comment on!? but does anyone else think it looks like a Pan European?

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Jun 09

Posts: 195

Pads1982 says:


I thought the new trophy looked just like the BMW r1200rt. Again I'm guessing the fuel consumption won't be great, the only thing that keeps my bike besides the shear joy is it fuel economy

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Sep 11

Posts: 10

pipvac says:

Seeking feedback from the ride...

Mr Potter, any adverse remarks on my part will be entirely down to my out right jealously of your test ride in Spain, and bear no relation to your professionalism.

Having owned a Tiger 1050 (and currently riding a Rocket III), I have come to know the triple quite well. But there was always something missing for me, which may ultimately see me getting a BMW K1300S.

The Tiger, including it's latest iteration, seems to suffer from soft front suspension, reducing feel on cornering. It's engine had the performance to keep up with most things on the road, but the suspension let it down. BMW have their high tech ESA as a solution... How does the Explorer 1200 feel in this regard?

The triple engine has a very addictive burble under load, and a great balance of torque and power. However, I always felt the engine lacked flexibility in the rev range (along the lines of a diesel car versus a petrol car), where you wanted to hold a gear for longer but you hit the red line too soon. Not ideal for touring, and not great if your looking for something sporty. Does the new 1200 engine deal with this any better?

I'm 6'4" and weight as much as a small house. Having easy access either to electronic adjustment, or a remote preload adjuster is usually very handy for me provided it makes a positive measurable difference. My Tiger 1050 wasn't much cop, and my Rocket III (in combination with British roads) believes your spine should be all the support you need. Does the Explorer offer convenient adjustments for tall fat blokes (or normal blokes with pillions) and still ride well?

Real world mpg...? Triples seemed to like both fuel and oil. Was its a long push back?

Enjoy the test ride. Let EMAP worry about selling publications. Just keep giving us the facts we're looking for.


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Dec 07

Posts: 93

britri123 says:

Just one question really. Why do people who ride adventure bikes feel the need to dress in ridiculous grey clothing. Marc keep doing what you are doing and we will still buy the paper. From my experience all the Triumphs that you say are good really are. Everyone moans about the British economy and the state of the country, so do something about it and go out and buy an excellent British product and support your country. Ah Marc you do look daft in that gear though, I'm sure its good but......


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Nov 09

Posts: 5

upthepalace says:

All sounds very promising Marc.  I am a Triumph convert and love my current 1050 Tiger and cannot concur with any of pipvac's observations....sorry mate but my suspension is fine and it is a fantastic touring, sporting kind of do it all bike....even mild off road ( I take mine on Salisbury Plain quite regularly) and track days.  Looking forward to the full test and comparison tests as i I am sure that Triumph have (another) winner on their hands which, combined with their superb dealers, pops them right at the top of the tree IMHO.

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Nov 05

Posts: 99

kiwikeith says:

Explorer 1200

Good god the weight of the thing would take King Kong to right it again, if the rider fell of in uneven muddy terrain. Only owned one Tiger a brand new model in 2006. The mono shock was the first thing to crap out at 3000 kilometres Triumph didn't want to know me regarding a warranty claim. I had to bare the cost myself. Then the motor packed up needing a complete overhaul at 20.000 kilometres and less than a year old. It took the Triumph dealership for a rebuild under warranty. It took 9 months to put the motor right. Due to inexperienced techs. It actually spent more time in their garage than it did my own. I had a terrible experience with the Tiger and needless today I got rid of it smartly. I must of got the Friday afternoon LEMON. I would never ever purchase another first of a model ever again. I would sooner wait a couple of years until it was tried and tested.

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Apr 10

Posts: 17

thedogs3856 says:

Had a Tiger 955 myself and had no end of trouble with the bike when i was using it for commuting, it would hunt and surge no end making the ride unpleasant. Once again Triumph were not interested passed checking the basics, even to the point of installing the sport pipe and ecu download, it still didint cure the problem. Now we've lost our local dealer Triumph will notice the down turn in slaes for the Channel Islands.



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Feb 09

Posts: 129


what do you get?

Well you want an Adventure,you got the dosh(i ain't) but what do you get.There is a lot to consider.As far as engine configarations go we've never had more choice.

A Honda V4 or Yamaha Vertical Twin perhaps the Kawasaki 4 Cyl. and there's the Ducati,Apprila,KTM V Twins,a GS flat twin and Triumph 3 CYL.I don't think we've had anything new from Suzuki yet as far as a 1l. plus engine.

It's gonna be interesting few months when these go head to head

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