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Steve Farrell  says:

The end of choppers?

Custom choppers are threatened by the latest proposals from Brussels to prevent us modifying our bikes. Modifications targeted by EU anti-tampering plans already include tuning for more power. Now the European Commission wants to add to the list extended forks, a defining feature of choppers. The latest proposals were set out in a meeting between representatives of the Commission, DfT...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 February 2012 11:24)

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Jun 09

Posts: 38

stanleyknife says:

I used to like Europe

Banning ALL motorbikes is only a vote/signature away.............

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Oct 11

Posts: 34

Typhon219 says:


surely if they're trying to implement different regulations for bike users compared to car users then the human right's organisations or some such group can claim victimisation against lifestyle choices or something similar? If a rapist has a right to a TV why doesn't a hard working taxpayer have a right to extended forks?

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May 10

Posts: 17

kennon says:

i understand the emissions and safety of ABS but why stop on style theres probably more unroadworthy cars that cause accidents than bikes on our roads, updating something might even make a bike safer than keeping it as it was

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May 08

Posts: 96

Bikefar says:


Tragically, I fear you are quite right.

This legislation will get voted through the EU and they will find that there is only a minimal reduction in accidents even though there will be so many fewer bikes. This is because if bike safety was like gun law, they're trying to fix the folks getting shot instead of fixing the guys with the guns (car drivers). At this point, they will decide that bikes are inherently too dangerous and they will get banned.

If we then wish to get injured, we'll just have to be enthusiastic push-bike riders - like our transport minister (collar bone).

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Dec 10

Posts: 12027

preunit says:


Haven't these good for nothing, lazy,fat arsed, busybodies got more worth while and pressing agendas to deal with other than wasting time legislating as to what type of bike someone rides?, apparently not!. The world imo would be a far better place without  these bureaucratic parasites,and adding insult to injury we pay their wages just so they can go fcuk with our sh*t!. :-(((( ............AND RELAX.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Have a look at the changes to car MOT's which have been brought in this year. They will give you a good idea of where legislation and the modification of bikes and cars are headed, which appears to be in a very dark direction. This is perhaps the thin end of the "society compliance" wedge, which is where our government and Brussels tell us what's good for us, whether we like it or not. Unless we, as voters, start to make a stand and get noticed and heard, biking will be over before we know it. Lobby your MP and MEP, support riders groups, GET INVOLVED. These faceless, friendless, inadequate shiny arses will win otherwise.

I won't lay down for them. Nor should you.  

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Jan 11

Posts: 12

aboutye says:

HMMM! Everybody charges full on because MCN says it with some quotes from an expert?

The EU Chop Shop

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Dec 08

Posts: 31

petexjr says:

Mirth inspectors

Just another step in their ambition to get rid of individuality. Big Brother is alive and well and living in Brussels.

What sad lives they must lead. How about banning golf. More people die on the golf course than any other sport. If you can call it a sport! 


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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:

ABS for bikes over 50cc

Ha ha, is it me or is the younger generation suffering from a lack of ability? If (like me) you're used to a large capacity machine, when you get the chance jump on a 125. The first thing you will do is figure there is something wrong with it, they are painfully slow. The one thought you are left with is how can you have a accident on one there is so much time to react. So to demand ABS for a 125 defies explanation.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8449

snev says:


thats probably true...but it probably has more to do with expiry date than danger...

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