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MCN  says:

Video: Triumph Explorer 1200 first ride

Triumph is making no bones about gunning for BMW's best-selling R1200GS - its new Explorer 1200 is aimed squarely at giving the BMW a bloody nose. Triumph motorcycles for sale. And in every possible way, except for off-road ability and image, the Triumph is dynamically the better bike, and in some cases by a long way. Triumph has built a bike...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 February 2012 13:46)

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

Nice review, but please oh please, invest in an external microphone for your camera even the GoPro 2 has an external mic jack so you don't hear the irritating wind noise when shooting videos on a moving bike.

Nice bike, and I'd certainly pick that over the GS if I was shopping in that market.

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Apr 04

Posts: 154

crustybiker says:


as i have stated before funny how all triumphs are highly praised in mcn  reckon triumph have shares in mcn or mcn get a good back hander

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Feb 09

Posts: 129


give it a rest

TRIUMPH are not doin a lot wrong these days and this seems to get up peoples noses.Look at any write up on any website,mag or paper  there comments speak for themselves.Anyone who is repeatadly critical are making themselves look silly.:lol:

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Jul 10

Posts: 41

955nsim says:

Bias first ,reason later!!

Hi sprintman..agree totally.Triumph gets good reviews all around the world,but there's a hardcore of Triumph critics who seem to have a dislike,bordering on the pathological? on almost every Triumph thread,slagging every Triumph he can,,calling them pooh,etc.whether it be on looks,performance.reliability...whatever..never a good word and so one wonders why he is so fixated.He and others are looking very silly these days and it's sad to see such blind negativity.I think the new Triumph Explorer looks good and no doubt the Crosstourer and versys are good bikes too.It's a shame that some people think that liking their own brand of bike,means having to slag off other Marques,without any factual discussion of performance or other tangible issues.Good bike,good for our economy.If you don't like em,don't buy em..simple really.Surely more choice is better for all of us bikers and keeps the manufacturers on their toes,creating more value and performance for all of us.Some people just seem to like Trolling,adding nothing of substance,merely accusing MCN of corruption etc.When MCN give rave reviews to MV,Ducati,BMW,Honda etc,do the same people write in to complain??Probably not!! Remember it's important for these people to demonstrate their blind bias,rather than good-natured,constructive chat.No sign of live and let live amongst some bikers it appears! .Just seen some French and Dutch reviews as well..all very good...Wow !! didn't know Triumph had so many countries in their pay..I mean that must be the reason...right??.Ride safe.

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Feb 06

Posts: 202

Banzai600 says:

Triumph - ant ( yet again )

That is a peachy bike, no two ways about it. Its the new adventure kid on the block and will sell bucket loads in europe as i said on another thread re same bike. The versys is a good compromise, and the honda crosstourer is too heavy & too pricey with no where near as man extras as the Explorer 1200 !!

I like the rubber mounts on the riders inside ankle area of the footpegs - clever. Also, the footpegs for both rider and pillion are separate to the frame unlike the tiger 800. 

No brainer, the Triumph 1200 Explorer is the bike of 2012 - gets my vote !!

( for the record I curently ride a ducati & honda ).


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Jun 10

Posts: 31

Moke1275 says:

Sprintman Im afraid it's a result of success. Here in Australia anyone or thing that is successful up to a certain point is ok, but. after a certain point they are subject to 'tall poppy syndrome" and thereafter the media and sad people take to criticism. Apple products are a case in point, new i-Pad is due, suddenly Apple are naff, not cool, not inovative over priced etc etc.  In the UK folks were happy as long as the Meriden twins were made and slowly drifted in to oblivion. "People are Strange".

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Nov 09

Posts: 5

upthepalace says:

I think crustybikers post says more about him than it does about anything to do with the fantastic range of motorcycles that Triumph now offer.  I'm off out on my Tiger 1050 with some mates this morning, unexpected day off.  Seeya.

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Sep 11

Posts: 10

pipvac says:

Need more feedback...

My current bikes:- Tiger 1050 / Rocket III

Better review. Glad to see some attention to servicing and long term mechanical reliability, rather than just the bling. I still think the bike is hugely expensive for what it is. At £12k for a slightly pimped version, which will have just some of the accessories you will want from delivery. You're likely to add another £1k or so in add-ons to bring it up to specification.

Plenty of information missing:-

Fork dive / rear suspension dampening - not great on Tigers if you start to push on. Any better here?
Gear position indicator - couldn't see it on the video - does it have one on the 'all-in-one' display?
Oil consumption - early iterations of each triple engine love oil. Anyone, check the dip stick after this ride?
Traction control - how did it feel / did it cut in at all? Adjustable? Or just on/off?
Wind buffeting around the screen - Triumph seem to get this consistently wrong as standard, and its a costly upgrade - how did this one feel?
Brake feel - my Tiger is ok but the Rocket may as well toss an anchor off the back and pray - how does this one look?
You said the GS is 'more fun' but failed to clarify where that Explorer sits... isn't being fun the point? Or are you saying that the Explorer is efficient A to B... sorry - it just raised more questions that it answered.

As you can see I have two Triumph's in my garage, so hopefully you will take my questions in the constructive manner in which they were intended.


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Jan 12

Posts: 25

DazzleRebel says:

Battle of Britain

The big technical German tank vs Britains 'built in a shed' image? We should all know Triumphs are much, much better bikes nowerdays than they were 20 years ago. Bias and brand loyalty aside I am actually quite impressed with what I've seen overall in this category and it's great to see the GS is getting some decent competition.

I've always been a fan of Cruisers and Customs but I have to say bikes like the Kawasaki Versys 1000, Yamaha XT1200 and now this new Triumph are definitely starting to sway me towards the adventure style bike.  Pure tourers like the PanEurope seem boringly outdated and I'm not comfortable with the more crouched riding position of Sports Tourers.  These adventure style road bikes seem a good compromise between the rugged off-road ability of the GS and a long-distance mile muncher.

I am sure that the GS is the top dog when crossing rivers and mountains but I'd rather have something with nice road manners when completing my 200 mile round-trip commute on British roads.  I am now seriously considering a bike in this category such as the Versys or this new Triumph when upgrading instead of going with a big V-Twin Cruiser.

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Apr 10

Posts: 55


If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is give my mate in Toledo (at the best dealership in central Spain) a call, place the order and plan a trip through East Europe for two: My misses and me. I absolutely love this machine. I have a Speed 2011, which is an outstanding bike. The only thing that mine doesn't do is tour (it seems impossible to fit luggage to. I am desperate to try one of these =0

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