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Steve Farrell  says:

Ban and fine for rider who argued 156mph wasn’t dangerous

A motorcyclist has been banned from driving after arguing unsuccessfully that speeding at 156mph did not constitute dangerous driving. Peter Clarke, 44, was filmed at the high speed on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 on the A1M in Cambridgeshire last year by an officer on an unmarked Honda Fireblade. Clarke was followed for eight minutes and was also seen undertaking other vehicles. Clarke,...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (01 March 2012 09:31)

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Feb 08

Posts: 159

davdamos says:

I think he should've got in trouble for speeding, not dangerous driving. Like he said, he was in total control, but admitted going 156mph.

But on another note, he should've kept it to a track, or at the very least, an empty road. As much as we'd like to be, we can't all be ghost rider.

I overtook a bus and whizzed past a police car yesterday, I was only doing 40mph, but was in a 30mph zone so I crapped myself, with constant checks in the mirror for the next mile or so :-\

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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:


The speed isn't necessarily dangerous, afterall the police officer would have been doing the same. I think the word UNDERTAKING sums it up. An absolute plonker.......what do you say Rodney? 

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Oct 11

Posts: 251

redracer46 says:


The danger of speed is relative.... 156mph is not dangerous, IF, and its a big if, the circumstances make it safe relative to where you are and the environment you do it in. Lots of people have ridden at higher speeds at some point I expect, be it at a track day, or on a quiet road somewhere, and no doubt the experienced riders will have been in total control of their machines and in their comfort zone. But on the roads this guy was riding its whats and who is around you that dictates how safe it is. Sure he probably felt comfortable riding at that speed knowing the machines and his limits, but the other road users DONT know your abilities and those who dont ride themselves just dont know what to expect and how to react to fast motorcycles around them. Thats a big part of what makes it 'unsafe' to ride at that speed, and seeing as well all share the roads you have to remember you arent the only one using it ! Unfortunately its more bad press and one step closer to tighter restrictions that spoil it for everyone.

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Oct 05

Posts: 71

mattiboy says:

Yeah - agree with the previous comments. Not so much the speed but the location and presence of other vehicles that would make it dangerous. Would have to say though, for the police bike to be travelling at only a couple of metres to the rear of a bike doing 100+mph being ridden by a person who's abilities they do not know, seems pretty risky in itself.

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Jan 10

Posts: 429

rlf3 says:

Lucky... escape prison.

Anyone caught doing speeds like that on an open public road should be jailed.

Or maybe conscript them into the Army and send them to Afghanistan.

That would give them time to reflect.

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Mar 10

Posts: 35

thing is it's not really the speed that's dangerous - it's the environment he was in and however "experienced" he is other people aren't going to expect to have a bike coming up their inside at 156mph...not surprised it was a GSX-R though ;)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

OK... often when a vehicle is being driven dangerously the police back off in fear of causing an accident with the option of catching them with a unit further up the road... this officer felt it was safe enough to follow him at the same speed... for 8 minutes... that's upward of 16 miles at those speeds... obviously carrying out the same manouvres to stay in touch with his prey. Something not right there.

I don't agree with riding like this in these conditions... at 80mph faster than most of the traffic & 100mph faster than the slowest a smidsy would be completely understandable (even if he thought he could avoid it)... I've been overtaken on my bike by cars doing speeds approaching this & thank my lucky stars 'cos he was nowhere in my mirrors when I decided to pull out & even my lifesaver didn't help spotting someone that far back only a fraction of a second earlier... my ears did the job & it was his engine I heard not his horn which he had no time to touch.

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Jan 11

Posts: 105

RageRider says:


I agree he was a prat and had a clearly rubbish "defence" and was also lucky not to be jailed but I really dont think jail is the answer or appropriate for this "crime."

Massive fines and lenghty or life time bans, re-tests, converscation and-or destruction of the vehicle by all means, but jail? Not in my book, not when there is so much inconsistency in the legal system.

Are people seriously suggesting a custodial sentence for this when burglars, peados, and even terrorists it seems are regularly not imporisoned and free to walk the streets?

How many drivers with or without licences, tax, insurance etc etc have killed motorcyclists (or anyone else for that matter) and not gone to prison?

Way too many is  the answer.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1573

jamieg999 says:

Location, Location, Location

He picked the wrong one  and is lucky not to be jailed. I wouldn't expect much sympathy if it was me.

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Aug 02

Posts: 39

bud says:

This was on "Look East" last night . His defence read like something you read in all the usual bike rags about "fast but safe" riding and other cliche'd sound bites to justify riding like a twat on public roads. What made me chuckle was the appearance of MCN's very own Steve Westlake condemning his actions too when MCN over the years, has been one of the chief protagonists !

As other comments have pointed out why should the guy go to prison for speeding when you can mow a motorcyclist down, put him in a grave and get  community service, fine and ban?

It's time to man up MCN and do some proper journalism, you and your ilk are a damn sight more influential to the average bike rider than BMF, IAM etc ever will be.

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