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Steve Farrell  says:

'Think Bike' campaign launched

A £1.2million campaign to get drivers to look out for motorcyclists has been launched by the Government. TV adverts will show riders with neon signs attached to their bikes flashing messages such as 'new dad' or 'shy retiring type'. It's hoped it will lead drivers to see riders as individuals after research showed they were more likley to notice motorcyclists if...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 March 2012 09:47)

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:


I like these ad's, and think they'll do more to help us be noticed then hi-vis to be honest :)

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Jan 12

Posts: 8

jqworle says:


About time more awareness was made on public communication media.It should be on all year through imho.


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Aug 09

Posts: 2721

MarcusMarsh says:

Think Bike

It's a good campaign and I support it. However, don't let the politicians fool you into thinking it is something new.  These ads, which are good, have been run before.  This is only a repeat of an old campaign.   

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Aug 02

Posts: 31

mgivogue says:

viewing items on site

i tried to view the article "Bimota DB9 Brivido first ride: 'One of my top bikes of 2012'...and was sent to a login prompt.

I then logged into MCN and tried, I get the error "You do not have sufficient rights to view this page. MCN now becoming a pay site?

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Oct 11

Posts: 197

SundayRoast says:

Think Bike

I drove to Bristol Yesterday in the dense fog with 50% of the BMW driver nobs driving with front fog lights on only. No dipped lights and no rear lights at all. Without question, all of the stupid speeders (90mph plus in dense fog) were Audi drivers again with many having no lights on. 

And what did all the 50 foot high motorway warning signs say?? Certainly not "Put your lights on". They said "Think Bike, Think Biker".  What a wast of time. I did not see one biker on the motorway in the entire 300 miles of my journey. Bikers are not stupid. The majority avoid such conditions at all costs. Advertise yes, but make it poignant and applciable to the circumsances. You might then find that it sinks into the memories of some car drivers.

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Oct 09

Posts: 223

ruxxy says:


As these are old ads, where are the figures to suggest they had any impact the first time they were run? Knowing that market research is all important in this field, is the government that confident in their decision, or are they just being lazy and saving money on a new campaign whilst wanting to be seen as actually giving a fuck about raising driver awareness. Just a thought...

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Sep 10

Posts: 103

street3r says:

Judges should watch

Nothing wrong with safety campaigns. We need every bit of help out there. But I think all those judges who have let car drivers off  (who have killed a biker)  to watch them. Maybe if the courts started to back us up instead of it "being our fault, we were on a bike, so we were asking for it" actually coming down hard on those drivers.

That bell end on the GSXR-1000 doing 156pmh; that doesn't help us either.

I too noticed Audi & BMW drivers driving on the back of other cars in the fog with no lights on. What is it that makes you remove your brain when you drive one of those cars?



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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Better than nothing

However since they're trying to get cagers to see us as people, it would be nice if they actually showed them what it's like to be us.

Do one from a biker's point of view, from inside the helmet. Just a normal commute in a stream of traffic, sensible speed, lots of obs, tra-la-la, then Joe Everyman in a Focus pulls right out in front. "Nooooo...", smack, man down, looking up at the sky, slam, tromp tromp tromp, plaintive "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You", fade out on laboured breathing.

This thought inspired by yet another near miss this morning, although I spotted the flat cap in time and anticipated it.  Honest to god, if the government want to get bike KSIs down, mandate that all headgear (flat caps, baseball hats) and mobile phones (clamped to the ear) be hi-vis so that we can see the likely hazards, you're never going to get them to see us even if we're lit up like Christmas trees.

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Feb 12

Posts: 49

frugaltail says:

@Rogerborg FANTASTIC idea!! I think you should show the biker dying in the end and the driver getting a £60 fine in court! £60 is a lot of money these days may put car drivers off murdering us?

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Jan 08

Posts: 8

Well said...Rogerborg

...We're never going to get them to see us. Even if We light our selves up as a blinking Christmas tree..!

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