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Steve Farrell  says:

Farmer cleared over trail rider’s death on his land

A farmer who chased trail riders in a Land Rover which crushed one of them to death has been cleared of manslaughter. Timothy Wolfe, 63, pursued five riders who had accidentally strayed from green lanes onto his property in October 2010. As the group, on road-legal KTM’s, turned on to a narrow track to escape, the car collided with the...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 March 2012 13:24)

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Mar 12

Posts: 1

VR46BMW6 says:

Gary Greaves

I cannot feel more than utter outrage after reading this story today. How this can be called justice? I shudder to believe.My heart goes out to his family and friends. Get well soon Andy,and all the crew. After this sending this to you guys,Im,renewing my membership to M A G. This travesty in law should not be allowed to continue. Death by reckless driving,and or undue attention is,surely as equal to murder by another name? Maybe there is hope for an appeal? Regards to you all.

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Jan 05

Posts: 6

rumbleg says:

It looks like "Giles" gets away with it again. Not only do we have to put up with "Giles" causing traffic jams, spilling cow and pig crap, mud and diesel all over the road. We now can't go any where near farm land in case we are "Accidentally" crushed and killed by a farm vehicle. "Giles" has never had any sympathy from me, since I was fetched of on a bend on mud left by "Giles" and no warning signs. I could rant on about Not paying road tax etc, but I won't. My sympathies to the family. I know it's not going to bring their loved one back, but I'm sure we all feel the same.

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Oct 08

Posts: 95

r1stevie says:

farm death

im sure if some cyclists had accidently strayed on to my land and id started up my dirtbike and chased and killed one by accident or not id be in jail this mans temper has left a child without a father and a young widow  its pure and simple manslaugter he wasent protecting his property in fear of his life he was the agressor  remember they were crossing a field not breaking in to his house  i think mag should start a petition for this to be looked at i am going to register my disgust with my mp

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Oct 06

Posts: 58



Only those there at the time really know the ins and outs of this on I imagine. The one thing you can guarantee is that there were no winners here. One totally unnecessary death and several people who will be re-running it every night for years if not for the rest of their lives and thinking:

"If only I had just......................"

Very sad. Sorry for all involved and those who care about them.

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:


Well said. We don't have the full facts etc. so can't make valid judgements. I don't condone what happend but after experiencing people straying onto my land delibratley for years and then trampling over plants with no respect whatsoever, I can see why the farmer may have flipped. Not condoning what happend, merely stating that he must have reached his tipping point. We have all reached this at some point (just read the blogs on this site about chasing drivers who cut us up, pull out etc.).

Tragedy for all involved and sympathies to Gary's family and freinds.

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Feb 04

Posts: 1

aon3 says:

The farmer drove a 2 ton vehicle at a person and struck them with it, then rolled onto another rider. It seems clear that he is guilty of attempted murder of the first rider and involuntary manslaughter of the second rider. If they had been ramblers he would be in prison. There seems to be a problem of predjudice here.....

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Dec 08

Posts: 31

petexjr says:

Full Story

I'm not taking sides but this what I have just read in one newspaper. (maybe MCN could report a bit more of these stories in future)

"He suddenly came upon the riders in his Land Rover Discovery as he went around the corner of a slippery track and he collided in a "glancing blow" with father-of-one Mr Greaves, 48. His vehicle then toppled over, pinning the builder from Arundel, West Sussex, under it and he died.

Giving evidence, married Wolfe said it was "definitely not" his intention to harm any of the motorcyclists and he just wanted to tell them off for being on his land without his permission.

The father-of-two has run an arable and cattle farm for more than 40 years near Petersfield and told the jury he had suffered from 10 years' trouble from bikers and he had never caught one and the police did nothing to help. He said his driving was not irresponsible and it was appropriate."

I sympathise with his dilemma regarding trespassers but have just read another comment about how unco-operative he was with the emergency services and his lack of sympathy for a man trapped under his vehicle.

Makes you wonder what the jury actually heard.


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Mar 12

Posts: 1

Magon says:

I can't belive the farmer got away with this. If a someone catches a burgular in their house & harms them in any way they are prosecuted with the full force of the law. If an individual has had a problem with youths stealing apples from their garden, then spots some kids making off from his garden does this give the individual the right to A) endanger their lives by chasing them in his car? B) Murder them by driving his car into them in a fit of rage? If either of the above occured it would be on the front of every newspaper in the country I'm sure.

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