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Mar 10

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Preventing Punctures

Once again I seem to have a nail in one of my motorbike tyres. More expense! A mate told me to check out this wonder product he'd heard about called 'Ultraseal or Puncturesafe'. I've watched the You Tube clips about it. It's incredible. No more punctures. The problem is I can't find anyone who has used it. Does it work? What are the pros and cons? If it's that good why doesn't everyone use it? 


Paul the Teacher

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  • Posted 3 years ago (07 March 2012 16:19)

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Feb 09

Posts: 319

bryfor59 says:

New Tyre

I have used this stuff  before (ultraseal), sure it works if you get a puncture and will let you get home in such an event and you will be able to continue to run around with it, however I believe it should not be looked on as a long term fix and you should still renew your tyre if you see it has activated, or (if appropriate have it professionally repaired, I personally wouldnt repair), you dont get too many chances on a bike, particularly if its a high powered machine better safe than sorry mate and although its an unwanted expense I would bite the bullet and opt for a new tyre.

This is just my personal opinion.

By the way the sealant is not inexpensive in itself and your tyre fitter certainly wont thank you for using it when you get a new tyre fitted, its really messy stuff



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Mar 09

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jaffa90 says:


If i was a courier i would use it without doubt but would have to inspect the tyres daily for too many nails/holes and any near or in the walls/sides would mean renewal. 

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Oct 10

Posts: 180

flookyk says:

I used it after

it being recommended by the Bike School I learned through, and it was also being used by the Police for their bikes and Royal Mail for their vehicles.

Does it work ..... well yes and no, it does work to seal the tyre if it's a nail and enables you to get home and get your tyre sorted.

 Against anything bigger it helped slow the deflation on my rear tyre when it picked up a metal chunk enough to get the bike safely to the side of the motorway (two up) but the whole in the tyre was too big for it to seal it, so yes it works but it is not a miracle worker and it should not be used as a safeguard to not checking your tyres before each ride.

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Sep 06

Posts: 8579

fuzzrr says:


Do not use it as a preventative. And only use it as a very last resort.

It never goes hard on the inside and will always remain as a liquid. It can cause balancing issues. More seriously it has the ability to rot the tyres from the inside. MORE seriously, if an object punctures your tyre and it seals it. How are you going to know your tyre has been affected. How are you going to know the inside belts and cords have not been damaged?? Not worth thinking about is it.

Less seriously. If it does half stop the tyre going down. You know you got a puncture, and want to get it reapaired. You wont be able to. 99.9% of tyre specialists wont even contemplate cleaning that shit off a tyre to repair it.

Your best bet if you are that worried is to buy a self repair puncture kit and some AA cover.

The facts I have stated above are backed up by a few manufacturers on this site.

Ultraseal. Ok in cars. Do not consider for bikes.

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Nov 09

Posts: 4

hymer59 says:

I rate it

Have used it a few times. How good, very. Mate and I were on autobann at ton plus he picked up a bolt and didnt realise until we had stopped. Pressure didn't drop by even a pound. It got us home more than a 1000 mile.

Downside, in the front it can cause unbalance in the wheel.

Yes I will use it again.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2839

James600zx says:

Tyre slime.

I tried it once post-puncture and it wouldn't seal. The hole wasn't big either.

A screw or whatever can seal the hole by itself but the danger comes when it gets flung out. I'd be happier to remove it as soon as I saw it and glue a mushroom plug in its place.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1


puncture seal

could not aggre more, this stuff saved my wife's life she had a blow out on a spanish motorway and it filled a huge gash in her v rod tyre at 90 mph, slowed the air down enough for her to safely get over to the hard sholder before the air had gone compleatly,

also a friend of mine had a front wheel puncture on his FJR 1300 200 miles away from home, he pulled the nail it sealed instantly, got him home at usual speed so he could sort it out later.

I would not ride without the stuff now, its non corrosive to alloy or chrome  rims and washes clean away with water ready for a new tyre.

i know lots of lads that use it now (sports bike and harleys) after they saw the 4 " gash an the v rod tyre !!!


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