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BMW BMW C650GT first ride: “takes scooter equipment to a new level” C650GT

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Steve Farrell  says:

BMW C650GT first ride: “takes scooter equipment to a new level”

The BMW C650 GT is one of the most sophisticated scooters yet - and the first to cost over £10,000. I've just ridden the new super scooter at the launch in Madrid. With heated seat and grips, ABS and electronically adjustable screen, it takes scooter equipment to a new level. It's got the go of a middleweight motorcycle - just about...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 March 2012 17:13)

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May 08

Posts: 213

SHIVA_ says:

give us comparison pricing

Hi, To get a sense of the price of the BMW scooters, could you give us the prices on its competition, such as the Bergman and T-max and others? Thanks.

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Sep 09

Posts: 886

Rogerborg says:

In the UK?

The "competition" is probably something like the Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir.  Congestion charge exempt, VED exempt, 70mpg, 530 mile rank range, doesn't fall over if you forget to put the side stand down or hit a diesel spill or a wet manhole cover, doesn't (quite) vanish down typical UK potholes, and comes with a fully heated interior capable of taking 20+ helmets.

I must admit that I'm maxi-scooter curious, but the price vs year round practicality just doesn't seem to add up.

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Oct 11

Posts: 6

navsarrami says:


BMW having a Giraffe and trying to make us eat it!

This £10k Bucket weighs 261kg and every kg is hung over the rear axle!! it is as wide as a barn door (good luck in traffic) and it will be as useless as it looks.

I commute from Kent to London on SH300i 52 weeks a year. The scooter is as hard to manoeuvre at 60mph+ as a unicycle, unlike my CBR6 which eats twisty's but is a pain in traffic.

Can manufacturers stop being silly and just make an Aprila 250'ish style, twist and go bike.
i.e. something light, agile, manoeuvrable and something you sit into an not perch on top of. That way all sensible commuters could be tempted. Enough of this, someone flush the loo before i throw up

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Oct 11

Posts: 2465

Piglet2010 says:

Scooter vs. Motorcycle

Since I don't have to go on the freeway (motorway) I commute on a Honda NHX110 Elite (Lead), which has the advantages of lots of storage space, minimal fuel consumption, and almost bicycle level ease of handling at low speeds and tight spaces.  The maxi-scooters lose the advantages of the small/light scooters, so other than not having to deal with a clutch in stop and go traffic, one might as well be riding a motorcycle with buit in storage and gain the advantage of better performance at lower cost (e.g. Honda NT700V Deauville).

It will be interesting to compare the DCT Honda Integra with the more conventional maxi-scooters - we can only hope the Integra is everything the DN-01 was not.

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Jan 10

Posts: 427

rlf3 says:

Real world vs TGS

In the real world, a Kymco Downtown 300i is probably enough scooter for 95% of people.

It costs £4000

As for the build quality of Kymco vs BMW, guess who build the BMW Ten Grand Sooter (TGS)  engine...?

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Mar 10

Posts: 118

MudDoctor says:

Dear BMW,

pick up a  loaded gun, hold it in your right hand, point it downwards until your foot appears in the sights, and pull the trigger.

It'll hurt like buggery, but it'll cost you less in the long run.

The only way BMW will sell these is if they advertise in the "More Money than Sense" magazines.

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Sep 11

Posts: 12

maxiscooter says:

Silly Money

Thanks for the review Steve. It's at times like this that I'd really, really like to swap jobs with you!

At Motorcycle Live the BMW guy said that they were hoping to match or slightly undercut the over-priced Yamaha TMax, which is now £8700. Now the truth is out, BMW are asking another £700 more for the 'basic' C600. That's just ruled me out of a purchase.

I really appreciate the convenience of an auto gearbox on my commute which has a lot of stop/start traffic, but I am seriously considering returning to a geared bike with a top box as they offer so much better value for money (and better handling).

I assume that BMW have done their homework and will know how many customers they'll have at that list price. It's just a shame that I won't be one of them

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Sep 09

Posts: 11

MrToadx says:

BMW just lost my business

I'm totally dumfounded at this price. I was 100% convinced I'd by a C650GT when it came out - wanting something that is good for local trips 2 up, but also good for 2 up touring .. and needed with space to leave helmets and luggage. I've spoken to the local dealer several times, and expected something in the region of a £8k price, but BMW are now asking £11k plus for this bike, once I've added the Highline package and a top box - that's totally crazy. I just don't know what to say, or indeed, what to buy now. Will stick to my old VFR and use my SH300 for local trips.. but neither much use for my intended purpose. I'm just very sad, and in truth a little angry at their bare faced cheek at this. Are BMW so rich and arrogant or is their a production problem so they can't meet projected volumes? I'm just disgusted... (And BTW - I'm a long standing BMW fan)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1318

SatNavSteve says:

Can't see it being any better than 650 Burghmann (have I spelt that right?) and Suzuki have been making those for over 10 years! I have always wanted the Suzuki but only as a second bike, if thats the right description, but I'm not selling my SprintST to buy one, only if my Lotto numbers come up. But the Suzuki is over 8 grand (although you could probably negotiate a deal in the current climate) and I thought that was dear. BMW are having a laugh coz I'll be amazed if its substantialy better in real world riding. It sounds like a Yamaha ploy, you know, bring out a new bike overpriced (think Fazer 1000, MT01, etc) then knock the price down to what they were going to sell it for in the first place and people will think they are getting a bargain!

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Oct 11

Posts: 2465

Piglet2010 says:

It's "Burgman"

Agreed - hard to see these BMW scooters being so much better than the long in the tooth Honda Silverwing and Suzuki Burgman 650 to justify the price premium, not to mention that the reliability of the Honda and Suzuki are likely better.  For my money I would instead get a Honda Deauville with a top box for a practical commuter and lightweight tourer, and forgo the convenience of the "twist-and-go" operation for better performance, handling, and fuel economy.  (Oh wait, I did, since there seems to be a NT700V in my garage.)

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