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John Westlake  says:

Seen any horrible potholes?

It's that time of year again when the roads warm up after a hard winter and promptly disintegrate. The latest survey of local authorities reveals that despite emergency government funding of £200m, two thirds of authorities can not afford to mend the current crop of potholes. Perhaps even more worryingly, the survey by the Asphalt Industry Alliance uncovers the fact that 20%...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 March 2012 17:09)

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Jan 12

Posts: 53

Preadator says:

Not enough time in the world

Shit, if i was to stop and take a photo of every truly nasty pothole i ever saw i'd never get anywhere on time, infact i think i'd never arrive at the destination because i'd still be out there now snapping away. I'd have to spend a bloody fortune on a wide angle lens to make sure i get the shot which captures the true image of the entire road surface crumbling away like most of the roads in the UK. Thats not to mention the yet to be created trillion gig memory card you'd need to store the chuffing pictures on. So MCN unless your gonna splash the cash on your readers take your own bloody photos. If i wasn't such a grumpy old git i'd probably think it was a good idea.

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

You'll like this... not a lot

Can't afford to repair a 40mph+ road to the required standard?  Easy solution: just drop the speed limit, then you don't have to fix it up as much.

I said you wouldn't like it a lot.

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Jul 04

Posts: 6

Bikewisher says:

If there's no money....

Big thumbs up to MCN wanting to highlight the state of roads here in the UK. However the article leaves me slightly confused. The article states "two thirds of authorities can not afford to mend the current crop of potholes", yet we are then expected to "shame the worst authorities into spending more on road maintenance". If the Councils don't have the cash, how is shaming them going to help? Perhaps it would be more proactive to petition the goverment into giving local authorities the money they actually need to fix the roads? When I recently spoke to someone from my local highways department about the state of some roads, it was saddening to hear the government only gave them enough money to completely resurface 15 roads this year :(

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

Those roads look silky compared to what we get after winter here in Canada hehe

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Feb 12

Posts: 15

Somersetblue says:


Bikewisher, the Govt gave local authorities £200million ADDITIONAL funding specifically to be used for road repair. Road repair is the responsibility of local government from funds they receive from annual central government grant & your local council tax. It is up to the local authority to prioritise how they spend the money. They can choose to spend more on refuse collection & less on road repairs or vice versa. The real problem at the moment is the amount they spend on index linked final salary pensions for the huge number of people they employ, many in non-jobs!

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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:

good Link

Here is a good link to report thr holes.....


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Aug 10

Posts: 26

DBF80 says:


I know this is a little naive but what exactly does our road tax get spent on? Paid, effectively, to central government where it all goes into the pot, stirred up and then spent on what? Not the roads. Same goes for the tax on fuel. If we are paying to use the roads then the least we can expect is that they are fit for purpose. 

Presumably most of the road budget gets spent to line the motorways with pretty red cones...

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Dec 09

Posts: 16


Good point. What I should have said is 'two thirds of authorities SAY they can't afford to mend the current crop of potholes'. Somersetblue is correct in that our aim is to persuade the most negligent authorities to divert funds from less critical areas such as jubillee celebrations and big cars for mayors into fixing the most dangerous potholes.

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Wrong Budget?

Where I live Plymouth City Council are still spending money on pointless traffic calming projects, putting in chicanes, islands and speed cushions. It always puzzles me why making a road more difficult to navigate is assumed to improve safety. More likely the department concerned is justifying its existence with continual spending on these useless schemes when the council should really be spending on road repairs - but I expect that's a different budget !!!

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Sep 08

Posts: 100

Andy_L says:

Imagine how bad things would be now if we'd actually had a hard winter.

Personally, I've given up hoping for the roads to be fixed.  Sold the CBR600, bought a DRZ.  Now I don't care how big the potholes are.  Riding round town is just like greenlaning except the scenery's not as nice.

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