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Mar 09

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Rich521 says:

Tesco garages

Tesco garage, Branksome. I used this petrol station last week, to use Pay at Pump, and there is a locally made sign saying that motorcyclists need to remove their helmets so they they can verify your age. They have my credit card details before I get any fuel, and I have to be over 18 to have a card. A complaint resulted in...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (14 March 2012 10:49)

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Aug 09

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MarcusMarsh says:

Tesco Garages

I have not used a pay-at-pump service but assume that it is fully automated.  If so, I doubt that a pump will refuse to function because you are still wearing your helmet.  (Unless, of course, the cashier can override it)

The reply from Tesco implies that anyone wearing a crash helmet is intimidating to others.  I think most of us would have a strong objection to that remark and it would certainly be disasterous as part of their PR policy.  On this basis you might want to ask them if the guards that deliver / collect cash from all their stores are also instructed to remove their helmets when on site so as not to intimidate their obviously emotionally fragile customer-base.  

Personally, I don't put supermarket fuel in my bikes anyway but, from comments made on this forum, many mainstream forecourts appear to have the same mentality.           


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Aug 10

Posts: 7

tamashiihyu says:

tesco garages

The local automated filling station area is frequently used by customers wearing hoods, ethnic minoritories and others who have their faces either fully or partially covered. I fail to understand why we wearing safety helmets are again being victimised. I usually wear a balaclava in cold weather and if I take my helmet off there is no difference in visibility of my identity. Would I be branded a terrorist for such under helmet wear in taking my helmet off and intimidating other customers? At my age I am generally intimidated by lloutish behaviour, and anyway, as it usually takes a while for me to put my helmet back on including my spectacles, get comfortable, put on the gloves etc, so when I am intimidated I would like a relatively quick getaway. So to sum up, when that impatient git of a motorist is behind you a having to wait for you to get the gear sorted just look him/her in the eye, shrug the shoulders and say its policy for the garge to insist you do so!

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Jul 10

Posts: 2

ld541 says:

So I assume tesco are also going to start IDing everyone for petrol. Since they need to verify your age and all...

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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:

Supermarket garage forecourts.

Edicts from head office without an accompanying rationale are mis-interpreted or over-interpreted by forecourt staff. Since they don't really know why these rules apply ("verify your age"!) they can't give a satisfactory explanation when faced with an angry rider. I feel sorry for them. Remember you're talking to the Saturday kid, not the Chief Executive.

Big companies have a turn-over of new and eager managers who come up with these "novel ideas" and then move on, so few people at head office remember why the rule came into force. It's farcical.

I used a Sainsbury's pay-at-pump a while ago because it was cold and rainy and I wanted to keep my helmet on. I got 5p in the tank before the pump shut off. I took my helmet off, went in and asked what was going on. I was told that you have to fill up from the side of the bike, not astride it holding the bike vertical. This is in case you lose your footing and topple over, chucking petrol everywhere (although it doesn't stop the diesel customers!).

The rule is spreading to other local garages so it seems unavoidable.

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

you dont actuly

have to remove any head covering such as a helmet its not agaisnt any laws, but they do have the right to refuse to serve you no mater who you are, but they arnt alowed to refuse service because of the coulor of your skin your religion or any reason that could be seen as predjudice, as for age verification a credit card doesnt count but only because it isnt visual ID and theres no way for them to prove its you using your card, even tho some places such as the job center will accept a credit or debit card as verification of who you are.

all you can do is take your buisness else where and make a complaint and tell them that you wont be using them again.

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Jun 11

Posts: 17

cjseach says:

What about this..

I regularly fill up with pay at pump and normally leave my helmet on. I would perhaps remove it if i were asked politely. Interestingly though i usually have my gf as pillion with me, would she also need to remove her helmet because she may scare someone with it on? I do agree that a pink helmet can be intimidating to the average car driver. I think Tesco have different rules at some garages in reaction to incidents that may have happened at that particular garage. I guess though that if they had a blue ford focus making off without paying for fuel they would probably not ban all ford focus's from filling up in the future.

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Jul 09

Posts: 66

CaNsA says:

The same happened to me, I complained and this was the response.

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me recently and I appreciated it very much.

Further to this, I'm really sorry you feel that by asking motorcyclists to remove their helmets, they are being made to be figures of suspicion and that this is unfair as customers that wear a Burka or other dress that covers their face aren't asked to remove this. I can see your point of view, as if the reason to ask for helmets to be removed is security, and then surely the same applies regardless of the item used to cover the face. However, please let me reassure you that we're not trying to implicate suspicion on motorcyclists, rather as the Burka is worn as part of religious dress, so being a sensitive subject, in most cases we're not obliged to ask them to change or remove any part of this dress.

After investigating this, it seems that the sad reality is that some of our stores have suffered a number of robberies involving people wearing helmets and we are a large target. Stores that have a high security rating will ask customers to remove their helmets. It should be politely requested and is down to the direction of the store. This is why it may vary from location to location.

However, upon further investigation with my Business Support Team, I have been advised that there is no need to remove helmets to use ‘PayatPump’ and I’m sorry for giving you the incorrect information on our telephone call. Please note that our fuel and kiosk buying managers are serious bikers, so this is in no way an anti-motorbike campaign.

In regards to the think 25 policy, all products that have a minimum age requirement of 18 could result in the customer being asked for proof of identification if you are lucky enough to look under 25. Please find a list of the products that are in accordance with this policy:

Alcoholic Drinks - 18
Fireworks - 18
Gas lighter refills - 18
Knives (all knives, plastic knives, oyster knives etc) - 18
Other solvents - 18 (if possible abuse is suspected)
Tobacco Products (including cigarette papers)- 18
Videos/DVD's/CD's/PC/Games - 12, 15, 18, (according to the classification).

At the moment this issue is under great debate, as there are a number of people with good arguments both for and against the matter. However, please let me reassure you that currently we ask for helmets to be removed simply for security reasons and this approach is taken in line with other retailers. As a business, we hope customers won't take any offence as absolutely none is intended and we are grateful to our customers for observing the notice.

Even so, as a large retailer we find customer feedback incredibly valuable and as such I’ve passed on your comments and concerns to our Head Office who will discuss these points internally at their next review meeting.

Thank you for contacting me and once again, please accept my apologies.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at quoting TES9790410X.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Bishop
Customer Service Manager
Tesco Customer Service

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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:


Another thought, prompted by a visit to a Sainsbury's pay-at-pump station in the car this evening. (My first choice was the Esso 200 yds away but it was closed and I wonder if they've been finished off by the supermarket.) If the cameras have sufficient definition to record your facial features can they also see your PIN number? The number pad at Sainsbury's had no shroud.

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Feb 11

Posts: 47

GrazzerFazer says:


A few months ago a stopped for fuel in a new petrol station I have not used before and I went inside and was asked to remove my helmet, which I did without fuss.  As I was walking out a Muslim Lady (I assume) came in wearing a Burhka and was served withoput question.

So in response to this I have changed mny religion to AGV and never take my helmet off now on religious grounds

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Sep 10

Posts: 196

If  I am treated in any way badly , no matter what type of retail outlet , I take my custom elsewhere . But  ,I find you are treated , especially here in England [not the U.K.] , differently if your are a biker ,and then in smaller pigeon -holes on what  kind of biker you are -or what the public at large think you are ! . While on my Goldwing sidecar outfit , people wave me out of junctions , stop and talk everywhere ,at length , little kids wave & talk and their parents don"t mind . And I have NEVER had to take my helmet off at the checkout . I usually own a few different bikes at any one time and  on Streetfighters , chops , customs  or loud sports bikes the welcome I tend to get is a very different one . I may be wrong and another reason is my age , the wrong side of 60 , but when out with mates I don"t feel  I have an air of pipe & slippers . And we were mostly  disliked by everyone , when I started biking in the early 60s - so things must have improved ? .

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