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Mar 09

Posts: 11

Rich521 says:

Tesco garages

Tesco garage, Branksome. I used this petrol station last week, to use Pay at Pump, and there is a locally made sign saying that motorcyclists need to remove their helmets so they they can verify your age. They have my credit card details before I get any fuel, and I have to be over 18 to have a card. A complaint resulted in...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (14 March 2012 10:49)

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Mar 08

Posts: 132

tman39a says:


Scaring people...what a load of it...we ride within feet of people all the time and I don't see any scared folk.Security scares would be understood if this wasn't about 'Pat at Pump'...I use this feature all the time at 2 of my local Tesco and haven't had any issues which being from Northern Ireland should make mainland worries a bit laughable given our troubled past. Its basically the staff that have the problem and Station owners need to educate or replace their staff before someone has them up on discrimination grounds for targeting a certain group of potential buyers.

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Aug 06

Posts: 29

fivebyfive says:

It costs nowt to be nice!

Its not really about what other people do - burkas , turbans or wigs notwithstanding. It is not even about what is right or what is wrong. Its about what we do: its about setting a good example and its about earning the (much needed) respect of others. It costs nothing to take your helmet off. You lose what? Five minutes? A small price to pay if your action helps improve the public image of bikers. Unless of course, you are a self-righteous and awkward b#####!!

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Jan 09

Posts: 20

doctortongue says:

towards the back end of last year me and a friend were out for a run on the bikes and pulled into a supermarket filling station, Paul on his 1000cc sportsbike and me on the ultra glide - guess which one of us was asked to take off his helmet and which one wasn't - needless to say after trying to find out why  he had to remove his helmet and i didn't, and not getting any joy whatsoever from the guy in the shop, we just put our arses back on the bikes and took our business further along the road to a small station where the owner was only too happy to serve us with our lids on.

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Oct 08

Posts: 26

Branksome Tesco

This is my local petrol station and it is on the main route coming in to Poole from Bournemouth. It is passed and used by thousands of bikers, particularly in the summer, heading to the biker night in Poole Quay. All we want to do is to fuel up and get on with our journey without any fuss. Why don't Tesco (and others) recognise this and dedicate a pump or two to bikers only? Unlike passengers in cars, we are less likely to arrive at petrol station, fill up and think, oh hang a minute maybe I can buy my next few days worth of groceries and some snacks for my passengers. That convenience is inconvenient to bikers (and other car drivers) as we have to wait. Let us use an express pump, after all it is called Tesco Express! They have express checkouts. The express pump would take cash and card so there's no need to enter the shop! If you really want to enter the shop, fill up then park up and remove your lid etc We know the excuse that removal of the helmet is to provide I.D is nonsense. If we're walking to the pump and filling up jerry cans they could use that excuse, but then we wouldn't be wearing a helmet, do'h!

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Aug 11

Posts: 797

acanada46 says:


i understand from a muslim friend that thecovering of the face is not mandatory but from choice .

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

This "issue" rolls around every few years, with different companies using this policy. I found a very easy way to deal with it - don't use whichever particular chain insists on it. Okay, the amount I spend on a bike fill up won't dent their profits, but in the specific case of Tesco, it appears to be yet another example of utterly abysmal attitudes towards their customers. It's got so bad, I have stopped going there altogether. Even my shopaholic better half won't shop there!

As an aside, it;'s strange that little shitbags wearing hoodies can get served..............

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

least of my issuses with tesco i just dont go fill up at the scunthorpe one no more as due to the ammount of fuel /oil on the floor regualy on a sunday and last time i reported it i was told and whats i got to do with me

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Jan 12

Posts: 25

DazzleRebel says:

Not all Tescos at fault

I have used a number of Tescos outlets to fuel up and only once have I ever been asked to remove my helmet and that wasn't even a 'proper' Tescos it was one of those Tesco Express/Esso Garages. In which case you can't use or gain club card points anyway. What's worse was the 'person' behind the counter who asked me to remove it was wearing a face-covering shall thingy (it wasn't quite a full burka but you could see more of my face than hers/his when I pull my flip up lid). As for a previous comment saying "it costs nothing to remove your helmet" well it does matey, I had a mate who took his helmet off at a petrol station and placed it on the pump (safer that hanging it on your handlebars - or so he thought) when he went to put it back on it stunk of petrol/diesel. New helmet and smelly face. Besides the age limit for using pumps is 16 isn't it? If it was 18 who'd fill up all these 16 year olds scooters? Therefore anybody filling up on a bike or scooter should be old enough to use the blasted things!

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Apr 12

Posts: 8


Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way: many have commented that others are able to wear head-coverings without tirony due to their religious beliefs and the laws (rightly) protecting them. Perhaps biking is our religion. We all believe in the power of the bike - see All we need is a cool new umbrella term for us bikers... bikerites? Bikerstans? Bikerzlims? If we now all record this on the next census, i think something like 10,000 is all it requires (if my knowledge of headlines is correct) to make it a real religion. Once we have done this we can all sit back in the knowledge that we are protected by the good ol' British legal system and can wear our helmets (one of our most sacred symbols) anywhere we darn well please! :) We wouldnt even need to be members of MAG to protect our rights, the laws are already in place! Me? I already go to church every Sunday... the long black tarmaced church...

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Mar 10

Posts: 43

tourx4 says:

Tesco's garages

I hate using tesco's, the car drivers beep their bloody horns at you while you put the ear plugs in and helmet back on. So now i use morrisons's, asda and sometimes sainburys. I can pay while keeping my helmet on and the staff are lot nicer and they clean up fuel spills!!

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